1SEO I.T. Support & Digital Marketing Client Testimonial – Eric Slifkin

My name is Eric Slifkin I’m the owner of
guaranteed plumbing and heating. I’ve been working with 1seo.com approximately nine years. 1SEO developed my website and perfected my website. I would recommend them because they get results. I mean, that’s the bottom line they get results
they do it in a way that no one else can do it. 1SEO has helped me take my
business to another level. I’ve noticed my phone’s ringing constantly. There’s
been a large boost in our sales. 1SEO has just made things easier. It’s one
thing less I have to really worry about when it comes to advertising. 1SEO is
just they’re just a machine, that is a lead producing machine. We just keep we
just keep feeding the beast is what I kind of tend to say and keep these guys
going and the phones keep ringing and we just keep you know selling work and we
just keep doing what we do best. My ROI, my return on my investment is I
shouldn’t say this he’s not charging me enough I make so much money on top of
what he charges me that it’s a no-brainer I mean really when you think
about it it’s a no-brainer. I would rate the customer service at 1SEO and 11 beyond 10 they go over and above. I won’t tell my competitors
because they could put me out of business
so I don’t want to tell my competitors but any HVAC guys, carpenters,
electricians, any trade as long as they’re not plumbers I’ll praise Lance.
Well I’ve referred people to 1seo.com and they’ve had positive experiences
with 1seo.com. I would go to bat for them no matter what I mean I preach
for the things that I believe in and it works that’s the key it works I’m living
proof that what 1seo.com does works it’s improved my business to no end.

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