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– Hey, guys. Clem from Honey Bee Social. Today, let’s talk about
the five big benefits of content marketing. Now, these are my top
five, it doesn’t mean that they are the only
benefits of content marketing, and every marketer has got
a different top five list. Mine, actually, kind of coincide
with each other as well. When I say these top five,
I think that these are the top five reasons for content marketing for a small business, in general. You might have a bunch of other ones, and I would love to hear
what your reasons are. You can put a comment in the
video, just underneath here, and we can happily have a discussion about the benefits of content marketing. I would love to hear from
some of you about it. Let’s get into it. Number one, content helps
put eyes on your business. What I mean by that is that if you have that one content idea and you
have it in different forms across your channels, you are
going to get different eyes and different types of audiences, and different prospective clients. For example, you have
your blog on your website, and you’ve broken that down into a couple of social media posts
that you’ve put up online, and then you’ve got a video,
and you might have snippets of that video, as well, that
you’ve put on Vimeo or YouTube. Then you have an infographic
that you’ve emailed to your existing email database. You’ve put eyes on your
business, the ones that are searching or researching
about your product or service. You’ve put their eyes on
your blog article via search. You’ve put your Facebook
fans and followers and their friends, if
they commented on it, onto your social posts
showing that authority, and then you had it on YouTube. So, people, again, are
researching products or services, and they might go onto
YouTube to learn that way. Then you have your email database, so you’re re-engaging
your potential customers and your existing customers. Content puts eyes on your small business. Number two, content drives conversions. Consistent content posting can
drive to six times the amount of conversions compared to
if you did no content posting at all and just did ads, or
you were very inconsistent. For a small business, content
marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to
market your business. It doesn’t cost much at
all to put a blog article up on your website. Social media is an earned
channel, but, again, you don’t have to pay every
time you put a post up, which is great. If you are consistent in your posting, and you make that pattern,
you make that effort to always be putting
something on to your website, or driving that traffic to your website, you’re going to drive those conversions. Marketing is very much a long game, and content marketing is
just part of that long game, but the more consistent you are, the better chance you have
of growing that following, and growing your ranking
within Google search as well, and putting those eyes onto your business, and driving those conversions. Number three then, content
helps educate your customers. Knowledge is the most
priceless thing that we have, and to be able to give
that to your customers is giving them extra value
that they may not have realised that they could get. You would end up building that trust by becoming that educator
to your audience. Being able to educate your customers, and not just new customers
that you’re trying to target, but also your existing
customers that you have had and that you created that relationship, just reinforces that
trust in the relationship that you have with them, and
that drives more conversions. It drives more word of mouth. It puts more eyes on your business. Number four, content
that is on the internet stays on the internet, and
that’s a good thing, usually. What I mean by that is, if
you have a blog article, for example, and you keep
that on your website, the longer that it sits on your website, the more Google likes it,
because they do look at age, and then it also drives more
traffic to your website. So, again, it’s creating that long game. The longer you’re in the game, the more consistent that
you are with posting, the higher you’re
rankings are going to be, the more eyes you’ll
end up on your business, and the more conversions
that you will get. Number five, content
marketing makes you look good. It makes you look like an
expert in your industry. You being able to share that
knowledge with your customers, and showing them that
you are the authority in your particular product or service, is really good because
it builds that trust, and then people are going to go, “This person knows their stuff. “I’m going to go with
them instead of the one “that keeps going, ‘I can do
this for you really cheap.'” A lot of people nowadays,
they’re not just going for the cheapest price,
they’re doing their research. They want that quality. They want to know that
they are in good hands when they go with a service
provider or purchase a product. The best way to do that
is to look like an expert. Top five, content helps
put eyes on your business, it drives conversions, it
helps educate your customers, and what the content is on the internet stays on the internet,
which drives traffic, and also, it makes you
look like an expert. If you have any questions,
or you’ve got any comments, or you want to just have a chat, feel free to write a comment
in the video underneath,. or send me an email at
[email protected] You can also follow me on
Facebook @honeybeesocial, or on Instagram @honeybeesocial_au. Talk to you soon. – Have questions or need more information, head to honeybeesocial.com.au.

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