3 Requirements for Marketing Success in The Connection Economy + Better Learning Through Acronyms

Hi, my name is Jon Leland and I’m a
digital marketing strategist and I’m here with another weekly digital
marketing Power Briefing. This week talking about three essential, really
kind of requirements, for success in the Connection Economy. I’m having a little
fun with the three connection ingredients or requirements, I’m calling
it “acronym mania” because in order to make them more memorable I’ve got an
acronym for each one. The first one is MTRB. And MTRB stands for “multi-touch
relationship building.” It’s kind of amazing to me how many people think
about marketing in kind of a one-and-done way. Almost like the old
days when you would print a brochure and think that your marketing kind of had
been done or people carry that forward into websites being, you know, produced or “oh, I have a Facebook page” now I’m doing social media. It is not at all like that,
its multi touches can be email, can be Facebook ads, can be social media posts,
YouTube videos, whatever it is you’re doing, do more of it. And make it you know multi touches because people are not going to do business with you, people are
not going to believe you, if you’re only doing one thing every once in a while.
And that really leads us to the second acronym which is AV + C=T so
this one is really near and dear to my heart because AV is “Authentic Value.” And it authentic value if you’re not offering something that really kind of
illustrates what it is you have to offer, what you’re authentic true expertise is,
you know, why people would want to do business because you really have
something to offer. Then you’re not really making a difference because you
really need to demonstrate first and foremost that authentic value. Then the
second, “C” is Consistency and this has been a big lesson for me this is number
seven of my weekly video series and I have to tell you the consistency of
doing it every week, not only makes a difference to the audience and the
viewer because you see me, multi touches you see me on and on
basis. But it has kind of shifted my own presence and my own kind of confidence
of I have stuff to share that I do think is authentically valuable but the weekly
consistency at a minimum I think makes a huge difference. And then the bottom line
the kind of the Holy Grail if you will, in the Connection Economy is trust so if
you offer authentic value on a consistent basis that equals trust and
that really is a key ingredient of being successful in the Connection Economy.
Thirdly, and this is kind of the most fun one is BWTTS and that stands for “Be
Willing To Try Stuff.” One of my earlier weekly videos was about “Experimentation” and this is the same point again which is that you need to be willing to try
stuff, you need to be willing to experiment, play, be creative, be original,
but be original in your own way. I really like this saying, I think it’s a book
title, “Be yourself because everybody else is taken.” And that you know applies to
brands as well as to individuals. So, when you do a multi-touch approach and lead
with authentic value on a consistent basis, you build trust and then when you
do that in a playful experimental way and you, you try things to find out what
works, right? Some things do work, some things don’t work and that’s fine. that’s
par for the course, you’ve got to be out there playing, be willing to try stuff.
Those are three big key ingredients that I think may really make a difference if
you’re interested in expanding your online visibility. As usual, thank you
very much for watching. I really appreciate your attention and I do look
forward to hearing from you, any comments or feedback are more than welcome. Thanks again, see you next week!

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