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Hi curious and inquisitive. We’re back, the best news
of Marketing, Social Media and Technology all YouTube, return every Monday here
in Easypromos TV. And we have very very cool news, for example,
the news star, and that Facebook, follow having privacy issues, as they
have leaked hundreds of millions of numbers of phone. But hey, we ‘ll also talk that YouTube
will stop showing exact numbers of subscribers, that TikTok, curious newsletters sent
to some media and creators. I will reveal three new tools for
business coming to Facebook Messenger. That LinkedIn offers more data about audiences
to advertisers. Or brands, can enjoy two
new modes announcement on Twitter. In addition, not all bad news for Facebook,
as you teach your new and radical design, or that Facebook and Instagram will fight
the anti – vaccine. And that will expand the functionality of music
throughout Latin America. And beware, very important, Facebook, plans to
hide the counter like Instagram likes. You see curious, this news will not
leave anyone indifferent. So I recommend that ye see to
the end … And if you want to be informed, continuously, feel free to subscribe and give it
to the bell. 3 videos featured each week. I’m JJ Priego and this is Easypromos TV! Vamoooossss!!!! [MUSIC] These are the best news of the week. Let us begin! one. YouTube will stop showing exact numbers
of subscribers YouTube, go ahead with plans to
replace the accounting for subscribers accurate for abbreviated numbers, a change,
which first announced last month may. As I discussed in this channel. The news was announced, interestingly,
August 29, in the account YouTube He has on Twitter. Furthermore clear that in the support portion
of their website. This aims to address the concerns
of the creators, on stress they causes, monitoring of public accounts
in real time. Especially by other channels. The company plans to use only three digits
on your counter, thus rounding the figure. That means that if a channel has 12,345,678
subscribers, abbreviated to “12.3 M” if has 123,456 will be abbreviated to “123 K”, and if
has 12,345 will be reduced to 12.3 K, and so successively. Incidentally, if the number of subscribers
is less than 1000, this change will not affect you. Of course, the creators will also
see their exact numbers in real time, Studio YouTube or Google Analytics. In addition, the API data platform, will
also receive unrounded data instead accurate real – time numbers as before
now. Will this be the death of sites like SocialBlade? two. TikTok curious sends newsletters to some
media and creators TikTok, perhaps the most popular social network
among young people, has been sending newsletters, and media and publications
recognized, informing on trends to promote its “Discover” tab. A kind of warning to warn the
time to make new content for the platform. In total there were 10 hashtags, accompanied
by a video of a creator as an example. The funny thing is that some of the media
received this news, not even possess accounts within the social network. It seems clear that the objective of the company
is none other than an attempt by the company, by encouraging the creation of content on your
platform, as well as helping media and creators, to understand the kind of content that is
successful in the social network. 3. Three new business tools come
to Facebook Messenger Facebook, it has decided to launch new features
to facilitate communication between clients and businesses through its tool
messaging, we’re talking about Facebook Messenger. Among the released functions, including a
tool automated messages a option to mark quotations to customers,
directly from Messenger and finally, reducing response times
of business. What do you think if I make a video, explaining
the potential of Facebook Messenger? Ponédmelo in the comments … Four. LinkedIn offers more data about audiences
to advertisers LinkedIn has launched “Success Hub , ” a
marketing platform, which seeks to give more information about hearings and metrics. The purpose of this tool is to help
advertisers and users, to know clearer form data, which are relevant
for the creation of content and campaigns advertising. Thus, for example, users
may know that influencers and companies, They are the most closely watched by an audience. Or for example, marketing managers,
can search for a specific group of users, based on their profession and, from there,
get information on trends and tastes of that particular sector. It looks interesting. 5. Brands can enjoy two new
modes announcement on Twitter Twitter has announced two new tools female
marketers. The first is, of the possibility of
bidding for a campaign video 6 seconds. With this new offering, Twitter will facilitate
and improve the reach of ads mobile video, whose impact in the first 6
seconds is crucial to reach the audience, as shown by many studies. The second is to include multiple images
in carousel format your ads. Something that will go well, especially to those
who want to promote multiple products or services in a single tweet. 6. Facebook and Instagram fighting the anti-vaccine Because the measles epidemic that continues to
grow, public health institutions, They have begun to take action and call,
