10 Discontinued Chocolate Bars We Miss

Let’s face it … the chocolate bars we
choose to eat can make or break our day. If we decide to try one out and it’s absolutely
awful, and it later vanishes from store shelves, it’s no big loss. But those epic chocolate bars we love from
the first bite can definitely cause us to be transported somewhere else entirely … in
a good way. And it’s these bars we end up missing the
most if they vanish. Here are 10 discontinued chocolate bars we
miss – part 1. Kit Kat Caramac Well, by now we all know that caramel and
chocolate go very well together. After all, the Caramilk bar is pretty famous
and many enjoy its rich and pleasurable combination, almost as much as they love playing the game
of trying to figure out how the caramel is inserted into the exquisite bar. So it’s no wonder that other chocolate bar
brands wanted to get in on the game as well. It wasn’t too long ago that Kit Kat released
this caramel bar, and although Kit Kat is known to release some pretty odd flavor pairings
when it comes to their bars, this one was pretty run of the mill, as they say. And although there were a few that enjoyed
it, perhaps it was its simplicity and run with the norm that caused its untimely demise,
as many are and were used to Kit Kats that were outside the regular sort to be a tad
more extravagant. After all in Japan, there are over 50 astonishing
flavors offered in the form of the Kit Kat bar we know and love. Perhaps caramel was a little too simple to
satisfy fans of the bar and its forays into the wild and crazy flavors offered. But, there are those that miss this one. 2005 marked the last time this one was seen
in stores. Taz The Cadbury Confectionery Company goes way
back, and when we say “way back”, we mean really back there on the old timeline. Is 195 years way back enough for ya? We thought so. It’s true … the company got its start
back in 1824 and well, it hasn’t looked back since, releasing chocolate treat after
chocolate treat, and although not all of the treats created by the great minds at Cadbury
were instantaneous hits, they have created some of the most important and successful
chocolate bars the world has ever seen. But unfortunately, some of these have gone
the way of boxy television sets and the only way you can taste them now would be to travel
back in time, and that isn’t all that possible … just yet. And it wasn’t that long ago that Cadbury
and Warner Bros. Studios teamed up to create a chocolate bar that offered a whirlwind of
flavor. The ever-popular character of The Tasmanian
Devil definitely reached across the screen and touched audiences all over, and why not. Maybe it was the gibberish he spoke, or rather
the tornado he represented moving from scenario to scenario … whatever it was, he surely
became a household name. So creating a chocolate bar that featured
his essence was a no-brainer on the part of the good people over at Cadbury. But like so many things from the years gone
by, it fell out of favor with consumers, and that’s a definite shame, as it would be
nice to hold onto some of the things from our long-gone past, wouldn’t it? Cadbury’s Snowflake Now what could sound more appetizing or refreshing
than a snowflake? Can you remember being a kid and waiting for
that first snowfall of the winter season? Many watched the sky on a slow Sunday afternoon
hoping for that first snowfall. The snow that would come signified countless
hours of fun outdoors, whether it be snowball fights, the construction of towering snowmen
and of course forts and tobogganing down the neighborhood hill. But for many, opening your mouth and sticking
out your tongue and letting the fresh snowflakes land ever so softly was probably the highlight
of the first snowfall, and we have no doubt that this was the sentiment Cadbury was going
for here. Now, we understand that a snowflake sure doesn’t
pack a tasty wallop worthy of praise or delight, but it’s the essence of the craving for
that first snowfall that likens the experience to a chocolate bar, as what can you crave
more than a sweet piece of chocolate? The comparison is actually quite fair; at
least for us that is, but we’re sure you agree. Cadbury’s Snowflake bar wasn’t launched
all that long ago. At the turn of the century in fact … in
the year 2000, but it didn’t stay on the shelves all that long, as it was discontinued
in 2008, but we sure had a good eight years, didn’t we? Yes indeed, and oh the memories.. Mars Delight Just try to imagine how good a particular
item of food would have to be to create in people the type of wanton desire to inspire
them to start online petitions for the return of said particular item. You think we’re kidding, but in reality
this happens far more often than you’d likely imagine. Now Mars isn’t as old and established as
Cadbury, but in its 87 years, the company sure has released quite a few tasty treats
that many have adored and even cherished. The Mars Delight is an obvious one that people
still miss to this day. The bar was very different from the classic
Mars Bar and perhaps it was this that made it so popular, as many consumers like change. It contained a wafer coated in caramel cream
as opposed to nougat and plain caramel. It was coated in milk chocolate and that is
the only similarity between the two offerings. Cadbury’s Nuts About Caramel Cadbury has tried to play the caramel card
over and over again, time after time, and why wouldn’t they? After all, they produced one of the most successful
chocolate bars the world has ever seen. The Caramilk bar is composed mainly of caramel
and they have used that sweet ingredient time and time again in a plethora of imaginative
ways. But in the end, it is the Caramilk bar that
wins out and stands the test of time. It was created in 1968 and has sold a lot
of units over the long years of its existence. But still, the fact that it’s still around
doesn’t halt people from missing the other bars offered by the company, like this one
here. Now the essence of the Cadbury Nuts About
Caramel bar lies within the appropriate name, and it was the nuts that made it different
from the classic Caramilk bar, and also what probably made it a little less popular, as
