[Music] Welcome to the entrepreneurial world on the day Today you will learn to create a poster advertising can actually use it for the most convenient purpose as per example to create a banner poster or advertising flyer and as an example We have this advertising poster that we will create step by step from scratch so It will be very interesting and before start I invite you to subscribe to me YouTube channel and also to us follow us on facebook you can search us as entrepreneurial world so far we go with the intro we already started very well here we have an image collected from andy ruiz internet and Antonio what I did was trim it and pass it to a new window to start doing it modifications and create that banner advertising all the tools that we will use in this tutorial what can download in the description of this video very well then let’s start already with the creation of this poster Professionally good advertising I am going to leave this template here in the description of this video very well Before I start I want to tell you that when you download the tools that are in the description this video will appear this file is a winrar file then you have to decompress it to decompress what to right click and we give where he says extract in world tools entrepreneur we click then it goes to start creating a folder in fact that this one says tool a world entrepreneur we double click enter this folder and here are the files that make up this advertising poster so what you have to do First is to open the photoshop and open this file that says andy full then I am using right now photoshop cs It is compatible with 5 and with the most new then good goes on file at open and as you already download the tool we enter and we will open this one that says andy full then this one not we already have the cut with both boxer characters if you look at this it has a measure of 3,508 pixels for four thousand 961 to 300 pixels per inch and I’m using these measures because they serve me for Other posters, posters and banners advertising but you can use the As you like for your projects personal but what we are going to do is hide layer 2 and layer 1 and layer 0 we will activate it by clicking on eye let’s go to the adjustment tool and we will select gradient very well here we will start by clicking where says gradient and I choose the third option here we preset settings i’m going to choose this one that goes from black to white from double click on the first flag come on to choose a color that is a little gray but not so dark choose make it better for you and we will give it in ok and well here everything will be the same we are going to give ok to where it says style we will choose the one that says radial and you have to select the box that says invest look here say here at song that says reverse it select and we will place one scale as close to 150 and then put in 149 let’s give it ok let’s go do is select the layer the ‘number two ‘than above and we will add lionesses lights we put in file place and select this image that is leave in the description and we will go to position it so that it covers almost what is the central part of picture you can enlarge or reduce the image that we will place in the background then even crush the shift key and drag it in the corner so it doesn’t lose your good form I person the move tool let’s go in place and Now we are going to select layer number 2 press the create layer function new very good now what we are going to do is paint this layer white for that we will select the boat of damo paintings double click on the front color we select white color we give ok we click for paint it blank now let’s go select layer 3 and drag it up Now we are going to change the background color which is in yellow we will leave it in black color simply selected it I give in ok we add a layer mask very good for now on the side left we will select the right hand brush tool in the white box we will choose one brush I choose this and we will increase the size of the brush and this is already optional we will do what is left one little more obviously smaller than I don’t know exceed the size of the remaining sheet more or less in a not so large measure if we are going to click on the image and if you look you start to reach see the fire every click we take makes a small flash of the layer that It’s on the bottom that is Light us with keep doing stamps and we can modify our taste as they go forward if you want to delete any click that they have given incorrectly you can switch the background color and change it to the color white front now I’m here deleting some imperfections not everything is going to be 100% at the beginning because it is missing I’m going to place you precisely to the characters on this banner advertising and as we go adding the details we can go changing things then don’t worry if it doesn’t fit right at the beginning now we will change brush by giving button right i’m going to choose a brush from flash that will help us to make it look a little more prominent banks select the front white to start erasing with small flashes that make it stand out a little more the image me for now I’m going to start to leave it like that since later we go to return to make modifications if it is necessary for now let’s go to select with the control key these two layers we will postpone the control g to create a group and give a double click and this folder I am going to call bottom we do this in order to maintain order in all layers that we do so that later there is not confusion between layers we select with the control key these two layers and the we send up Now we will activate it by selecting box corresponding to each layer and well and if you look at the two characters we will select layer 2 we will plant control t for move it up to zoom in or reduce the image without losing its shape original lets you press the shift key and drag the two one corner towards outside or inward me for this layer number 2 that from andy ruiz we are going to increase the