3 Reasons To Invest In B2B Marketing

Thank you so much for tuning
in to B2B Marketing and more. This is a place I want
to help you to become a better B2B marketer. I share my templates,
know how and experience to help you think strategically
and to do your job better. Hopefully by doing that you can climb the corporate ladder faster. Today, I want to talk about or answer one specific question. Why do companies need to
invest in B2B Marketing? In all my clients, senior
manager, very high level, I was like you know
why do I need to invest in B2B Marketing? I haven’t done any kind of
B2B Marketing in the past. I was doing pretty well. True. Many manufacturing
companies they were able to grow their revenue in the past 40 years Or before the digital internet, they were able to grow their revenue with very minimal or no marketing support. So they were like “you know what I have been able to do that
for long period of time so I should be able to continue.” Well, it can be true. Or it can’t. And it really depends. And the B2B Marketing
investment can be very expensive from time to time. Depends on what you are doing. There are three answers
or three reasons I share with a senior manager who ask
me this specific question. Number one, you need to
have digital presence and you need to be searchable. If people can’t find you,
especially your customers, they will go to your competitor. Having a website just
means you have a website. Having a digital presence,
that means people can actually find you, that
means you actually have relevant content that you
been constantly sharing on your website so you can
rank higher organically and you have a very
specific search strategy using a specific keywords and
to have a pay search strategy to drive traffic to your site. All that requires money. It’s not free. Having digital presence
and also being searchable is really critical in the digital era. The second reason I share
with the senior managers, you need to take control of how you want to educate your customers. Especially if your
products are complicated or change on regular basis. A lot of time your customer
needs to be educated, especially in a B2B side of things. And that is very important
that you create content or have certain kind of information
to educate the customers the way you want to educate them. You know, your competitors
may share information about you, its not necessarily correct. It’s very important that
for you to create content to refute that. Change the potential
prospect’s point of view about your product. One of the way to do that
is content marketing. Again, that’s investing in B2B Marketing. Not free. Then the third reason I share
with the senior manager is go where your buyers go. So in the past, the good old days, the sales people they went to conferences and the prospects, they also
attended the conferences. That’s where they met and they talked. And they built a relationship from there. Now people still attend conferences, but before they attend conferences they are usually online
doing a bunch of research about the products they
are thinking about buying or the potential issues that they have and they want to solve. So you need to go where the buyers go, especially in the digital community. You need to do some research
about your target audience, find out where they usually go. And then be there for them. So here are three reasons
I share with my clients, especially the very senior managers why they need to invest in B2B Marketing. Number one, have a digital
presence and to be searchable. Number two, take control
of how you want to educate your customers and the prospects. Number three, go where your buyers go. I am sure there are many, many reasons you can share with me why
companies should invest in B2B Marketing. Well, send your comments to me or share it below. Subscribe if you like the content and I would love to hear from you. If you have any specific
questions, reach out to me anytime. I will see you next week. Thanks a lot.

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