♪ CALL OF DUTY CAMPAIGN SONGS – Animation Compilation

What kind of muppet name is Soap? Boarding a ship, sliding down the rope A nuclear cargo is aboard, MIGs sink the ship to the sea floor. Rescue our informant Nikolai, He was caught as a spy condemned to die Our extraction was downed, I hate to report, So we paid the c**** back with some air support. Our so-called leaders p********** us to the West, Our so-called leaders p********** us to the West. Destroyed our culture, our honor, and our economies, On our soil, my blood is on their hands. The invasion of this nation has just begun, Al-Asad is doomed, watch our flashbangs stun. Warpig broke down and must be fixed, So we covered that a** ’til the dawn at 6. Then we plowed through the capital searching for Asad, All we found were militants and j*****. We saved our pilot ’cause our will was strong, ‘Til we all got fried by a nuclear bomb. Our so-called leaders p********** us to the West, Our so-called leaders p********** us to the West, Destroyed our culture, our honor, and our economies, On our soil, my blood is on their hands. All ghillied up with a silent scope, Blow Zakhaev’s arm off, slide down rope. Ferris wheel Alamo, it’ll be a farce, When our claymore mines tear ’em a new a***. rack Zakhaev down to finish the job, Before he nukes the East Coast and the Yanks all sob. Disarm the nukes by hacking in the base, When we tried to escape, Gaz got shot in the face. Our so-called leaders p********** us to the West, Destroyed our culture, our honor, and our economies, On our soil, my blood is on their hands. The shit’s reealy hit the fan By the will of a single man World War 3 is here today, one day Makarov is going to pay New York is under attack by the Russian army’s curse Just like 9/11 again, escept this is ten times worse~ Fighting to the Stock Echange we’re gonna hit their radar Incoming missile, everybody hit the deck now! The shit’s really hit the fan By the will of a single man World war 3 is here today, one day Makarov is going to pay Russia will take Europe, even if it’s just a pile of ashes Rollin’ out a chemical gas attack We’ll hand the Europeans their own asses Just like in World War 2, Europe is going down Rollin’ into Germany, we’re gonna turn this war around Take the city of Paris back, bomb the Eiffel Tower to the ground The tower’s falling, everybody hit the deck now! Hell awaits all of you now Yuri get the bloody hell out! I’m not going to make it, just go on without me Nooooooo, Sooaaaap You have to go now! F*CK OFF And now that Soap is dead I will have Makarov’s head I’ll sacrifice my life in a diamond mine so we can save the Russian President! The shit’s really hit the fan By the will of single man World War 3 is done today And now Makarov is going to pay Kill them black ops style Woods! Was Raul Menendez here today? Let me tell you a little story Let us all flashback to 40 years in the past Alex and hudson fought through Angola just to save my ass Off to Afghanistan to see if Raul worked with the Russians Then i catch that d*ck Kravchenko, interrogate him, them f*ck’em Took a shot at Menendez in his Nicaraguan crib Clearing out his c*caine factory and gettin’ higher than shit And then Menendez got pissed, went on a killing spree ah! And i lost my sh*t and fragged his sister Josefina We’re in Panama to capture Nori, Noriega! HEY! Noriega! HEY! But we ain’t keepin’ him, we’re giving him up in a trade-off So take the shot! Is that Menendez? Holy shit, oh no it’s not!
O-oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Killed him Black Ops Style Black Ops Style! Still got my balls! HEY!SEXY LADY! Kill, kill, kill, kill them Black Ops Style! HEY!SEXY LADY! Kill, kill, kill, kill them Black Ops Style! Now we’re raging on a floating city know as Colossus We’re fighting Menendez’s men, but the will never exhaust us I’m working undercover, if he know i’ll be dead Prove your loyalty to me! Go on, shoot me in the head! And now Menendez snuck the virus onto the ship, HEY! Obama’s ship! HEY! He’s got control of America’s drones, they’re attacking us! in Los Angeles! And we don’t stop ’em now then China will be next… STOOP! Kill them Black Ops Style! Kill them Black Ops Style Kill them Black Ops Style ODIN to ground control We’re under attack by some Federation a-holes They’re using our weapons against us We’re going down & our country’s defenseless ODIN’s gone berserk, America’s collapsed Like a Roland Emmerich film except it’s not so sad My brother Hesh and I get rescued by our dad He was a soldier, but he’s never seen sh*t get this bad Ten years down the road the USA is dirt The South American Federation made us hurt After meeting with some Ghosts we find Ajax Our base in Santa Monica gets wrecked & attacked You two know me as dad, but i’m the number one Ghost Ever since you were babies, I’ve been slitting them throats I want you in the club so start wearing some masks So we can catch our ex-partner & shoot his a** So we’re going on the hunt to find Rorke’s crew While our dog Riley finds some soldiers’ throats to chew We capture Rorke, transport him in our plane But, he had a plan to escape Did he learn that from Bane? Escape like a Ghost, escape like a ghost! Strobe like a Ghost, strobe like a Ghost Sneak like a Ghost, sneak like a Ghost Stab like a Ghost, stab like a Gho-oh-ost Shoot like a Ghost, shoot like a Ghost Blast like a Ghost, blast like a Ghost Kill like a Ghost, kill like a Ghost Never give a damn if you’re a cold blooded Ghost, yeah Chillin’ in Antarctic, below the ice we attacked To sing the Fed’s Atlas rig & their navy disctract The sent a satellite up with weapons ready to burst So we planned to hijack it back Let’s stop in Vegas first I’m a crazy mofo who’s fuelled by revenge Always thought of Elias as my ally & friend But after leaving me for dead to save his other guys I’d kile to shoot him in the chest, right in front of your eyes