2020 DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY for startups and beginners

So you have a new website a new business started and you don’t know what to do next. You’re confused what to do with your marketing. What’s the strategy? How are you going to get more sales? So in this video, I’m going to share with you some tips for you to really take your business to the next level. Hey guys, it’s Linh Podetti here. And welcome to my channel. On this channel, my goal is to help you achieve time and financial freedom. Now, if you’re new to this channel, don’t forget to subscribe so that you get a notification every single week when I release my video. Okay, so like you back in 2009 was when I first started my e-commerce business. I had no idea about marketing or sales or business in general. But I was so proud that I built up a website Well, not me technically. I hired a web developer to build me a website. I had the product all lined up. It was a nail polish product where I turned my second bedroom into this production line and got all these products out. So I thought I was ready to go in terms of products are ready, the website’s ready and customers were going to come. But there was no customers. It was just a website. And that was when I discovered that I needed to learn online marketing. So the gullible me thought that once I have a website, people are going to find me. But I didn’t realize that my website was amongst millions or billions of websites that are on Google. And so how is it that people will be able to find me? And so I had to learn something called SEO, which is search engine optimization. Of course, I had no idea how to do it. So I hired an overseas person to do it for me. So you can find people on places like Upwork Fiverr, these platforms where they bring you in with affordable contractors from overseas to do specific tasks for you. And then I realized that SEO or search engine optimization will take a bit longer because It’s like you need to do all these the link building and content and everything for Google to sort of eventually feel that you’re a trusted site and a popular site, and then they’ll start ranking you on page one. So that was going to be a longer strategy. And so then I ended up having to learn that I needed something called Google AdWords. So the big thing about Google AdWords is that if you pay Google money, they will get your page, shown to people who are searching for those keywords. So straight away, you can get into business right? You can get people watching or finding your website, rather than waiting for your website to be found. And so I do recommend that if you do have a budget, have money for it, then you should actually look into Google AdWords. But before you get into all these tactics, let me bring you back to what you really need to know first. Okay, so first of all, what I realized that I made a mistake in was that I didn’t really have the foundation for my business, right? Like I didn’t know who my client tell us I didn’t know how I was different to other people, I didn’t know how I was actually solving a problem, or how my service or my product was any different, or be able to solve a problem that I was can’t. So you really need to go back to the fundamentals. So you started a business. And if you’re like me, where you just started, and not really knowing why you started and what it was all about, and just got a website up, now, it’s not too late to go back into square one, in a sense, analyze what your product is all about, or what the services about. So what I mean by that is doing competitor analysis. Doing a avatar like who is your client? Like, imagine what would they be like, right? So if I had my nail polish business again, I would go Okay, it’s women from this age, that age, and why would they like my product? Or they they care about the Australian brand relevant overseas brand, so I need to really analyze like, how am I different so I could actually showcase it on my website, and then I, I really would have needed to come up with other service or product or offerings to include in my product, so that people can’t get it elsewhere, right. And so the my first business failed, and I sold it to someone else because I just could sell it. But it wasn’t because of the strategy. It wasn’t because I wasn’t on Google, SEO or ads or Facebook, it was more that my business was not different. Was not standing out was, there was nothing special about it. And so I encourage you to really go back, analyzing your business and make it special. How you do that is you think about what is the problem that someone may have? How can I can find this product maybe with other products or with my expertise in other areas to make it so different that other people know that they can only get it from you or they rather get it from you than someone else, right? So you need to get the strategy right and understand your audience, understand who’s buying from you, so that you could really speak to them, really offer the right thing to the audience. Okay, so now, imagine that you figure it out. And you’ve got a great product and great service now you fix up your website, and you’re ready to go out to market again, y0eah? So I’ve already mentioned the two things, which is Google ads and SEO. But there are so many other strategies, such as social media, paying for Facebook ads, email marketing, building a
