5 Tips For Promoting Your Drone Business Or Aviation Company

Hello, my name is Ben Lovegrove and in this
video I’m going to give you five tips for promoting your airborne business in 2018. I have a fixed wing PPL and experience of
unmanned aviation too, having owned an aerial photography company. Aviation, manned or unmanned,
is a fascinating industry and I’d like to help you to thrive within it. This video was created in early January when
people are returning to work and thinking about the year ahead. What are your plans
and ambitions for this year? What are you going to do differently in the
next twelve months to make your business succeed and to help fulfil all your cherished visions
of success? One thing is for sure, if you keep doing the
same things as last year you’re going to get the same results. So if those results fall
short of what you had in mind then it’s time to change your approach. So my first tip is one that is more important
than all the others put together. This is the one that all those business gurus keep
banging on about and for good reason. The first tip is this: Spend at least 90 minutes a day on marketing. Why? Because no matter how busy you think
you are, no matter how many invoices you sent out or money you banked, if you don’t have
more customers in the pipeline then your business will run out of fuel. Customers are the fuel in your tanks and the
power in your batteries. Even if you’ve got plenty of work lined up don’t be complacent.
A customer’s plans and budget can change very quickly and what seemed like a definite order
last week can be cancelled the next. And we all know what effect the weather can
have on any type of aviation business. If you need help with marketing then check
out my site, www.redspan.com. I can make narrated infomerical or advertorial videos in the format
you’re watching now, and I can provide you with short promotional video clips to draw
attention in social media and on websites. Watch this clip coming up and imagine what
your video would look like. Visit www.redspan.com for more examples and
to read testimonials from my clients. Speaking of social media, here’s my next tip. Stop wasting time on it. Yes, I know, social media is useful in business
but how much time do you spend aimlessly scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds
each week? How many YouTube videos do you watch which give you no useful information
and are just a way of killing time? Are you kidding yourself that you’re ‘researching’? We’ve all done it but time is your most precious
commodity. Rich or poor, young or old, none of us can create more time. All we can do
is spend what time we have more wisely. Focus and concentrate. Put a reminder up next
to your screen that motivates you to get on with the priorities. The same goes for the news. I used to be in
the habit of scrolling through two news sites each morning, telling myself that ‘it’s important
to know what’s going on in the world’. Is it? Really? Before I knew it I’d spent 30 minutes achieving
nothing except a sense of bewilderment and sometimes despair at the state of the world
and the people in it. Go on a news diet and spend the time doing
something useful, like exercising, meditating, or working on your business. If you do want to make the world a better
place then it starts with you, yourself, and your life. My third tip is this; stick to what you’re
good at and outsource anything else. It can be tempting to try to learn how to
do everything, even if you’ve got staff and could do it all in-house. But sometimes it’s wiser to outsource the
task and spend the time doing something more productive. Take content writing for example. Perhaps
you’ve noticed your website needs fresh articles. You can write some yourself (costs nothing
but takes up your time) or you can hire someone to write them for you (costs money but saves
time). If you’re a confident and quick writer then
get to work but if you struggle and end up staring out of the window then perhaps you
should just hire a content writer. My fourth tip is; create a 12 month marketing
plan. The year stretches out before you and dates
for certain seasonal events are already set. Think about how people respond to the changing
seasons and what effect it has on their spending habits. Plan your marketing so that you take full
advantage of seasons, weather, public and school holidays, and annual events. As each season or date in the calendar approaches
make sure you have your promotional material ready well in advance so that there are no
last minute panics. Get your Easter advertising booked in February
or March. Things can slow down in August as people take summer holidays, so contact decision
makers earlier. Have you Halloween images ready in September, and so on. My fifth and final tip for this video is; Find the balance. Success is great but happiness is even better.
By all means strive for success but don’t forget to spend some of your time on taking
care of yourself, with nourishment, exercise, rest, relaxation, and recreation. Spend time with your friends and family. If you think about it, all these tips can
be distilled down to one thing; being really efficient at managing your time and the focus
of your attention throughout. Thanks for watching. If you would like to
contact me with questions or comments then you can… ..call: +44 (0)1329 286169
..email: [email protected] I hope you found something of interest in
this video. Please give it a like and leave a comment below.

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