C’mon! Let’s move! We gotta go! Your dad’s dead! Just get over it… Shut the f*ck up, Merrick! It’s not about that Can’t you see Riley’s been shot?! It’s okay boy, we’ll get you outta here Fight like a Ghost, fight like a Ghost! Run like a Ghost, run like a Ghost Attack like a Ghost, attack like a ghost Slice’em like a ghost, slice’em like a Gho-oh-st Launch like a Ghostm launch like a Ghost! Chase like a Ghost, chase like a Ghost Float like a Ghost, float like a Ghost Avenge your father’s death, like a bad, f*cking Ghost, yeah! Call of Duty Answer the call of duty Advanced Warfare This is some advanced warfare KOREA 2! Call of Duty Answer the call of Duty Advanced Warfare This is some advanced You got f*cked up! Goodbye Army Hello, Atlas My second chance At the hands Of the father of my dead friend Terrorist Hades Blew nuke reactors So we hurled, to save the World And now Atlas has the power All the sexy soldiers in the battle Wear your Exo Suits Jump on top of bad guys Swag magnetic gloves, let us climb up buildings Using overdrive It just like taking drugs, yeah! WOHOO Love my EXO Yeah, I gotta big Exo Suit I want that EXO Got to get me an Exo Suit Damn, Girl! You know you gotta very sexy Exo Suit I want that Exo Got to get me an YOLO She found video Of Kevin Spacey He’s an evil man He had this planned But now we must escape New Baghdad So we join back up With my boy Cormack We are Marines! Fightin’ a machine Like we’ve never seen of Mass Destruction All the sexy Drones in the WAR ZONE Shake your rotors, while you’re blastin’ Actin’ real bad Atlas tries to take our Carrier, but we stop them Time to kick’em in their HQ in New Baghdad Irons in the hizzy I built Atlas up like a house of cards Fight the wars of the world like a bully in the yard You’re like a son to me, but now you’ve gone astray I’ll use Manticore to kill your DNA Let Cormack bleed out, but i’ll let you leave ‘Cause I’m a racist, and i like you But you’re nothing like my kid I had a genius plan, to wipe the USA ‘Til you got all sentimental Shat all over my day Robots ripped off both my arms So the had to give me new ones Folks at the Black Site were harm Carved up that is so inhuman Could it be 54 Immortals? Or Taylor, now he’s immoral Takin’ shots straight up with this guy who’s crazy Chop his sister hand, could’t it work? Just maybe Hendricks’ DNA’s acting weird and hazy But there’s proof it was Taylor, Diaz & that Lady We found Diaz connected Blew his a** down, we wrecked it Killed that one chick that I maimed So that i could rescue Kane It seems Taylor gave away Secrets of the CIA One day he will Pa-a-a-ay WOHOO We’re looking for a scientist, Doc Salim To interrogate him, see if he knew the scheme We need help to repel the NRC I don’t give a f*ck, that’s no concern to me While I was distracted Taylor snatched the Doc Put a bullet in his head, cold as a rock We caught up to Taylor & surrender his place If you piss me off, I’ll punch you in the face Hall burst out in a giant mech Til we brought the b*tch down with superior tech Connect to her thoughts through the DNI To Bastogne where you face N*zi’s who are not afraid to die Then a creepy a** house full of the undead They’ll die much faster, if you shoot’em in the head It seems Taylor & his team were infected by a Being We find out where he’s been hiding, go fight NRC machines Blasting at the speed of sound Then we land on and oil rig Kick Moretti through the glass Impaled on a metal sti-ick Taylor cut a deal with NRC We worked with the Egyptian Army We followed Taylor to the Lotus Towers Chased him to the roof, packing firepower He fought back with a Hellish missile shower Removed his DNI in his final hour Hendricks shot him in the face But that wasn’t Hendricks’ place He started to lose his mind He runs but i’m close behind in Zurich there’s blood he spilled Heroically Kane is killed It’s time to Payba-ah-ah-ack WOHOO Frozen Forest, this is purgatory Created by the monster that consumed us in this story It’s name is Corvus, created as AI It wants to grove but caused many to die You have to defeat this anomaly With the power of your mind you will start to see That Corvus is weak it doesn’t have a plan I’m gonna kick it the nuts while you try to understand How the clean Coalescence & purge the gas Cause if it leaks it’ll kill thousands so you better act fast Hack the console, make the people safe Watch for the dropship machine guns as they try to strafe And once the dead is done it’s time to celebrate Let’s meet up in purgatory for a drinking date After all now we are one since our minds are fused it’s not hard to understand, why you look confused? Beach day in the summer, here in Normandy NORMANDY Zussman’s stubbed in the stomach, drag him to safety To safety Intercept a train outside of Marigny, Marigny A French chick named Rousseau, she saves our lives. With Resistance troops we stormed the gates, So that Paris we could liberate. Then we drank champagne, Ease the pain. Cause N * zis make me feel like, we couldn’t recapture Europe, For five years, Death we feared. Cause N * zis make me feel like, we couldn’t recapture Europe, But we’re here, Shedding tears. Two months later we break into Germany, GERMANY Outside a hotel a civilian’s killed. On the top of a hill Turner makes a sacrifice, Battle through the snow towards the Rhine. Zussman gets captured by German troops, Take his butt away like J * wish loot. But I won’t give up fast, Save his a**. Those N * zis make me feel like, we couldn’t recapture Europe, For five years, Death we feared. Cause N * zis make me feel like, we couldn’t recapture Europe, But we’re here, Shedding tears. N * zi scum killed my son, Shed their blood til the war is won. Infiltrate in the name of France, Stab the neck, vive la résistance. I won’t go home to my wife, Until I save Zussman’s life. Those N * zis made me feel like, we couldn’t recapture Europe, Until now, Should feel proud.