list, building email, so that you could then market to them. But the whole point is that if you’re new to this, it’s going to take you a lot longer to really learn and understand and to do it, right. If I could turn back time, I really wish that I would hire an agency than rather trying to do it myself. Because I didn’t really know what I was doing. So although I thought I was paying cheap for the resources, but the resources were not following the right strategy, or I didn’t really know what was right for my business. So I spent more time I spent more money in the long run, I didn’t even get the results. So I really encourage you to rather pay for the right results. Then trying to figure everything out yourself. But just because you’re paying for somebody does not mean that you don’t want Learn about it. So it’s always wise to actually learn. So I got myself learning about what SEO is all about or what AdWords about, and what everything that I needed to do for my marketing, I learned about it. And so it’s important you learn because then you actually know how to communicate with your agency or the providers that you’re using to help you grow your marketing. Now, another tip I have for you is consider hiring a business coach, someone that’s experienced in marketing or business, who can guide you and put you in the right direction. I was trying to save money and I didn’t really pay for any mentor or business coach back then. And it was just a longer journey. It was confusing. It was scary. It was sad because you’re on your own. But nowadays, I’m always paying for advice. And I wish I did it early. I wish I valued that because I was always thinking about saving money, but I didn’t realize that by saving money, I wasn’t getting the result and I was losing a lot of money in the end. So you paying for the right advice from the right people who’s done it and successful, then you’re going to just really save in the long run and you will be the faster results. Now a tip I have for you in trying to find great providers, whether you’re looking for someone to actually execute the marketing or a coach or someone, you can actually look into groups such as the group of Like-Minded Bitches Drinking Wine, there is other Sydney entrepreneur group or whatever entrepreneur group Facebook groups within your area, you’ll find that this community of people that might be really talented, but they just starting out as well, but they know their stuff in certain areas. So then you can actually find more affordable resources, you actually know what they’re doing. Because if you google search for resources, then you’re going to find companies that are more expensive, more established that you might not be able to afford, but it’s always wise to look within your own contacts and community group to get recommendations for Hey, do you know someone that can provide great SEO and it might be someone that’s quite fresh, but they’ve been working in the SEO department for a long time for an agency. They’re starting out, then they’re more affordable that they still have that knowledge. And of course, there are programs and courses, online workshops and offline workshops that you can actually attend. So there is just so many so much information out there that you can find. But I think I would want to summarize in three things. One is paying for the right advice. Finding a coach, finding that someone to direct you in the right direction. Second, is investing in more time. To learn to still do these programs and courses that you know, what you need done. It’s really about, being the manager, director, learning knowing what you’re hiring and knowing what you’re doing. But you don’t actually, execute or be in your business too much. Because the problem when you try to learn how to let’s say, you think that you should learn how to build a website, and then you go and build your website, you’re not gonna really need that skill to actually grow the business because it’s just one of those things where it’s just it’s done, but it doesn’t grow your business. So you don’t need to invest all that time to learn how to build a website and then go and build it. You just need to know what a website is about, what needs to be included in the website so that it is optimized so that it brings in client, but it’s not learning how to code because you’re just gonna waste more time resource and time and money. Now, even with learning about SEO, it’s not really about learning and then try to do everything yourself. Because when you try to do everything yourself, and you think you’re saving money, like I said, You’re wasting time you’re not doing it well as someone who’s more experienced. And then it doesn’t, it doesn’t give you enough time left to actually work on your business or to grow it. And finally, if you are running a service business then I do have another video, that is for business startups who have a service business, and I’ve given you tips on how to actually go out there and get your clients so it includes going to networking event going on social media, so I think it will be very useful for you to watch that other video. Now over the years I’ve been self teaching myself about business and marketing and I’ve successfully ran an agency as well as now running a recruitment company that helps people hire
marketing software from overseas. So I know a thing or two about marketing. And I realized that I really do want to provide that support to my viewers or the audience is watching this. Because people contact me and say, Hey, I really like what you say. And I need advice on how to grow my business or how to achieve time and financial freedom. And so I’m actually planning to launch my own mentoring program. So I’m going to come up with a program that’s affordable, but that is valuable that I will be able to actually coach you as a group and provide you my personal direct insight into how you actually can, take my video advice to the next level. So if you are interested in this program, then please follow the link in the description below. I will have a link there where you can actually go into my waiting list so that you will get early bird discount and specials for when I actually launched that mentoring program. So like I said, the mentoring program is you being able to access to me directly. I’m going to coach you, I’m going to share Everything that I know about how to succeed in life and business. So if you are interested then go to the link below and enter your email so that I’ll let you know when the program is out. So that’s it for now guys, thank you so much for watching and for joining me on my channel. Now if you haven’t subscribed, please do so that you will be notified next week when my videos out. And of course, I always welcome you to share with me any questions or challenges that you might have, so that I could turn it into a video and, help you and help everyone else as well. So, feel free to comment below and share with us. Now my question for you is, What is the biggest challenges you have in your business right now? Or if you haven’t got a business, what is stopping you from starting your business? What is that challenge? love to hear from you. Thanks again, and we’ll see you next week. Bye.

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