【ENG SUB】夜空中最闪亮的星 33 | The Brightest Star in The Sky 33(黄子韬、吴倩、牛骏峰、曹曦月主演)

The Brightest Star in the Sky Episode 33 I want to go and ask him about that Inner Mongolian doctor. Seriously? Domestic technology is as good as American. Why am I going to American hospital? Now , the only way is to find a doctor strange to my father. I felt better in my throat after taking pills given by Mr. Gu. If I find an Inner Mongolian doctor, it won’t do any harm
if he can’t treat my throat. But… You don’t agree with me? Not really. I trust in Mr. Gu. So I think the doctor he recommended is OK. You may be sad about your father’s attitude towards you. I have been used to it since childhood. It’s useless for me to say anything to him. Now, what I can do is to tell me with my actions that
I can decide my own future. And I can even create a better future. Why are you wearing a worried look? I am so positive now. You should feel happy for me. I thought I would be your psychologist the whole day. But you recover yourself so quickly. Do you know the reason? You stayed with me last night. So, I feel better now. Thank you. President Zheng, Qian Gang gave you this letter. Where is he? He’s waiting outside. Let him in. Yes. Qian. What is it? Someone hire you with a higher salary, right? So, you want to leave? What do you want? President Zheng. You must know I told Yiran the matter yesterday. I disobeyed your orders. So I should leave the company. I didn’t ever mention yesterday’s matter. I knew it actually. Why didn’t we pretend we didn’t know the truth? Why did you say it to me and made me embarrassed? It’s not you to feel embarrassed, but me. You have been trusting me all the time. I let you down. Qian Gang. You did all previous things. It was the last step then. But you now pass the goal to the opponents. Your tactics are so strange. I am unprepared for this. What do you want? Mr. Zheng. Boxu once told me he liked singing when he was little. Especially after his mother’s death, music became
the most encourages thing for him. I know what you are thinking. Leysen Company needs a successor. It needs to be carried forward. You put all your hope on your son. But… But when I think that Boxu can’t sing any more, I feel tortured. I just can not bear it. Then you can bear to witness that there is no successor
to my company? So I am not a good staff member. I should quit. OK, stop it. Come on. Have a seat. Qian. You have worked with me for years. Maybe 10 years, right? You know what kind of person I am. You also know I can’t work without you. Why did you want to resign? Eat something. Now I know Boxu has a strong backup group around him. It’s easy to shake the mountain, but it’s difficult to shake Boxu. You… You agreed to let go of Boxu? I am not your match. So, I declare to give in. Is that OK? By the way, tell you something encouraging. The stock price of Star Entertainment is increasing. We have made a lot of money from this stock. Continue to buy more. I don’t care about the disparities of stock. As I told you before, don’t let others notice this. OK. Drink the milk. I prepared the breakfast and put it into the fridge. Heat up the food in the oven before eating. Pay attention to your attitude to Mr. Gu. I’ve told you about it many times. OK, fine. Continue to praise him. Tell him that the dish is yummy, so as to make him happy. Can you be more sincere? So hypocritical. It’s easy to be found that you’re lying. If he says something unpleasant, you should be patient. Whatever, it won’t do harm to you. OK. Got it. You are my boss. I’m not used to your obedience. I’ve told you that ceremony works. Boxu. Are you OK? What’s the matter with you? I heard it just now. How could Mr. Zheng do that to you? That’s horrible. What are you talking about? Don’t worry. I can take you to America to get treated. I can help you contact doctors. Is that OK? No, thanks. Are you suspecting me? I know nothing about the whole matter. Yes, I knew it. I don’t blame you for that. Really? We are friends after all. Are you guys going out? I park the car here. I can drive you. No, thanks. Let’s go down stairs together. OK, I’m leaving now. We can make an appointment next time. Bye bye. Bye. Are you unhappy? Why am I unhappy? Really? OK, fine. Yeah, I’m happy. But I can’t figure it out. Morning, Zirui. There is only a special interview this afternoon, right? Yeah, that’s right. OK. Thank you. Hello. I want to tell you today’s arrangements. Have a seat. Well. Today’s afternoon, there will be a special interview
