A Campaign of Ideas | Andrew Yang for President

Over the last number of years we have automated away 4
million manufacturing jobs in Pennslyvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Iowa. All states that were swing
states and competitive and all states that went
to Donald Trump. So that’s the state
we’re in right now and unfortunately, I’m
here to say things are going to get
much, much worse. What we did to the
manufacturing workers, we’re about to do to
retail workers, call center workers, fast food workers, truck drivers, and on and on through the economy. The only thing I worry about
is that some total unknown that nobody ever
heard of comes along. Then there’s Andrew Yang. Andrew Yang, entrepreneur
and author of the War on Normal People. Andrew… you’re running for President. Yes. Yes, I am. So we’re in the third
or fourth inning of the greatest techological
and economic shift in human history. He’s looking at what’s happening
in tech and automation and AI, and he says, this is
going to be catastrophic if we don’t figure out
how to deal with it, and he thinks UBI
is the solution. Every American gets
$1,000 a month I’ve never seen
shareholders get upset when a company
declares a dividend. This is a dividend
for the American people. We are the richest,
most advanced society in the history of mankind. He’s really been campaigning
on a platform of ideas, and it’s been fascinating to
watch how that has taken off, and I think that
kind of candidate really could make headway. I’m Andrew Yang. I’m a serial entrepreneur. I’m not a politician. I’m a problem solver. Some people call me a futurist,
and I say I’m a ‘presentist’. It’s just that the
other politicians are stuck in the past. Right now, 57% of Americans can’t afford an
unexpected $500 bill. What happens when you put
$1,000 a month in their hands? Where does that money go? They’re going to
spend it, right? In their local community. Instead of GDP, we should be
measuring childhood education rates, average income,
mental health and freedom from substance abuse,
environmental sustainability, the proportion of our
elderly who can retire in quality circumstances. If we change the measurements,
we can change everything. We spend twice as much as
other industrialized countries on our health care
than other countries because our system rewards
activity and not healthfulness, and as President, I will move
us towards Medicare for All, and get the incentives right. [CHEERING] Washington DC is
not a town of leaders, it’s a town of followers. We need to create a wave in
the rest of the country, and bring that wave crashing
down on their heads. And I’m here tonight to ask you will you create that
wave with me? Yes! Together, we can build
a new economy that prioritizes human beings, and we can take this disaster
of a presidency and swing it
the other direction. We have to have our own vision
and have the courage to say, “If we invest in ourselves,
then we will all win.” Please welcome Please welcome to the stage The next President of the United States Andrew Yang.

100 thoughts on “A Campaign of Ideas | Andrew Yang for President

  1. He is so perfect for this. Finally someone who isn there just to demonize the other side but someone who wants to find a common solution for all of humanity.

  2. Asian spy trying to get into our presidential office. Watch Alex Jones people. RISE UP! SEE CLEARLY! The government is oppressing the American people and withholding information.

  3. So because a company makes money you are going to steal that money to pay for this UBI. They deserve this money why? They are not working. The entitlement is disgusting.

  4. You require absolute stupidity from your supporters. Fortunately for you, you seem to be getting it.

    Your views on automation are retarded. What you say may come to pass some day, but your 4 million jobs lost is utter bullshit. Automation, at this point, HAS NOT COST NET JOBS. IT HAS ADDED JOBS.

  5. just saw this ad this morning: Senior IT Business Analyst – Bakery Automation

    Hostess Brands | Kansas City, KS more jobs being lost to automation

  6. Andrew Yang is running a truly purpose driven campaign that’s based entirely on bettering humanity for all Americans. I’ve never been more inspired about a candidate. #YANG2020

  7. So help me understand something. Automation is definitely a threat. However in many of those states where you showed empty buildings it was due to outrageous regulation and taxes and drove those companies clean out of the country. How are you going to bring those jobs back? This UBI you have proposed, are we taxed on it? Doesn't make any sense to give us a piece of cake only to take some bites. The tax code really needs to be simplified and stream lined. What is your proposal?

  8. That $1000 a month only exceeds my tax liability by about 30%, annually. Logically. It's not much beyond the hopelessly complicated set of deductions for middle Americans as they currently stand. And many of you pay a lot more than I do.