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  1. Hey Bro am sure your Favourite one is Ghosts CUZ……Look at the name of the Player and you will Know (who dont know Lhugueny Real name is Logan).

  2. lhugueny makes a song about every call of duty

    listen to all the music videos and starts crying


    -soap,sandman and his crew,gaz,ghost,Mitchell friend,turner,yuri


    Soap,yuri,and sandman

  3. (24:35) Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The example of His light is like a niche within which is a lamp, the lamp is within glass, the glass as if it were a pearly [white] star lit from [the oil of] a blessed olive tree, neither of the east nor of the west, whose oil would almost glow even if untouched by fire. Light upon light. Allah guides to His light whom He wills. And Allah presents examples for the people, and Allah is Knowing of all things . (Quran . Islam )

  4. RIP roach Delta soap Yuri (Harper or Farid) sandman ghost
    Frost karma Briggs Alex Mason Frank Woods ending
    Rest in pieces Raul mendaz genard Shepard makaralf
    And kwiffchanco
    Elias's evil solder in ghost and Victor and iran

  5. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, SOOOOOOOUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAaaapppppppppppp would war 3 is here today one day i am going to my revenge, now that soup is dead i will have mender's head

  6. y’all probably know this but, when u get to the part where u have to kill menendez (mason)u can shoot his legs instead of his head and then u get a different ending which is sick and badass

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