size a bit and I’m going to shift slightly to the side left to apply it and we will do the same with layer number one which is from anthony and joshua we are going to decrease by little size preference left aligned with andy ruiz to confirm the changes we go to the tool move and we give in apply below we will change the brightness of the layers we have selected layer number 1 let’s go to do the following we will image adjustments and we click on curves and good in this graph we can change the brightness of this layer we will give a click on the dark part of the graph and another click on the white part here the most important is that with these two points we create we can manipulate the brightness This layer is already to your liking I I usually move him here in part from below gives me this point he slipped it down and see how it starts at shine Here I recommend giving you your time for find the best brightness for this layer and can stand out a little more once you have finished or got the brightness you want we simply click on the ok button and we’re going to go with the sigWe’ll do the same thing with layer number 2 so the we select and come again image in settings we click on curves then again we are going to create a point on the black part and another point on white part let’s start manipulating until a brightness is achieved or not neither too exaggerated as a brightness reddish that is a little burnt does not stop that matches the fire that is background that as I say they are already your taste finally press ok [Music] there is also another very popular way of manipulate the tones look I’m going to crush the control key and so that see how we can manipulate what the saturation so here it is look this opened hue and saturation window la saturation increase it look how it is ago the boxer andy and ruiz a little more red if we increase the saturation and if the we will make left because it is removed a little shine then here I am I’m going to increase it a bit and we can go to a particular tone a color that we choose look for example If I choose this color I can take away the saturation because I can decrease it or increase it the same could do with any other color in that case I choose the color red and I can decrease saturation or increase it by this particular color very good we will give it ok to do the same with layer number 1 we are going to Crush the control keys plus or and Now we are going to start first than nothing moving saturation I know that Layer 1 character looks very reddish but don’t worry because that can be done change and may be a little more original more real then good today here give yourself time to modify the colors for example here I am in the color red and I can select for example the color yellow and also change the tone on tone to the yellows I had it then very high simply decrease it and I click on ok but not if for some reason would you like to change it again which is the bottom of man then what what will you have to do focus on this background folder and locate this layer number 3 and select the brush but good for this case let’s select good and me I was wrong because I have to click on this side direction is capable of side right let’s select the brush then right button and here remember that you can choose any brush and we can modify its size I choose to have a brush that is a little different from the one you used so that it turns out a little more then here as I said is to be playing with the different types of brushes Find the best one if I start clicking Well, obviously it will start to erase me and This is because the white color lo I have the front color now front we select the color black Well then you will start coloring For every click we give and leave to show more and more the background color or the background image that in this case is a picture of fire now then now for reasons of time we are going to detail how quickly to go with the next step ok now let’s go to select layer number 2 which is the first one up if we are going to add a layer mask next we go to the tool gradient Now we select the editor from degree that goes from white to black I do I’m going to let it click ok very well We are ready to use this tool works as follows way if I pressed with the button left past and one click and dragged it down strong as we go to fade the bottom of the layer number 2 but notice that it was good on of dawn if we do it again it’s going to be a little more transparent look and I will release him and he looks a little more transparent on the left side we are going to try tosee how it looks I’m going to drop this nothing more than it seems to see again not already too much if you it appears like this too much i know this is Exceeded you can go back one step back by clicking on edit and you are done step back and then return to as I was before very well now let’s do the same with layer number one we select it and we will create a layer mask ok there is now again tool of degraded if on the left side it is already selected then it is ready, we can no longer start fading it and here it goes to go again from white to black if you are well we will do the same we will give one click down we drag and drop it and we see that it begins to fade very ok let’s drag it back to that is a little badly faded me I think that there since it already fit us Now if you look at the good part in the back layer the fire layer then you are not seeing if there are parts that look dark we’re going to select the layer of the fire layer and we will place the control of y lo drag with the shift key so that don’t lose your way here you can take advantage of the one when stretching the image in the background you can take advantage of it see a little more the fire and not see so much the black color I am going to raise a little just adjust it no slightly increasing the size of the image and drag it to the corners I’m going to leave it like that for now let’s put it in place and well another little observation that I would like correct in the next