📱 Digital Marketing Agency or App Company?

Hey, this is the Daily Overpass! My name
is Eric and I make apps! Now today, I want to answer the question: “Is it better to
start a Digital Marketing Agency or an Apps’ Company?” Alright. So today, I want to
answer a question from the last video which came from Ahmad K. He asked- he said,
“Great experiences you have. Well, is it better to start an apps’ company or a
digital marketing company in your opinion?” Now, actually have to look up
what a digital marketing company was, as I wasn’t quite sure. It was- this is,
you know, obviously, I think an apps’ company is better because I don’t even
know what a digital marketing company is. But so, digital marketing company which I
assume you mean, it’s like a company that will do all your digital marketing. So, they’ll do your website, they’ll do your social media, they’ll do your newsletters,
they’ll do your app too, possibly. You know, they’ll do everything for you
or an apps company which will just do an apps- an app, right? And obviously, I think
an apps company is better. So, an apps company has a service side of it. Let’s say you’re gonna start up a company and you’re gonna do it as a
service, as opposed to create a bunch of apps to sell. There’s a couple
reasons behind it. The big one is the niche. Like I’ve always been really- I
mean, I started to do Overpass back in 2004 and had no clients. And it was just
like that. It was like I did the same thing everybody does. I set
up a website saying, you know, we could do PHP, ASP, asp.net, all this list,
every technology I knew and I was just a very unfocused thing. It was just
like a general- like a general list kind of thing. So, I never got
any clients, nobody ever called me and I was very bad at reaching
out. One of the things when you’re starting a company the hardest
thing to do is to get your first customers and to get your first clients.
It may- you might think that the more you offer, the more likely
they are to go with you. But that’s if they know about you to begin with.
One of the things I’ve always been very focused on is how people are gonna
find me. How are they gonna find us. Is it gonna be entirely knee cold-calling
every company in the UK or you’re email- cold-emailing or whatever or am I
expecting someone to find me. And a lot of the stuff we
have is inbound. It’s because- the reason is because it’s focused entirely
on one area, on apps- that’s our niche. If they say, people say,
you should say- you do websites too or you should say this, but I’ve tried all that.
I’m very specific. And somebody calls me up, they need an app
and sometimes they’ll say, “Do you do websites too?” And depending on what
mood I’m in, I might say yes, sometimes I say no. So yeah, we can. But that’s not our
core message. That’s not our core branding. I gotta think how people
are gonna find me. You know, there’s hundreds of companies out there and you
know they go with the niche. I think the same thing with apps too. People
always say, “Why don’t you do an app that’s just like- just like a
fun game that anybody can play. It’s because I don’t know how to- you know, I
don’t know how to market that. I think about the search engine. I don’t think
people are just gonna stumble across it and say. ‘Hey, this looks fun!” I think, no.
They’re gonna say, I’m trying to learn Indonesian, so I’m gonna do a search for
Indonesian learning app.” I want to look for something specific, so, I’ve
always thought that the more niche you are and the more focused your message
and your branding is, the better, right? The second reason is, that is the
perceived value of it like I know, a digital marketing agency, like they’re
probably much more talented than I am. They can think about the whole,
you know, image of the company that they’re serving their
clients, that they owe, you know, be creative, if we had this website over here, we’ll
use this color schemes and we’ll do this and all this kind of stuff. But
it’s also the perceived value of those skills is a lot lower. Like if
you’re gonna hire a marketer, it’s gonna cost you a lot less than it’s gonna cost
to hire a developer. So, you know, when I think about digital
marketing and I’ve never thought about getting a digital marketing company, this
is just something I’ve never- it’s never occurred to me. So, I
don’t really see the value in it. Again, I can be completely wrong here, but
like if I needed some help with social media, in my opinion, social media is
something that kids do. So, I should have to pay somebody like- if I was
gonna hire company, it should not be that expensive.
But if I think I need to hire somebody to to write an application for me, I know
that that’s a high-value skill and those people are hard to come by, so I know
that I have to pay more. If that makes it- I know rightly or wrongly I
know that’s like a really good digital marketer. It would be- would
be perfect but in order to establish establish yourself that way, it’d be
really difficult. Whereas with the apps, I think it’s much more specific. I mean,
okay, so let’s say I want- I’m trying to decide whether or not to hire a digital
marketing agency. I could walk into a bookstore and pick up a lot of books
that I could read and I can understand them and think, “Well, you know
what I think, I could do this myself.” Even though I couldn’t do it
nearly as well or I could walk- I won’t need an app, I can walk over to the
computer book store- into the computer section, pick up a book on Objective-C
and think, I’m screwed I’m hiring a developer. So, that’s just
my opinion. I think it’s a higher value skill and if somebody’s gonna hire
somebody more for the apps. But mostly it’s the niche. It’s the niche and
it’s people calling you up. When somebody calls me, I know they need an
app. In fact, I’m so focused on the niche that I start every video by
saying I make apps, right? I don’t want them to be any confusion. I don’t
say I make apps and websites and I dabble, oh ,you know, I do a little PHP,
and do a little bit of C-Sharp, I do all this. No. You know, everything else push it
aside. It’s no longer relevant. I make apps and that’s
that’s what we do. So anyway, that’s just my opinion. And I know a lot of you, guys, might disagree with me on this. So,
let me know what you, guys, think. Is it better to, you know, if you have to
choose between companies and I know a lot of you, guys, are app developers. But
if you have to choose between a digital marketing company which is very designed-
and also,I hate doing design stuff. It’s too subjective. There’s nothing
more soul-crushing than putting all of your heart and soul into some design
work and then handing it over to the client then thinking, you know, I don’t
know if I like that shade of pink or I don’t know if I like that font.
It’s just for me, the more technical we can keep it, the better. You know, it’s
just much easier. But let me know what you, guys, think. I’d be really
interested to hear and let Ahmad K know what you guys think too. Anyway, that’s
it for today. Talk to you, guys, tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “📱 Digital Marketing Agency or App Company?

  1. Makes sense. I found that when companies start, they always want to put everything that they do.

    But I've learnt when you give customers too much choices, they end up getting flustered and not making any choice at all.

    Niche is what works because people will remember you for that specific skill and it works in your favour because if they are thinking to that degree, most of the times they are ready to buy.

  2. Oh Eric,

    I took you too seriously about focusing on a specific market.
    just take a look at my so called company website :p


  3. Hello, Mr. Eric, I have a question on another topic, What platform do you use to develop games? I really want to create mobile games so please help me out

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