by a video website. The stylist will prepare the costume and makeup for you. These are questions they may ask. I have looked at them. There’s no problems basically. Have a look. I won’t look at it. You do it for me. OK. I’m leaving if there’s no other business. How’s the breakfast this morning? Xia Yuan. What is it? There is no other persons around. I just want to ask you about it. Don’t be nervous. Is that yummy? I’m not nervous. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Why did you say sorry to me? Nothing happened last night. Besides, it was me who did that. Do you want me to say sorry to you? No. But I didn’t expect you were so direct. I am kind of not accepting it. Maybe I don’t know you well. Nothing. I also didn’t know you before. I remember the tender figure of you at that time If you wanted to kiss me, I wouldn’t give you chance then. Do you think I approach you on purpose with untold secrets? Well for example, I schemed the things last night. And if you couldn’t refrain, you would be fall into my trap. Then we were tangled up together. No way. What? You really did think that way? Come on. That’s the film scenario. It won’t happen in real life. Besides, I’m also not that kind of girl. I’m an ordinary girl who wants a healthy relationship. That’s very normal, right? Yes. I know you have many misgivings. For men, it’s right to focus on his career. But I… I am just a little girl. I just what to tell the boy directly that I like him. In this way, I will not cover my emotions. Thus, some misunderstandings can be avoided. Otherwise, a beautiful love would vanish. That’s not good. It’s right for me to pursue my own happiness. Yes, you are absolutely right. But I am not that kind of happiness in your mouth. Why are you so sure? You say that without any practice. How about we two have a try? Xia Yuan, please don’t… Have you already had a lover? I’m a singer of Star Entertainment. I can’t fall in love with anyone. I also can’t have any scandals. We are just colleagues. What you said just now won’t happen. I’m going to work now. He’s nervous. You are going to Inner Mongolia? You recommended that doctor to us. I just said that casually. Don’t take it seriously. I thought you would find a professional doctor
to operate on you. I think you won’t find a folk medical practitioner. You said that he’s an achieved doctor. Yes, that’s true. But it’s different for treating diseases. I can be treated by him, but maybe you can’t. It depends on luck. I worry that his father will bribe all doctors in the world, except the one you recommended. You said it depended on luck. You knew Zhenzhen and that Inner Mongolian doctor. I think this is luck. Maybe he can treat my disease. But he has a bad temper. He may not be willing to see you. Chinese Medicine Institution invites him many times
but all failed. That’s my cup of tea. I like it. I’ll try to let him accept me and treat my disease. Why do you stick to singing? It’s a good idea to obey your father to be a president or a CEO. I won’t give up my dream. All the company gives me is not what I want. Do you know what I want to do? I want bring C pop to the world. Let more people listen to Chinese songs. C pop? Yeah, C pop. China pop. I admire your unique ideas. You are reproached by many people
but you still hold on to your dream. I know you’re worried about your high pitch. But I can tell you every song played in my store is amazing. It’s not because of their voices, but their souls. They are singing with their souls. Sing songs with your heart, and you will hold the soul of songs. Another guest. You guys like to come to my place together. Mr. Gu. What are you doing here? I come to eat. Zhenzhen. Help yourself. We are leaving. You said you would eat here. You wanted me to praise Mr. Gu’s culinary skill. I don’t want to eat anything. I have no appetite. Mr. Gu, we’re leaving now. OK. It’s fine. You never play ferris wheel. I just want to talk about work. I want to transfer Yang Zhenzhen to Yu Zirui as agent. Why? Yu Hong is too busy. After the company was listed, Amanda’s and Shi Yuxi’s
performance notice increase. You know, they’re fighting for No.1 artist overtly and covertly. There’re so many trifles for Yu Hong to deal with. Besides, there’re many trivial business in the company,
she can’t work as an agent for Yu Zirui. If you do so, how about Zheng Boxu? Does he need an agent? What do you mean? I heard he hadn’t come to the company for a long time. It said that he’s joining a secret training. I think something’s wrong with him. You don’t want to tell me, and I also don’t want to ask you. There is a little problem with him. It’s not a big deal. Don’t worry about him. I’m not in charge of Zheng Boxu. I just want to create the best working team for Yu Zirui. The latter half of the year in America, Global New Voices Singing Contest will commence. I want him to take part in the contest. So I must designate an experienced agent for him. Yang Zhenzhen is the best choice. By the way, though I don’t favor Zheng Boxu all the time, as an idol, he has values. As a singer, it’s no problem for him to resign