look I don’t know if you can see these gray spots that They are here at the bottom here at where does it end Picture of the boxers looks a little spot then let’s go select layer number 3 and let’s go to Choose the brush tool we give button right and you just have to choose one different brush for good you can choose the one you like not me choose for this case to see we will choose this brush I believe that This will be fine to start at erase imperfections remember that you can change the size and what is the intensity of the brush look and I’m going to Every click I give it, I’m deleting the gray part seen below if from done if I want you to do a step back good edition step back look and you I’m clicking and I’m deleting imperfections what I want is that It is even and it is not possible to see those gray spots what I want is that stay even at the bottom for start placing a small box with the names of the boxers but make it stand out and for that you must look good even here I’m still soon erasing it completely aligned the bottom seems to there we are leaving well also another effect that makes the look attractive
Image is for example using a brush flash and what we are going to do is how to start removing parts of the fire image but eliminate them white flashes 7 as is that at time to click on the image of fire is created a kind of flash that makes it stand out not the image ok let’s give it some speed at this so that it is not a video so long I’m going to decrease this brush I’m going to lower it a little for make the smallest flashes we go to give quick quick on the banks on the corners very well now we go to create an effect on photography very interesting let’s create a layer new we fix click again now without layer 4 let’s smash the alt key and we will leave it pressed until a little arrow looks and is pass a click and well that arrow indicates that it will only affect down layer ok now let’s press the shift keys with f5 at the same time and this box will appear that is to fill out then thata say use let’s use the one that says 50 by one hundred gray it’s alright let’s see how we go to use the one that says soft light and here in percentage we will leave it 100 for cent we give in ok Well, this overlap effect it will only affect layer number 2 well let’s select here at where it says superimpose it is on central part and now the thing to do is give it an effect brightness using the tool which is on the left side that the tool about exposing which is the that looks like a magnifying glass let’s give one click and we make sure that it is white color on the front for start to shine then how let’s give it light make sure select a brush that is not not too big because we are going to give it more shine to what is the face and the arms of what is layer 4 which is andy ruiz then let’s approach it with the control more and little by little we are going to go clicking where we want highlight the white color a little more good to shine then me here Well, in the darkest parts I’m going to give him the good I’m clicking for you start highlighting a bit remember that you can change the sizes of brush and what is the hardness if you believe that when you click not much change or not long ago effect then you can choose any other brush and possible or decreasing what is hardness so well I’m going to continue here fast we will do the soonest possible to leave with the next layer very well now what we are going to do is to go to the layer of antonio and joshua to start giving him a little more brightness so let’s select the layer 1 let’s create a new layer of personal hash the alt key and when it is the little arrow clicks on it is there appeared the little arrow remember that the arrow indicates that it will be done the effect only the layer that is below we squeeze the f5 chip and again the configuration is ready we give in ok it gets gray we are going to select in overlay that is in the central part to see that it is superimposed and on the left of those that are tools with use that in this case is the tool of over exposing and the safe part is once again white as the front and then Now we are going to do practically same we will shine where we who believe that where you really need it we see that here then I already look like that very burned not like if it did the effect that is behind no of the fire that if it looks like it is burned then let’s give it a little of brightness so that the stand out
parts that are too orange look I’m already clicking here and if you fixed is like doing a little more the whiter the brighter the idea is that we don’t have to see completely red does not seem like shrimp but that The truth is that it is not bright as an important note if you click and notes that are not being given on luminosity is surely because the hardness you have it at 0% I usually I leave it between 30 and 50 percent so look I chose 32 percent and at moment to click we see the parts that are like red when I I click if it is brighter don’t be if your arm is too red but the moment we are here going through the mouse on the face and arms well yes we are seeing the effect of brightness of brightness that makes it a little more prominent in the image at then we will create a window New to eat to place the text gonzález on file new and here in the measurements I will I would put 1280 x 720 and well let’s select the text and let’s go to drag it on the left side of left to right to start at write the textO and I the text that I am going to place I have it written here I go to copy it and I’m going to paste it here and this I did because I didn’t know how it was written Joshua but well I’m going to paste it and I will leave centered to start make the modifications I use the letter aero that uses the one you like the most For this case we focus it and go to press what is good let’s give some spaces because after the We will cut well I will follow giving a little more separation and already using the move tool for center it and now you start giving it its required effects