1149% ROI Case Study with Facebook Messenger Marketing

in this video I’m going to show you why
is it important to have your agency chatbot, how you can leverage templates,
and a short case study video from a student of mine who achieved an amazing
success with messenger – it’s 1149% return on
investment. But before we start this video let’s just recap quickly what
happened in the previous video. In the previous video we talked about the
amazing timing we have right now with Messenger and how it can help you get
results fast. It talked about the freedoms of being in a booming industry
where you can easily double or triple your clients’ results just by the medium
and why selling chatbots is a great business model. If you haven’t watched it
yet just make sure you watch this video first and then go back and watch this
video. So let’s jump into today’s content. Now I’m about the share with you why
having an agency chatbot is crucial if you want to sell chatbots. First of all
people still don’t know much about chatbots and sometimes it’s quite hard to
explain to them about what’s going on with this, and the best way to do it is
just have them experience in person. I often just show my phone, go to my bot
and just show them, and this is where you see the AHA moments. But their brain just
starts to go on and on, and they think about how it can be helpful for them specifically, is it possible to do that, can I have this integration and so on. This is
beautiful, this is where they can exactly tell you what they need, and if you can
show this competently, you will be seen as the go-to person. Second, you can see exactly what they click, what they write, what they are
interested in. Everything is saved for you and it helps you to understand them
better. You can use the exact wording that they use, and pitch it back to them,
use it in sales, when it comes to sales. And copywriters and marketers
would be killing for this luxury. Thirdly, they are
on your list and most people are not ready to buy in the first sight. Many of
my students or customers have known about my services for a while, even a
month or half a year or two years. I just have like someone for two years, and they needed some time to be ready to become a paying customer. And that’s
alright, you can just retarget them later with some valuable content to share, and you can do it very smoothly. You can reach out personally, you can do it automatically – it’s way better than having it on a
phone call or an email. And my last point is that you can have a smooth
transition to convert them to buyers. Once you, or your bot feels that they are ready to buy, or you just monitor the conversation, you
can ask them directly to purchase right in the bot. And this closing sequence
could be already enough to make the sale. Now let’s jump to the second point today.
I want to show you exactly how fast and easily you can just jump on board and
create awesome chatbots. Ready? When I started to build bots I didn’t have the knowledge that I have right now, and I always started from scratch. Partly because I didn’t have the tools, and also not the knowledge. So now what I
suggest for everyone, and I do it with my own templates and provide for my
students, is to start with templates and existing structures, so you can have the
same value for your client, but doing less work. So let’s take a
quick example what I have here as a restaurant demo bot. Basically you can
use this template and just reuse it for different restaurants as well, because
typically every business, such as restaurants, get the same questions asked: about their locations, about their open times, about their directions, phone
numbers, contact information, even like website, surprisingly. So now you can see
how it looks like in the menu, and what we have here is a Google’s artificial
intelligence to dial up flow, and we leverage that in this template as well.
So what I can do here is ask what’s your phone number, and it would provide me the
same answer, and what I also can ask – like “Can I call you?” or “Do I need to call you?” – something like that. So it would
understand and help the user automatically. And what you can do is
having all these questions built once or use my template, and just change the
answer, change the number change the address, change your website, for example. Surprisingly people ask that in chats, I didn’t know it
but I had to realize. So you can just change this and for every little
business you have, but the way people ask is the same, so what I want to do
here, and I actually already started it partly, is to take a look at our Activechat, and we will connect dialogue flow here, and what I want to do is build a
new bot – build a complete new bot. I actually already started. I named it
“Sushi bar” because this was a steak house, and, as you can see, I have just a few
intents here loaded, and I’ve already connected the page, so what we want to do
is just to go to the bot and change a few things here. So one of the
things we want to change is, for example, the website, and instead of the “example.com” let’s just go with something standard – “google.com”, and I click on the “Run”, and ditch the duplicated. About the contact, you can just
change the name to, let’s say “Some sushi bar”, and change the address to some X Y Street – as you wish. You can just change a few things here to come around, and another thing we want to change is, for example, the phone number. So let’s just
go with 123456789, and click on “Run”. So what I want to do here is to use these
template and this bot, and demo it to you. So I go back to this bot sharing
page. Now I have it connected and here’s the new page, so let’s take a look at
what it says. It should still say our “Sushi Steak House” because we haven’t changed that part. But if we ask about the address or the phone number, it should already have the updated version, so if I
click on “Call us” it’s not the updated version. What we want to do is just take
a quick look at what happened here. So I go here and check it again – did I click on
“Run”? And probably that will be enough to fix it, so let’s go back and see what
we’ve done. So, “Can I call you?” This should provide the updated number. So that was my mistake. and if you click on this you can see on the phone it could be loading as
well, and I believe we can just quickly test the website – “What’s your website?” Location – let’s ask for location,
because I believe we’ve changed that as well. So it’s the London location. So that’s it, basically – you can have the once properly
done template, you can reuse it all the time and sell it to different businesses,
so basically it’s less work for you, and you provide the same value to your
clients because they’re like “Wow, that’s amazing, so you can just ask randomly and
you put in the answer” – that’s how it works, that’s how I have it. And for my
students and for Bot Mastery 2.0 members there is more templates like this, more
structures that you can re-use, and I’m also going to go step-by-step on
the templates and show you how you can adjust them and create your own
templates, and also how you can sell them, so you have a nice recurring income from
selling the chatbots. I want to share a case study video right
you know, and I think it will really inspire you to see what’s possible with
Messenger, so without further ado, let’s dive into it. Hey everyone, let me
introduce you to Tom. He is one of our students, and he has some fantastic
success now with Messenger marketing. So I would love to pick his mind up and
share with you his success, and without the further ado – Tom,
can you just say a couple of sentences about yourself, your business, and then I
will have a couple of questions for you. Okay, so what I do is I sell e-commerce
course on French markets with an automated webinar, and I’ve always
been doing the email – i mean standard landing page email funnel for that, until the day I realized that my my messenger list
was like 13 to 15 times more responsive than my email list. So then I started
thinking about moving to Messenger, and see what happens with that.