  9. Redistribution of wealth from the profitable companies to the proletariat.
    State funding of the Press.
    Each person scored according to their value to the government (society).
    At last someone who will challenge the old system.
    Marxist-Leninism in the U.S.A.

  10. Andrew is awakening political activity in reasonable people who had always been labeled by the mainstream as "apolitical". Most human beings are not apollitical. They are just waiting for the right kind of leader to come along. Andrew Yang's 'not left, not right, forward' messaging (which is selfless, since it's not exactly the sort of phrase that will endear one to any veteran party member) will hit home for millions overlooked for decades by the two major parties whose main raison d'être seems to be mindless partisan growling.

  11. People are sooo worried about what other people will do with the UBI, but it doesn't matter. What matters is what will YOU do with your UBI? If YOU decided to get liquor or cigarettes with it, that's fine. That's on you. I will use mine to help pay off my mortgage a little faster.

  12. His trickle-up economy empowered by freedom dividend will solve a lot of social problems facing us today and beyond.
    Current economic system makes many people falling into desperate situations and the cost can't be calculated.

  13. Leon cooperman on CNBC mentioned his financial services industry is about to lose 40% of jobs due to automation. The hosts tried to change the subject

  14. My presidential predictions have been 100% correct since President Ronald Reagan – If Yang climbs to the top tier by the July Debate, he then becomes our President in 2020.

  15. Gold has high value because there is very little of it when you print that much money and put it in everybody's hands and everybody has it then where's the value The more money there is the less it is worth inflation will skyrocket As the American dollar tumbles

  16. Donald Trump is a huge divider. Americans your problem solver is Andrew Yang. Make him your president.

  17. If the dems learned anything from the last election, they need to recognize that trump blindsided them and also blindsided the republicans. Instead of correcting to adjust for this, as the republicans have, the dems kept their sure bet (so they thought) and became complacent in believing that a change agent could not beat the old standard. Well, here is another change agent, but this time he's on their side. I hope that they get the game plan right this time. They need to be willing to come out of their comfort zone and go where the river flows, and not be stubborn about sticking with what they think is the safe bet, in this case, Biden. They can't find comfort in polls and data that suggest that Trump is unpopular and will not be reelected. They would be making the same damn mistake.

  18. To the haters, why not him? Why not put us first before the politicians? Having lived in the DC area, politicians are completely disconnected with everyday struggling Americans. He's not conventional but he makes sense. Go Yang Go!

  19. ANDREW YANG — RICHARD OJEDA 2020. Time to put Trump's dick in the dirt and dare him to turn over.
    A wise businessman and a bad ass paratrooper combat veteran who made his way up through the ranks from Private to Major. Knuckle up, Trump! Here comes Yang and Ojeda!.

  20. A campaign based on old ideas ideas…. Thomas Paine ( author of 'Common Sense') put the idea forth of giving each person an income at 21 years old, 250 years age! Nothing more than a scheme to bribe taxpayers into voting for something they think they will get more out of than paying into. Of course, the non-taxpayer cares little, as they are getting a free ride no matter what. Eventually, the taxes rise and the free lunch is over.

    The next trick, up the sleeve is the promise then the results (after successful gravy train life in office is obtained) come out. The average taxpayer is means-tested right out of the very program they voted for. Every program ever voted sets a ridiculous lower end income level that only allows a select few to qualify.

    Lastly, the monthly payment scheme presented here has one other flaw. Explain how this scheme has not worked so well in the modern welfare system in the country. Just look around America and you will see the results of wealth transfer, the more free stuff you give, the less the individual builds a life of independence.

    What you are really doing is voting for a life of poverty across the board, with the sole except of the ruling class. Just look around the world and see the result of wealth transfer schemes and you see the grocery shelves bare ant the continued existence of the presidential palaces.

  21. https://youtu.be/mxD9Jn-r3ac his work founding Venture for America, where he was twice recognized by the white house.

  22. What’s the cost of administering the welfare and social assistance programs inUSA? This savings isn’t mentioned much. Researching the answer not clear as it ranges between 1-7%…….