from a leading position. Now, he has some troubles. You should help him, not hit him when he is down. Wanqing. Can you forgive me? Why does my guilty beyond forgiveness in your heart? This one. From this one to this black jeans, pack them up. You take so many clothes. Are you going to attend a show? Besides, people there may not admire your aesthetic judgment. I must keep my image any time at any place. Understand? Why do you know Inner Mongolia doesn’t have my fans. When I appear, I want all my fans see
a sunny, handsome, warm, and positive Zheng Boxu. Got it? Can we buy some snacks along the way? Do you think we are going for a camp? Yes. I’m very excited. I like this necklace best. My sister design this for me. This is my lucky amulet. I will wear this one. Help me wear this from my back. Your head is small. You know me better than others. Zhenzhen. Zhenzhen. Long time no see. What are you doing? There is no activity for Zheng Boxu. Is he in trouble? Stop gossiping. Tell me some internal news. No comment. Hey, wait. We’re good friends. President Chen. Lately, Zheng’s voice has turned bad and good repeatedly. His emotion is not stable. It’s not suitable for him to attend any activity. So want to ask a few days to leave. I want to accompany him to go outside and relax. How about his illness? He gives up treatment? He doesn’t want to go abroad to be treated. Domestic experts you contacted may take several months
to make appointment. He can go. But you must stay. Why? You have other arrangements for new work. But Zheng Boxu has suspended his work. Any other businesses for me? We want you to be Yu Zirui’s agent. It was decided just now. We were going to inform you, but you came here just on time. Later, you go to President Yu’s room to finish
the transfer of personnel. We will ask another one to care for Zheng Boxu. I don’t agree. What are you talking about? I don’t accept this arrangement. This is the first time that someone talked to me like this
in the company. Come on. Have a seat. Any ideas? Tell me. I think a good agent should keep a long term
and stable relationship with artist. I have worked with Zheng Boxu for a long time. We know each other well. Last time, he was at the bottom of his life. I left him then. Our company asked me not to work as his agent. I agreed to the arrangement of the company. But I think that was not right. And I shouldn’t leave him when he was low-spirited. Later, he recovered. I became his agent. At that time, I decided that whatever happened,
I would support him all the time. I want to build him into an A-list star. Unless he or I are not engaged in this business,
this is always my career goal. I won’t give him up easily. But what if his future is doomed? Then we can talk about it at that time. Whatever, it’s not now. Yang Zhenzhen. Sometimes, it’s easier to say than do something. If you insist to tie yourself to a sinking boat, when the boat is sinking, you will be drowned. Maybe then no one wants to save you. I don’t think he is a sinking boat. Though the boat is damaged, it can be fixed. If the boat sinks one day, I will salvage it. After fixing it, we will sail again. Interesting. Generally, no one is allowed to disobey my orders. But, I’m interested in seeing whether you can
keep your promise or not. I want to see if you can do as what you have said. Let me make it clear first of all. If Zheng can’t turn the situation around,
he will be banned with indefinite duration. Then I want to see what can you do as a responsible agent. Take him on a leave. Thank you, President Chen. Have you asked for a leave? Chen Tianhao won’t let us leave, right? He wants to give me more activities. There is no activity. All contracts have been terminated. The company has made relevant compensation. There is only one valuable client Hanhoo. You finished shooting the product ad. Let’s go. Impossible. What did Chen Tianhao tell you? He won’t let us go, right? Listen, Zheng Boxu. You’re my artist. I’m your agent. You must pull yourself together now! To be an A-lister. No! You must become a super star right now. Got it? Are you insane? Where are you going? I didn’t take the charger. I heard Yang Zhenzhen came to you? What did she say? Nothing. She just asked for a leave and take Zheng to relax. What the hell? She didn’t even tell me such a big matter. I don’t approve her leave. But I have approved it. She bypassed my leadership, and you just approved it? You want to make me a mere figurehead? My most important artist Zheng Boxu disappeared without traces. I even don’t know his whereabouts. That agent is so impolite. You used the money for Zheng’s new album to publicize other artists. What the hell are you doing? How can I continue my work? Don’t be so excited. Let’s discuss your problems. Yang Zhenzhen is your staff. Zheng Boxu is your artist. But they all ignore you. Is it possible that it’s due to your inexperience