– Hold on: 13 to 15 times?
– Yes, I mean I would send an invitation to a big webinar
to 13,000 people on my email list at the time and I would get 250 registrants, maybe 300. And then it was the same message on Messenger to 1,000 people
only, and get exactly the same amount of registrants.
– It comes down to the attention, I guess.
I’m talking about all the time, people just check their phones
on Messenger and go with it. So you decided to move the complete
funnel to Messenger? Yes, that’s right, so everything: the follow-ups and pretty much the whole phone only even added meant some stuff,
and it was a good decision. I still have the the other funnel running on the side, but this one is like also when people have questions
and so they did type them directly in the Messenger chat, and I can reply to them.
It’s like so much more directed and responsive, and the
numbers are looking pretty good. There’s a Facebook Live,
and in the Facebook Live there is automatic registration for the webinar.
And then I I promote the Facebook Live with some Facebook Ads,
and then it just makes a funnel that generates money – all of the pile,
every single day.
– It’s amazing, so let’s recap: your main method is having a Facebook Live video. What are they talking there,
do you prompt the webinar, or how does that work?
– I give them some really cool content condensed for like 5 – 10 minutes,
but then if they want more content they need you to comment on the thing, and
when they comment they receive a Messenger sequence that eventually is
going to invite them to the webinar. I mean I push them to the webinar.
– Okay, so it’s an ever webinar. right, so it runs all the time. How do you structure that
with the bot, when do you decide when they are ready to register? You ask
them immediately, then you have a followup, or what’s happening after? – Instant access to to live replay.
it says “Okay, do you want to learn more?” And they say “Yes”.
“Okay, watch this” – and boom, they’re instantly on the replay, so they don’t
have to wait, it’s like instant webinar. – Okay, and what if they exit the webinar –
do you have any follow-ups there, or how does after the webinar sequence looks like?
– If they don’t buy, automatic follow says “Hey, maybe you miss the thing, maybe you only see some testimonials”, and there’s a good
sequence there – not too much, because I don’t want to annoy people.
– And I think what really comes good handed for you, and
also you said it, that the people message you there, so you’re there for them, like
if they have any questions, and it’s a little bit more intimate than in email,
right? So people are more likely to Message you.
– Yes, it’s a little bit difficult to follow because this is like automatic message being
sent, and then you here or there get questions, but but it’s
really easy to answer – just do voice message on your phone, real quick, and
they can hear you, just like “Oh, he’s responding to me, it’s crazy!”
But if it’s an email, you cannot do a voice message with email.
It’s completely different that way.
– Yeah, I know, I have a client and she does videos a lot of the time, and it’s so
personal, and it’s a big brand, and they’re like “Oh, I can’t believe you answer”,
and that makes those sales so much easier later on, it’s insane.
So what I wanted to ask is that, so just to have a look at the whole
funnel, so you have the Facebook video, you go live, you talk about something
valuable, and then you prompt them: “Okay, if you want to learn more, comment below, and you’ll get an invitation”, basically? – Yeah, lead magnet and invitations to webinar. – So you build your list that way?
– After they get their email – yeah their email, because that goes to my auto-responder too,
just in case.
– And isn’t there a conflict between the email and Messenger, or you
you saw that smoothly?
– Well, when they get registered, they can see the
instant webinar, but they also get followed by email, so there’s
never enough follow-ups, you know, so I’d rather just spam on email and Messenger
to make sure they see them. – Yeah, definitely, and and it’s a nice
combination to have both, because in Messenger there are some limitations,
and also what you said you don’t want to overrun them too much, but just the
right amount, and with the supplement of email which they probably are less likely to
open, but they’ll probably see it, and “Oh yeah, this guy I remember”- you have two channels at once, and can leverage that. – Yeah, I like the top of the inbox concept,
also send an email every day, just so they see my name every day, in the moment they’re ready to buy they choose me. – Sounds amazing. So what happens after they buy, is there any role with the Messenger bot there?