to be seen a little more prominent we will come quickly in layer styles and let’s select overlay gradient well here in the layer styles we go to do the following here where it says fusion mode we will leave it the same opacity of equal gradient now we see style let’s align with layer on good angle on the scale let’s go to put 115 on scale and now we go to it who has selected what is the degraded and in this case the personal I’m going to use the orange style orange yellow in the corner and we will place some values ​​at the beginning for example, double click on first banderilla and I here have some values ​​that you can place too which is the 44 of 4c as I already have it here I’m going to copy it and I’m going to paste it here in photoshop look i’m going to erase this one right button paste but you write it manually click ok here at center we will put a white color we give ok and on the right side we go to use the same code if we go to delete this again right click paste and we’re going to click on ok we’re going to give it ok and in this window we also go we go to confirm by giving ok very well we go through styles of layer and now let’s select the one says bevel and relief let’s start changing the style I will leave it in relief while in the technique we go to select the hard chisel to see here without being hard very good depth let’s go to take it to the maximum that is a thousand times cent we move to the right ok address size above I would leave in a 10 and here where he says he has done says angle we can leave it the same here in the opacity we will send it to the hundred percent and we click ok let’s see here the front color and the I have color in the back yellow you can choose the color that like it but for now soon in Sahara in yellow and what we are going to do next is duplicate this layer we right click duplicate layer and we give in ok there we have a layer repeated then let’s hide this one says gradient overlay very well now we are going to join the filter we are going to give it where it says to interpret and we enter where it says fibers we give in ok and here you can adjust the values ​​I I leave normally in 16 4 we give in ok and here in the fusion medium I would leave with soft light well here we practically already have the text ready to place it we What we are going to do next is remove the white background and the bottom white is represented by this layer which is down that says bottom then we will hide by clicking in the eye and it’s already bottomless come on to save it as and we are going to place the following name only to identify me by this case what I’m going to put ruiz and Luis opposite me to leave it and it will put text and we will save in png format and well come on to give in save we give in ok and with this We can start cutting the letters that we want if to place them here I get here on the banner main I had already done it and left a very text similar to that but to see placing layers so you can see how we would look more or less but well I’m going to hide to place them step by step Next we will start placing the banner where the letters will go me for this case use a rectangle but well let’s open a new layer and in this new layer we have just finished open we will place a rectangle and we want that rectangle to be degraded although if you wish you can put a single color but I like it that looks like faded so I I will use a gradient that has two faded colors in this case is in black throwing the target but yes we click here but we we can manipulate those colors by example here in the first flag double click and instead from black to white because here you can choose the color you want not I place as a color that is more similar or related to the color with the fire like this that I select would select a color orange although you can leave it red if you want I think it does not combine so much look I I’m doing some tests here with using good by selecting several of these these options that give us a choice and I think it combines very well in color Orange with black is very similar to the other we already have after a moment and Well, I think you can good here if Silver is control gives you the option to manipulate the banner to the extent that you want then here we can now start placing text and text we have just created we’re going to start trimming it and well leave file to open let’s go to select text and here with the select tool I’m going to take it by parts first I go to select this that says ruiz and with the move tool I’m going to bring to the window we are with working there is forgiveness to bring for here and here I will drag it simply to hug you control of y with the letter shift we will drag it of a corner so that it does not deform and here you go away your time and analyze well what size you are going to leave momentarily I will leave it like this for as long as we are going to import the text remaining now 11 is the same with the tool select but now we go to select this part that says bs and with the move tool we are going to move to the window with which we are working so simply we release it and do the same we are going to lend control we lend you the key shift and we enlarged it from a corner and here we will try to keep it as focused as possible and why you are missing I’m going to put the word of the Joshua and then we will continue doing the same and select with the tool of selection the word joshua again move tool we move it to window we work with let go we hug control t press shift key to drag it one corner and don’t lose what is your original form and here it seems that I deleted it or we selected it again let’s drag it from a corner and that is more or less the same size as the lyrics of ruiz or what is left we will read on select on apply We return now only remains to move the lyrics to your liking you can say the centering decrease the size move from one side to the other me for this case I could leave it like that but as I know we have to place it below what is the date of the fight then you you can leave it that way or you can add it a date at the bottom is because I can do as a banner what we are doing as a poster where We will invite the people to be meet to see this fight that is going to be on December 7 and not for giving advertising but for this example then it is important to set the date for poster you’re doing and well these lyrics you can change them too the color the size as if it were the horn here you select it if you choose it is (9-6-2-one)