there are many out there that don’t particularly like nuts in their sweets. But, the company even released ice cream bars
that shared the same name and list of ingredients, and although they did well, both items were
last seen quite some time ago. The 54321 Bar The actual title 5-4-3-2-1 was the name of
a song by the British Band: Manfred Mann, the group that brought the world `Blinded
By The Light,` a song actually written by the one and only legend, Bruce Springsteen. That was way back in 1964, however, and the
54321 chocolate bar was a child of the eighties—1982 to be exact—and it sold particularly well. However, it didn’t survive the eighties,
as it was discontinued in 1989, and it’s still sorely missed by many to this day. The popular commercial featured a song that
was very reminiscent of sixties British rock/pop, so maybe the name borrowed from Manfred Mann
wasn’t exactly coincidental. In reality, it is in fact the same song, only
with the lyrics changed. It’s also a title to a semi-popular Flo
Rida song entitled “Turn Around 54321.” But the similarities between the two songs
stop there of course. The name for the bar however, came from the
five different ingredients that composed the bar: fused water, rice crispies, fondant,
milk chocolate, and of course caramel. The bar promised and delivered an explosive
flavor that many are still dreaming about. Jacob’s Trio Yet another chocolate bar on our illustrious
list of chocolate bars sorely missed by the masses, that got its start in the eighties,
and while the era was a time for “partying,” we’d surely say that it was also a time
for tasty treats and of course epic Saturday Morning cartoons. We mention cartoons because the advertisement
for this chocolate bar actually was shot entirely as a cartoon and probably this was done on
purpose. A catchy tune and tagline were also added
to the commercial and the general public was hooked from the first reel of the ad. The song was a play on the ever-popular “Day-O,”
instead replacing the lyrics with Trio. The cartoon accompanying the song was cute
in and of itself and featured the cartoon character of Suzy in hot pursuit of a large
shipment of Trio bars. Simple enough, yet oh-so-effective. The bar was discontinued in 2003 but unbelievably,
it made a return in 2016 after a campaign was launched for its return on Facebook, believe
it or not. The power of united voices, huh? Mars’ White Maltesars As they say, white chocolate isn’t for everyone,
and as the limited time these treats had on the shelves will prove, there’s more to
the statement after all. Maltesers are pretty popular and the regular
sort can still be found, but the white chocolate ones had a definitely limited run on the market. Yet another offering by the Mars Company,
these treats were adored by those who love white chocolate and would do anything to get
a mere taste of the substance any chance they get. Yet the lack of sales overall is what caused
this chocolate to be taken off the shelves and subsequently halted completely. Now there are many other white chocolate brands
out there of course, but the airy and light taste that these particular treats brought
on is sorely missed by many white chocolate lovers the world over. Nestle’s Toffo Here, the essential star ingredient in this
bar by Nestle is all in the name, or rather a play on the name. And toffee is an adored treat loved by many
the world over. Toffee is made by combining both caramel and
molasses and the end result is nothing short of spectacular. So many treats like candies, desserts, cookies
and of course chocolate bars contain this star ingredient, and the high impact flavor
it brings can definitely be attributed to the success this treat enjoyed back in its
day. Nestle has been processing food products since
1866, and for the subsequent 153 years, they’ve been bringing treats and products to the masses
without ever halting on production. They’ve released one food product after
another, particularly in the confectionery category, and all of these products have done
well. On the rare occasion, however, they did have
a few misfires, and after all, who hasn’t had a few so-called missteps on their rise
to prominence. The Toffo bar, which should have just been
called the Toffee Bar, let’s face it, struggled in its day to reach that global acceptance
that the company had hoped for. But it surely had its fans, of course, and
they are all missing this treat to this very day, still dreaming about the rich taste and
texture. But they can dream all they want, as it won’t
be returning any time soon … unless somebody starts an online petition that is. As we’ve learned, that tactic seems pretty
effective. Fox’s Echo Bars Echoes are still a wonderment shared by many,
as the rebound of one’s voice or any sound for that matter is pretty spectacular and
one of nature’s many interesting phenomena. And speaking of phenomenal things this planet
has to offer, the many treats and bars we all enjoy can be considered pretty amazing
as well. Aptly named, the Echo Bar was just that and
the combination of white chocolate and milk chocolate brought the best of both worlds
together. In essence, the bar was primarily milk chocolate
and if we can be granted the opportunity to juxtapose the chocolate echo with a real life
echo, you should see the same similarities and conclusions we came up with … the milk
chocolate resembles the original voice called out into the vast mountains … the white
chocolate represents the echo heard in return, as the echo heard is never quite the same
as what’s put out there. With us so far? No? We kind of lost the point as well, but it
was worth a try. Regardless, the echo definitely packed a punch
worthy of its praise, and if you’d like to give it a try, we’re afraid you can’t. Just imagine if you will, singing loud and
proud into a valley expecting an echo in return, only to hear an utter and mocking silence
come back at you in return. Get more great BabbleTop videos by tapping
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  2. I remember Toffos and all the chocolate bars except the 54321 Bar because I was only born two years before it was discontinued.