and inability? Have you ever thought about it? Don’t change the topic. I only ask you one question. Where is Zheng Boxu? The whole company can’t find him now. You must know where he is. Yes. He has a cold. He’ll be alright in few days. Are you regarding me as a fool? Don’t be perfunctory with me. Tell me the truth. President Ma. If you feel that I am perfunctory, is it because
it is not convenient to tell you? Could you stop asking me? Chen Tianhao. I helped you get the company listed. You now have enough capital. So you changed your attitude to me? Don’t mix personal emotions into work, OK? Every word I said just now was related to work. Don’t you understand what I said? As for personal feelings, when your father-in-law died, Du ignored you. I deliberately kept distance from you. I didn’t take the opportunity to get into your marriage. Don’t you remember? Lina. Listen, what you are talking about? You are now in the company. I hope you can calm down. Go back to your office. I’ll talk with you about Zheng Boxu’s matter later. Is that OK? (I always do…) (There is no reason.) (I want you to be my girlfriend.) (No one has the chance.) (I want to occupy your heart.) (You won’t reject me. But where are you?) (Come to my party.) (Because I know you are here to be the focus of the crowd.) (I have a hight taste. You can’t blame me.) (Let others see you say Wow.) (Of course, that’s not all my goals.) (I want the one loving you become envious.) (Yes, please accept my confession.) (You know I never be declined.) There is a river ahead. Did you take a wrong direction? I should drive on that road. Let’s go. (Nongfu Spring) Why is Yu Zirui everywhere? I’m not bragging. If this brand asked me to be the spokesperson,
it can sell two more bottles of water. OK. I can give you that money. Let’s go. (I’ll be your beggar and fool.) (When you finish listening to this song,) (I’ll know the monologue in your heart without guessing.) What’s the matter? We are running out of gasoline. We are lucky that we can drive here. So beautiful. It seems to like that place. It’s very similar. Yes. I have that kind of feelings. Someone’s coming. Hello, uncle. Hello. What’s the matter? We ran out of the gasoline. All right. Where are you going? Well. We’re going to this place. Do you know it? Are you going to visit Grandpa Bao? You know him? Yes. People from all ages know him well. He’s a good guy. But he has an eccentric temper. He never asks for money when treating diseases. Above all, he can treat all kind of diseases. The year before last, my little son caught scarflet fever. It was going to develop into myocarditis. The village clinic couldn’t treat him. I took him to Grandpa Bao in the same night. After taking eight packs of drugs, he recovered. Are you going to find Grandpa Bao? You just find the right person. How can we get to his house? You can’t drive the car. So you can’t go on this road. I can tell you a footpath, which is nearer than this road. Tramp over that hill. There is a path ahead. Walk along the path, and you will see his house soon. Thank you very much. You’re welcome. Little boy, how old are you? I’m eight. You’re so strong as a eight-year-old boy. Brother, your brooch is nice. Do you like it? I can give it to you. No, that’s not appropriate. That’s nothing. Thank you for showing us the way ahead. Thank you. It’s very kind of you. Thank you very much. Thank you. OK. So, what do you think? There are some horses. Can you ride horses? You mean you will fall off once riding on its back. Boys and girls, are you tired? I bring some bottles of Lan Fong Yuen milk tea. Here you are. By the way, do you know Grandpa Bao? Grandpa Bao? Yes, I know. Where does he live? He lives in a Mongolian yurt not far from here. Can you lead us to there? Yes, sure. Thank you. My pleasure. Grandpa Bao is living here. Thank you. Thank you all. Let’s play together. Hello? Hello? Is Grandpa Bao at home? You are also looking for Grandpa Bao? Buy medicines or seek medical advice? We’re here seeking medical advice Is Grandpa Bao at home? If there is no response, then he may not be home. I come here to treat my disease too. Please go inside. I’ll tie the horse first. Please look around. Let me tell you something. Grandpa Bao is a highly skilled doctor here. The other day, my wife suffered from diarrhea at midnight. Grandpa Bao checked my wife and said it’s