the most convenient text for now and so these and you leave them or if you you change these letters for now I’m going to leave some letters that I already had Previously it is the same style I simply have them without shadows Now what we are going to do is change slightly the width of the letters that says December for that he selected the layer that says December 7 that is a text layer now select who says character and here we can change for example what is the width here I can put 200% and Malik will also start manipulating him what are the background colors me here but I will drag it leave a little that stay centered let’s open the styles layer by double clicking on the side right in the text layer and let’s go to select this one that says glow outside we raise the opacity to 100% here in the colors we could use for example a white color we give in ok Look here for your time to choose the elements appropriate to the style of text you are using because by example what works for me is not be mz work to you yes if you region or this other type of text because it is not same but well, it seems that in this case here where I made elements in extending myself I could leave the best in a 13 and here in the range raise it by 70 percent at one hundred percent vibration but Well, you start playing with these values ​​I could soon choose look yellow or white on color that you like or even what they can leave black I think I think it looks good like that then we accept these these changes and we go to the tab that it looks bevel and emboss and here I move only in the size that is left more or less in one that will be 5 to 10 times cent and here where it says stroke here sometimes there were in between 6 and 20 percent depending not necessary that has both both size and color you can only change the color of filling helps you a lot to reduce the good lyrics let’s read in ok I had to cut the video so that it does not remain so long and meanwhile I made one ellipse with this tool that in fact it’s called ellipse tool i did this Elite yellow and I put the free input text then what let’s do what I’m going to show you is how to place it with the brush tool a yellow flash for that we create a new layer and we will select by here the brush tool and for that example the flash color could look great in white or if you prefer yellow for a while let’s go ok then select a brush that is suitable for flashes and other than not too big although the size is we can place to our liking I think with a with a slightly larger brush there we could use it to place a flash in the letters that say entry free yes then here he does the testing look 7 wrong the problem because we can go back clicked and look as it stands out not even though you can also flash it from white color if you want but look like as it shines, I’m sorry to click it It is very bright are say free entry and stands out quite well and good for conclude with this video there is something that you I want to show and is that while cutting the video I started to make a series of texts with images that place them here in fact and I put the name of my channel I put the name of the sponsor and I also put the address there says you we wait in and below comes the address so to place that text is very simple in this section where we we put this text that says sponsored by you can create it as follows way you go here to this tool which is the rectangle click well if you want rectangle you can Do it this waythat you simply select if it is in a rectangle but if you wish it will be a little more Professional can select this one says rounded rectangle tool and if you look at the corners go to be rounded good 15 step no but if we defer control of the three here and we can see and text as you place it by selecting this text tool we have already seen and here you write the text you want and you put it on now I’m going to teach you how to place these flashes look to be look pretty flashy here they are above what the text is also here look here I put another flash let’s quickly place the file I gave you in the tool of enterprising world is the is an image of flash we go to the fusion mode layer and select the option that says plot over here is here is in plot and we will place that flash on the upper part of the text we align the flash that is horizontal at top of the text seems to be tool move it select let’s go to place and now we are going to next we will create a mask of layer because it looks very very strong let’s use the gradient and in part upper I choose the radial gradient Now we are going to be in the center we click drag it to the side left and let go then if you fixed we already improve the flash level and we can duplicate this layer for no longer do the same job again let’s go to right click duplicate click on ok we drag the flash towards next text and we can even double it again so right click duplicate We accept and drag it to this flash to the letters of the banner main at the bottom there we go to accommodate it, I think it looks here well let it go we can even take advantage of the horizontal axis along of the banner to stretch this flash of the ends and thus stand out All the advertising poster and good friends, so here we leave this instructional video I really hope it has helped you a lot if not forget to leave a like subscribe in me YouTube channel and also follow us on facebook puntocom bar ideas online Thank you very much for your health care see adrián duéñez in the next video until next time [Music]

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