– Yeah, they get a welcome thing, for now it’s by email, but on the email I’m like “Hey, click here to to receive all
the news about the training”, and then they get added to Messenger Manychat sequence, I mean list where I can send this info just to the info via Messenger just to student – info about the program and some important stuff I want to tell them, so they are to get added
to a Messenger. – Yeah, and also you can segment them
out, so you don’t want to promote them again to buy the same thing, right?
– Yeah, absolutely, of course, it’s getting access, and removed from the main thing. – Yeah, so it sounds good. I think I would just only have another question here – it’s about the numbers. What numbers could you share
with us, if it’s possible, about costs, how much do you save by switching
to Messenger, compared to email? – Well, the attendance rate is way higher,
but the numbers, pure numbers I did – I got the numbers for my test
funnels two weeks or so in December, and from the test I promoted my Facebook
Lives for like 1000 euros or something, and I made 1000 euros back cash, so cash – I’ll write on cash and then on revenue, I made like 12000 euros, I think,
so in the next six months I’m gonna receive 12000 over the
next six months a black recurring income during every six
months, and of course this happens every month. And also now, in January,
I also generated some recurring revenue for months to go, so it just keeps
adding up.
– Yeah, I have the exact numbers, actually, and you had like 108 percent
ROI on the cash, so yeah, upon the 1000 ad spend and 2000 almost 400
cash generated, and on the revenue you had an insane 1149% ROI. It’s crazy! And you basically had like every
second people who subscribe to your bot as an attendee. So it’s also amazing – like
50% it did all the noise out there, I think. What was the percentage versus an email – we discussed it, it’s way better.
– I mean the percentage of people who…
– Yeah, who got on your email list, then also
attended the webinar? Like if you could do a cost, or like how many people
got your email list, but then didn’t attend the webinar, right?
– Oh yeah, the attendance rate super high, cost per lead is I guess two or three
times lower than when I was doing that regular, so it’s just very cheap, it’s amazing. – What would you suggest to other people
who are thinking about Messenger marketing, is it real, is it?
I mean I kind of know the answer now, but just some of your thoughts, because
maybe you had some objections by jumping on it and moving it.
– I was listening to a friend, and he said “Tom, landing pages an email – it’s been working forever,
people are used to buying with this, just continue with this, you don’t need to try
new stuff”. Good, I don’t know. Then he calls my number in Messenger and says “Seems
to be working”. But then at the same time I was like “Ah, I don’t have time to build the whole bot”, like “Um, I’m too lazy, whatever”. But then another friend
was like “Hey Tom, I’m starting with this bot Messenger thing for the webinar”.
A mission “Do it”. And I’m like “Okay, I’ll do it. My friend is doing, I’ll do it too”.
And of course that’s the best best thing to do for me, when there’s a trend you catch it, and if you don’t catch it then you’re out. Adios is the French word for when you lose the game, you don’t catch the train.
– Yeah, and so the train is now and everywhere.
I’ve talked with people, they got the same results or
feedback, so I think there’s still a good time, Rome, till we get like
these insane results, and we got solid results after that.
– Yeah, now it’s the new rush, it’s the gold rush, I guess, and it may be in five
years or so there’s gonna be something new, but now now this is the fit to
implement future.
– Yeah, well, thank you very much for for your time,
and I know you have an amazing lifestyle and are enjoying the benefits of the systems you built and automation, so I know you could probably stay a little bit, but we
we have a limited amount of time and we want to do whatever fun stuffs.
– Thanks for having me today, thanks for what you provide, that’s really awesome.
– Yeah, I will keep working on it and making the course better, so let’s do comment.
Voice integrations are coming soon so stay also student for that. I know you
like voice, so maybe in the French market it could work well with your…
– Yeah, it should, yeah!
– Alright, awesome, thank you very much!
– In the next video I’m going to show you exactly what’s included in Bot Mastery 2.0, and also
going to show you what I like to call a chat bot agency blueprint. I will show
you exactly how all the different parts of the puzzle will come together. so you
can master and sell chatbots in no time. Also make sure to mark the date in your
calendar. So Bot Mastery 2.0 is going to launch on the 18th of March, and a day
before it goes to the public, the early-bird waiting lists will get registration
link, so make sure that you are on the early-bird waiting list – you can just
comment below or click on the link, and you just need to enter your email
address, and even finish the registration in Messenger.
And if you are on this list, you will get an early access to the program.
And as I’m spending individual time with each student, I limit the number of students
that I can work together at one time, so I’m going to limit the
number of the people that can join the course. So make sure that you’re on this list, because that’s your best bet to get a spot. Having said that, there is just
one thing to do right now – just comment below what did you like about this video, what do you think excited you, or you have plans with Messenger marketing. Thank you very much for watching this, and let’s see you
in the next video!

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