+80% di fatturato grazie al web marketing! [Videoreferenza di Emil Traforetti: Futurhouse Srl]

My name is Emil Traforetti and I represent
two companies: Traforetti srl which deals in particular with
hydraulic systems, and the company Futurhouse which deals with turnkey projects: renovates properties and delivers them finished to clients. We decided to start with web marketing almost 4 years ago, we had excellent and
unexpected results, including also an increase in the sales volume of +80% and I must admit that we were really impressed by the goal which can be obtained thanks to this kind of promotion. I want to say that we are fully satisfied
with the results, I can guarantee that we really got a lot of satisfactions as we had the best results with the minimum effort. Prima Posizione is a company that is present helps you, and participates, gives immediate answers to customers’ questions and today is so pleasant to work with
this kind of company, we are really grateful for this.

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