#1 Jerk TACTIC That ALL “NICE GUYS” Should Use | Why The Familiarity Principle Attracts Women

hey guys my name is Marni and from here
on out I am going to be your very own name girl and it’s my job to give you
the no BS truth about what women want versus what they say they want and I put
up new videos every Tuesday so please keep an eye out for my videos so have
you ever wondered why some girls are always finding themselves in
relationships with mean or abusive guys you think they have to know that it
can’t end well why do they keep doing this what’s bringing in them back to the
same type of guy over and over again and in this video I’m going to tell you the
psychological principle that keeps women in abusive relationships for years
despite all the rational thinking and common sense and I’m going to tell you
how you can use the same psychological principle with women in a good-hearted
and ethical way so that you can bypass all our logical thinking and tap right
into their emotional brains I’m also going to tell you how fortune 500
companies like Disney use this same principle to reel you in and buy stuff
that you don’t need in the first place so keep watching alright let’s dive right in to the last
one of how Disney and other fortune 500 companies have used this exact same
principle to get you to buy tons of crap you don’t need at crazy high prices
Disney has these things they call home resorts in places like Hawaii or you can
buy a timeshare I’m sure you know this but just in case a timeshare is where
you buy a property with a few other people under a time-sharing agreement
and yes share time with other people so you get to use it for X amount of time
and the others get to use it for the rest of the time and then you all share
they make a ton of money for real estate owners but they’re almost always a
terrible investment for the buyers so how does a company like Disney get
people to buy them all the time even though they’re horrible investments and
I’m about to show you see what they do is this they put you in a room with a
couple of representatives aka slick salesman for hours hours being the key
word to pay attention to here they have a whole presentation they go through but
the isn’t just a regular pitch because they
give you meals and they give you drinks in the whole enchilada and they’ll spend
hundreds of dollars per presentation and tons of personalized time with you but
why why do they do this how does this make you buy a crappy investment simple
it’s all based on something called the familiarity principle studies show that
we are all attracted to what is familiar to us and that being repeatedly exposed
to certain people will increase our trust and attachment and attraction to
them Mickey Mouse knows about this principle so they stuff you in a room
with some of the goons for hours spend hundreds of dollars on lavish meals
because they know the more time you spend with them the more you’ll put your
money into a crappy idea and the same goes with girls who repeatedly find
themselves in abusive relationships if a girl has an abusive father growing up or
a stream of bad relationships with guys who have treated her like crap she’ll go
out and find more men who are abusive and treat her like crap because it’s
what is familiar to her so these girls subconsciously look to fill that gap in
their lives and it’s pretty scary because it’s completely out of their
control and here’s the kicker for you though spending a lot of time together
with a girl without being lame or too nice or a dick
will get her more attached to you the key part of what I said is without being
too lame or too nice or a dick so in other words everything else being equal
simply spending more time together with a girl will get her attached and
potentially attracted to you the attraction comes if you know how to
make that time count and it’s really just by virtue of spending time alone
and doing a few things and to multiply this familiarity effect take her to
multiple places for example if you meet her in a library
take her to a coffee shop and then go to an ice-cream in the park if you take her
to three or more places it makes it seem to our brain as if you’ve spent a lot of
time together because you’ve shared multiple experiences even if it all
happened in an hour or two but in order to fully
capitalize on this principle and help it help you naturally build attraction you
have to also use a formula that will guarantee she does not see you as a
friend that she’s spending time with because that would suck right having all
the power of psychology behind you and still messing it up with girls and
that’s exactly why I want to share that formula with you right now it’s called
the F formula it is your personal wing girl guided blueprint for combining the
nuts and bolts of female psychology with your genuine personality for effortless
flirting attraction and escalation with women I want you to capitalize on all
the time and energy you spend with women because your time is precious and
valuable and with my help women will soon be fighting for any and all of your
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