twisted intestinal fever. He took out some silver needles. With few needling on her, she felt much better. She took prescribed medicine for 10 days,
and finally recovered. Come on. Have a seat. You’re friend coming from afar. And he doesn’t take money for treatment. See? I take some dried meat for him to show my appreciation. Have a seat. I pour some water for you. Where is Grandpa Bao going? His whereabouts? If he’s not at home, then he must visit a patient at home
or gather herbs on the hill. You two just stay here. Don’t worry too much. I think it is not appropriate. Why do you think so? That’s what we do when we come to Grandpa Bao. See? Grandpa Bao even didn’t lock the door when he’s leaving. Why? It’s for the convenience of the patients. Some patients coming from afar would stay here for months. There is an arch. Exert all strength on it. Exert all strength. It’s a decoration. The string can not be pulled. My father told me that on the grassland,
every tool was made for survival. They are fighting against nature by birth. Everyone has a legend story. Stop it. Stop saying what your father had told you. That bow can not even be stretched. How can you shoot others? It seems that Grandpa Bao is a music amateur. Can you just stop touching his stuff? He’s not at home. Well. I thought it was a little antiquated. I just wanted to touch it. Understand? I think the destiny ties us together. That sounds scary. I’m going to play the accordion again. OK, fine. Stop it. Drop off the accordion. Are you Grandpa Bao? Yes, I am. I… I am sorry. We broke into your yurt without your permission. And we also touched your things. My door is open all the time for the patients’ convenience. It’s OK that you come to me. But don’t touch my things without my permission. I’m sorry. He’s just a little boy. No offense. Who’s ill? I’m ill. I have a severe illness. OK. I’ll treat your illness tomorrow. Have a rest early. Thank you. See you tomorrow. I asked you not to touch his stuff. Why are still making sound? Because it gets back into its original shape. If you make noise again… So? You will smash it? I… Open your mouth, wider. Grandapa Bao. Can my throat be cured? Why did you say so? I mean if you can’t cure my throat, I won’t waste my time here. Your throat… You call it plica vocalis, right? There is a sesame-size sarcoma on your plica vocalis. This will not affect your life or deteriorate. But your voice will be different from others
when you’re singing. Western medicine believes that excessive use of throat
leads to pathological changes. I don’t think so. Look, everyone here likes singing. People here sing at any time they want. But I’ve never received a patient like you. Do you know the reason. I don’t know. It’s due to different habits of using throats. Tell me when you started the process of voice changing? 12 or 13 years old. Yes, almost the same age as other children. Did you sing songs at that time? Yes, I did. Did you have a teacher to tell you how to sing? No. I sang according to my feelings. That’s it. I found your cause of disease. Children are not allowed to sing here when they are
at the stage of voice changing. Even a child’s crying aloud will be spanked by his parents. Why? It is because children’s vocal cords are not mature and stable
during the sound change period. If a child can’t protect the throat well,
it will breed hidden troubles. Despite all what you said, can my throat be cured thoroughly? Yes, of course. However, I can’t treat your throat, but yourself. Grandpa Bao. I also sang since my childhood. Are there any hidden troubles in my throat? No. Girls are different from boys. The girl’s voice doesn’t change much during that period. So, there is relatively no influence at all. Take it easy. Wait a minute, Grandpa Bao. What do you mean by saying that it depends on myself
to treat my throat? You are in such good health. Grandpa Bao, your age should be about the same as my father’s. I’m not that young. I’m nearly 70 years old. But you can’t guess my real age by my appearance. My body is strong and healthy. Yes, right. Yes, I’m old enough to be your grandfather. By the way, where is your child? He’s older than you. Now, young people doesn’t want to live in the village. He’s gone out of the village to work. He just comes back once a year. Whatever, it’s his own choice. Little girl. I can’t figure it out how you know my name in Beijing? Has my name spread to Beijing? Yes. Do you know Mr. Gu? Mr. Gu recommend you to us. Mr. Gu? Gu… I had no impression. I have treated too many patients. I’m too old to remember everyone. Grandpa Bao. Could you please tell me the truth? Can his throat be treated thoroughly? If yes, is it very troublesome? Or how long will it take?

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