  3. Did u say chocolate yes

    Spongebob:yes mr

    Mr:pulls out a gun give me the chocolate

    Spongebob:but mr thats for cancer funding

    Mr:give me it NOW!

  4. Does anyone remember Fresh Minty Eggs? They were similar to Cadbury's Creme Eggs, but the sickly fondant centre was a lovely mint flavour. They were sold in the UK in the mid to late 80s. Don't know who the manufacturer was (definitely not Cadbury's) but I've been craving these things for over 30 years now.

  5. The 10 : 30 Candy Bar that was made by the Schrafft's Candy Company. It was a crispy rice wafer covered in white chocolate with red cinnamon flavored stripes. YUM.

  6. I've got 5 pence
    What can I buy for 5 pence
    I've got 5 pence
    It buys a Caramac bar
    There's some you and you and me
    I never knew 5 pence went so far.

    Always hated Caramac, but 40 years later I still remember the bloody song.

  7. Maybe they should give the kit Kat caramac to the United States when Hershey can make them for us id definitely buy it

  8. When I went on a trip to Laos I saw a bar named mars in the store but I didn’t know what it was so I didn’t get it ;-;

  9. I don't care for white chocolate, but I would have tried the Echo bar only because it had real chocolate in it.

  10. The Americans might be good for sweets but the UK rules chocolate here lol X honeycomb echo was all what it was about 😍

  11. Some bars I forgot about here and do miss them. Taz bars still exists in the UK but the they are call Freddo now. Also, toffo are not a bar they are individually wrapped toffee that still exist, also not a chocolate bar. If you liked Kit-Kat caramac you can still buy the caramac bars, it's just the chocolate without the wafer.

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