  23. Andrew is the someone totally unknown that nobody ever heard of. I think Andrew and Donald debate will be a real entertainment. Let's keep Andrew around till the end !

  24. he cares about the economy, infrastructure, people, that should be enough to get you to donate and vote, he is proposing changes to our broken system !


  26. Wow…the ONLY thing that I agree with the orange baffoon was when he said that he’s afraid an unknown coming…oops too late – HE’S HERE – Andrew Yang 2020 👍👏👏👏

  27. Did someone hear Trump said at a rally: "The only thing
    I worry is someone totally unknow and noboby heard of come along"? Yang2020

  28. Amazon's annual revenue is not USD20 billion as Andrew Yang repeatedly said. Actually, Amazon's US sale revenue in 2018 was USD147 billion. Kindly be corrected.

  29. What the fuck is am not a politician thing mean ..You become a politician the first second or day you get into politics ..So stop this am not a politician nonsense ..

  30. If n when an Asian American decide to run for president of the US…he had done enough research n he knows he can do it. If Trump can do it…Andrew can do it 10 times better!!!

  31. Yang has no stand on illegal immigration or a border wall. The Democrats are not going to allow Yang to give money to the people…Democrats raise taxes to spend freely. Yang is making promises that he will NOT be able to fill.

  32. Will this guy make america smart and rational again..?

    Man I don't know. It's really entertaining to watch US political fields.

  33. Keep the momentum going people, I honestly think it's up to us spreading his name on social media to increase his following because TV won't give him enough air time.

  34. I'm Australian, and this man seems like the most sensible candidate for your president. All solutions and no bullshit. Don't screw this up America, get him in the white house.

  35. This guy has the ability to unify. He’s got balance. He can transcend rigid ideology. In energy terms he has both Yin and Yang Energy. I’ll vote for him.

  36. The automation in call centres and cashiers have already happened years ago. Not only in America, but around the world.

  37. Voted for Bernie last go round but Yang has my support in 2020. He has the most innovative, well thought out solutions to so many issues. From ditching the penny to legalizing marijuana to basic income for all citizens, he's all about unity and moving the country forward.

  38. I love how he doesn't identify as a politician but a serial entrepreneur. I love his ideas and how he addresses things that no other candidate does such as mental health, health care, and student loans. As a 16 year old who's now looking into college, the cost has been a huge stress. To hear someone acknowledge how unreasonable the loans are feels amazing and I can't wait to see how he does.

  39. I am voting for Bernie Sanders because I trust him more than I trust anyone else running for office. Bernie has the receipts. Bernie created the Medicare For All on which others are hoping on board. But their plans are never as good. Why have a copy when you can have the original?

    Bernie is working for working and middle class people. And Bernie has been here doing what Bernie can do when people like Yang were walking around in their diapers. I know Bernie is trusted. But Yang just said last week that he is more aligned with Joe Biden than any progressive running for president.

    Yang is also taking corporate PAC money now.

    I've seen enough of the Yangsters too, who care more about Yang than his policies.

    I am voting for Bernie.

  40. Yang gang from las vegas. Give the world a vision and watch the nay sayers be proven wrong. But can he beat the "system"

  41. I changed my registration from Republican to Democrat, and I cannot be the only one…

    When you strip the stigma of red from blue, of left from right, of the whole entire spectrum of political stances, then AY is the only one that still makes sense.

    Yang2020 Humanity First!

  42. Once Bernie Sanders supporter, but moving to the Yang Gang. The 46th President of the United States of America, Andrew Yang!

  43. Yang 2020. The US and the rest of the world need a POTUS who clearly understands and offers sensible solutions to both old problems and 21st century challenges that humanity faces. Yang is the man.
    Yang 2020.

  44. I have donated more than 10 times. I can't stop donating to Andrew Yang's campaign because I know he needs the help to run the campaign for all of us underdogs to have better chances to win in life!

  45. A man trying to give everyone a more even chance in the playing field if I personally got 1,000 a month I would be able to goto school and become and investor and get my family a chance to see poverty isn’t the only way to live

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