2 months away from Iowa, Democratic race is still in flux

JOHN YANG: There are twists, turns, two in
and two out, with two months to go until the first votes. Yamiche Alcindor brings us up to speed on
the race to the race House. YAMICHE ALCINDOR: This is a Democratic field
in flux. Candidates on the rise are shoring up weaknesses. PETE BUTTIGIEG (D), Presidential Candidate:
Mass incarceration must end. It’s that simple. YAMICHE ALCINDOR: Candidates whose campaigns
are lagging are looking for a second wind. SEN. KAMALA HARRIS (D-CA), Presidential Candidate:
And what are the challenges for you as a small business owner? YAMICHE ALCINDOR: And still other candidates
are dropping out entirely. Today, it was Montana Governor Steve Bullock
who left the race. He said in a statement — quote — “It has
become clear that, in this moment, I won’t be able to break through to the top tier.” Yesterday, it was former Pennsylvania Congressman
Joe Sestak, a retired rear admiral. Despite walking the width of New Hampshire
to try and boost name recognition, he failed to find national support. PETE BUTTIGIEG: We have seen Americans pitted
against each other. YAMICHE ALCINDOR: South Bend, Indiana, Mayor
Pete Buttigieg hoped to build on his strong standing in Iowa with a weekend church visit
in North Carolina with the Reverend William Barber. PETE BUTTIGIEG: The hope of an American experience. YAMICHE ALCINDOR: Today, he announced a new
TV ad aimed at boosting South Carolina support. PETE BUTTIGIEG: When I say we have got to
unify the American people, it doesn’t mean pretending that we’re all the same. It means unifying around issues from wages
and family leave to gun violence and immigration. YAMICHE ALCINDOR: Former Vice President Joe
Biden spent the holiday weekend in Iowa, where his support has been losing steam. He also kicked off what he has dubbed the
No Malarkey Bus Tour. He stressed his number one priority, defeating
President Trump. JOSEPH BIDEN (D), Presidential Candidate:
It’s aptly named. The reason we named it No Malarkey is because
the other guy’s all lies. And so we just want to make sure there’s a
contrast in what we’re talking about here. YAMICHE ALCINDOR: The Hawkeye State is also
key for California Senator Kamala Harris. During the holiday shopping weekend, she spoke
with small business owners. Yet she is still dealing with the aftermath
of a damning New York Times report on the state of her campaign. The story quoted one former campaign aide
as saying: “I have never seen an organization treat its staff so poorly.” Meanwhile, a new campaign ad from Minnesota
Senator Amy Klobuchar will also be targeting Iowans with a heavy emphasis on health care. SEN. AMY KLOBUCHAR (D-MN), Presidential Candidate:
Why do drug companies make billions of dollars getting people hooked on opioids? The big pharmaceutical companies, they think
they own Washington. YAMICHE ALCINDOR: And Iowa was a focus, too,
for New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, who said this on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” SEN. CORY BOOKER (D-NJ), Presidential Candidate:
We see my favorability is now number three in net favorability in Iowa. So it’s working. It’s not translating to people choosing me
in the polls. YAMICHE ALCINDOR: The tenor was different
at a weekend Iowa stop for Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. An attendee questioned whether she ever felt
not accepted by someone she looked up to. Warren responded with a personal story: how
she told her mother that her first marriage was ending. SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN (D-MA), Presidential Candidate:
I heard the disappointment in her voice. I knew how she felt about it. But I also know it was the right thing to
do. And, sometimes, you just got to do what’s
right inside. YAMICHE ALCINDOR: A quiet, deeply personal
moment, even in the rush to the state’s first-in-the-nation caucuses just two months away.

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