to curb the widespread misinformation by the anti-vaccine movement. Which incidentally, it is already one of the top 10 threats
to global health in 2019. Therefore, Facebook and Instagram, have taken a
step against this horrible movement, announcing that redirect searches
vaccine, official pages of institutions public health, such as the Organization
World Health Organization . For my part, it would be even harder, that some
parents do not want your child vaccinated, should be a criminal offense. Since the problem is not just for your child,
no no, it can affect the entire population. 7. Facebook plans hide counter likes
like Instagram As we have already told in the channel, Instagram,
has spent months trying to hide like you. And the results so far are being
very positive. And, this is not only useful to avoid
the obsession interactions, but also it allows the content is of
much higher quality. And of course, it is logical that if the experiment
works, his older sister also Facebook apply it … So, our friend, Jane Manchun Wong, the
developer who’s out in this section, has rediscovered a secret … Wong,
has demonstrated catches your own harvest, as the counter impact
of Facebook will remain hidden. Although we do appear, the types
of impact received. That is, below updates
state and shared content, appear Like hand, the faces of interaction
or heart I love it , but … disappearing, the total count of interactions. That if not hide what would be the
number of shares and comments. What do you think about it? 8. Facebook and Instagram expand the functionality
of music throughout Latin America Facebook and Instagram, just enable
in 15 countries in Latin America, its functionality music, a feature that allows its
users to share audio songs, in their stories or their own profiles. Thus, users of both social networks
can add songs in the “Stories” through the icon “sticker” which bears
the name of “music”. Besides, the social network, also enabled
“Lip Sync Live”, a tool that will leave interpreting and fold songs live on
Facebook, while others see the performances in real time and follow the lyrics
of the songs. Come on , Facebook, it is to look a
little TikTok … 9. The radical new design Facebook Facebook has begun to release the new
design platform for version web, and is characterized by at least bring the
blue color, which for more than a decade, It was emblematic aspect of the social network. Mark Zuckerberg said that it was
a “radical change” and is intended, improve user experience, with a
view to increasing the time spent in service and advertising revenue. Regarding the functionality of the new design,
it highlights the privileged place occupied the Stories, emulation of mobile style
and own tab intended for groups. 10. They have leaked hundreds of millions of numbers
telephone on Facebook Have you given your phone number to Facebook? Danger! Facebook has confirmed that 419 million
phone numbers of users, have They have been found in a database without
password online. The document included only two pieces of information: the
public personal identifier number Facebook, which is easy to link to
the user ‘s name and phone number. Web technology Techcrunch has published
the discovery, thanks to information Sanyam Jain researcher. Facebook said that the database
is old. But hey, for Facebook, old means
that from April 2018 … And that information, It is before the changes made
last year to remove the option of people to find others, through
their phone numbers. According to Facebook, the database has been
removed and have not seen any evidence, it has been committed no account
of Facebook. In addition, the company also advocates,
many of those numbers on the basis of Data were duplicated. It is clear that Facebook will grow dwarfs …
Since the severity of these leaks, It is not only to be “compromised account
Facebook” as the company says in its statement. Disclosure of personal information from
users, allows sophisticated attacks like duplicate sim or other social engineering. For example, by duplicating sim,
an attacker can gather from different sources name, address and telephone number
of a user, in order to convince one mobile operator, to transfer the number
of a SIM to another, allowing control a device from another device. So, with this little eye … Well, so far the news this
week, next week more and better … How you have fallen curious and inquisitive? What do you think of this video? What news has impressed you most? You can leave your opinions in the comments,
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  1. Gracias JJ siempre me encanta ver las noticias y si quede mal con la mala seguridad de Facebook, gran saludo desde Colombia

  2. Está genial el uso del messenger para el uso de las empresas, yo lo uso en la empresa que estoy emprendiendo (@ketsalimx), así es que si sacas un video al respecto, sé que podré sacarle más provecho. 😄

    Gracias JJ, gracias por tus videos y te agradecería si puedes hacer un video hablando sobre los pros y los contras de un canal que durante X cantidad de tiempo, digamos algunos meses haga sorteos en cada video o diario de ser posible. 😬

    Saludos desde este lado del charco

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