A Patreonizing Announcement

Remember love with your heart use your head for everything else! Cut! Hi I’m Alan Melikdajangpohjsdfkhasdksd, creator of Captain Disillusion. I hope you don’t mind me pulling back the curtain on the movie magic this one time To let you know how grateful I am that so many of you watch my weird videos. Seeing a growing list of over 58,000 subscribers getting so excited every time I post something new, makes me feel very happy…and also pretty guilty because We all know I haven’t been posting videos as often as I should. But I’m here to tell you that that has now changed. This year, I’ve made a pledge to post a video every single month, at least! And you can always keep track of this fact and know exactly when the next video is coming through a countdown on the Captain disillusion website. Now, I want to make it clear that this isn’t because a company is now sponsoring me or a studio is producing this as a webseries It’s still just me making videos in my spare time. I’m just making a concerted effort to bring you more because you deserve it. I’ve also taken the advice so many of you have given me on Facebook and Twitter and joined Patreon. Patreon is a website that lets viewers like you become patrons of your favorite independent artists like me, by supporting them through crowdfunding. It’s a great system that’s existed since the beginning of civilization. Leonardo Da Vinci had some Patrons and that’s how he was able to create some of the most inspiring works in history like the Mona Lisa or his… early concept drawing for a weapon of mass murder. Imagine what you and I can do if we made it possible for Captain Disillusion to eventually be my full-time job. Now whether you choose to be a patron or not I’m still making these videos and, Since I’m doing it monthly now there’s going to be a lot of extra content that might not be interesting to a casual viewer. but it makes for perfect Patreon rewards for fans that choose to support me. So if you look at the bottom of my patreon profile, you’ll see the different tiers of support you can sign up for and depending on what you choose, you can get access to behind-the-scenes footage bloopers and outtakes, secret posts about what videos I’m working on next, high-resolution downloads of artwork from the animated segments and if you’re a fellow Youtuber or a filmmaker I’m also posting video tutorials about how I do some of my production and visual effects so that you can apply them to your own projects. There’s a whole bunch of other rewards you can read about on the profile page. If you sign up, and you change your mind later You can always cancel at any point Or you can do like a community thing and you can cancel but then come back again And then cancel and come back–all I ask is that you check it out for the sake of rational thinking, skepticism, the love of visual effects, geeky movie references, and a friend of mine named Captain Disillusion. [Captain D]: So you’ve finally sold out. [Alan]: No I’m just trying to get– [Captain D]: You sold out.
[Alan]: *unintelligible* support from my viewers. [Captain D]: And you actually think [Captain D]: people are going to want–
[Alan]: *defending self* *arguing* [Captain D]: *Insulting Alan*
[Alan]: I’m-i’m over–I’m not gonna listen to this anymore [Alan]: I don’t have to listen to you anymore! [Alan]: NO!

100 thoughts on “A Patreonizing Announcement

  1. I was genuinely confused when I noticed no silver on his face.
    Also sell out man! we don't mind, I bet he couldn't truly sell out if his life depended on it, but the effort would be worth it

  2. not going to lie I just seen captain dissolution and I was all week sauce but then I seen this , right on homie killem slo

  3. Как, чёрт побери, твоя фамилия произносится по-русски? Как я могу понять, она армянская, но я представить не могу, как ее произнести.
    Тем не менее, прибавь меня к списку подписчиков, ты крут!

  4. Hi, I'm Alan Malgijcefwscjodeqvbkusxcnmkjjloufswqruhfnkpddfretuhvnklomvxzaqqdfgdfghtrwwrtyuiopknvcxccgssqqeetujfgdwwfcvhjjyfyuuijhgfdsxxcghhjioolkmnbvcxssasfggewertyuughhjjjjuuiooihvbnjfsazxcbnnkpitwadfghjknvdghurgbcdwecvhiokgxcbjjhjjnkjgewzxvbnjloiyhbbchjjtbvvkofddsrfhjopjkjggdaqwdcbkuyfxdfbbkppkhdaaaaaaaaaaaaassddfrrcvbjkkpohhffrrcvbbjiojvdgtuhxvzafryujbmooohfdqefgjjoiuvdetvbkoigdwqerxcvbnmxzzdhhkpouhgdedxcvjjgfdf

  5. Wait so you are only going to upload one video a month? That’s only 12 videos a year ok have fun making money off of YouTube 😂

  6. The production value in these videos is crazy…I get surprised every time when I see only a bit over 1 million subscribers. You deserve more

  7. It's only a matter of time till you too have the wrong thought. First came the advertisers and media with their morality wagging fingers. This created a need for Patreon where people could get funded for promoting their wrong think. Then Patreon decided to become irreverent and declare themselves the arbiters of wrong think. Anyone still supporting that scam is a fool or ignorant.

  8. Saw the picture for the video and thought it was going to have a Justin Trudeau look alike.

    Took me a minute, is just Alan looking kinda similar to the PM.
    ( yes I saw the year, didn't realize. )

  9. So there's a video on Facebook of a man opening a paranormal box in his home then his YouTube plate falls off the wall. Its been on Facebook for a while can you please debunk this video.

  10. EPIC IDEA: Some of us love these fake videos for laughs, Why don't you make some of your own? (with a watermark that says it is fake of course) 😀

  11. I scrolled trough the comments for LITERALLY 40 seconds, but I haven't seen anybody actually transcribing the last argument! Well, here's what you wished for.

    So you finally sold out.

    You sold out.

    And you actually think people are going to want your garbage in their feed.

    You are pathetic.

    You are a nothing my friend. (?)

    You're never gonna accomplish anything, you're never gonna amount to anything, it's ridiculous that you actually (think..)


    No, I'm just trying to get independent support from my viewer..

    I'm.. I'm not going to listen to this.

    I'm a good person, I do good work, and I deserve..

    No! Constantly discouraging m.. (?) I'm over..

    I'm not going to listen to this anymore!

    I don't have to listen to you anymore!


  12. The ‘Mona Lisa’ or whatever it’s called, now that I look at it, it’s not that great. I don’t know why people are crazy about dumb paintings… this is not a joke! It’s just a picture of a lady smiling, what’s good about it? It doesn’t look 100% real, so what’s the matter?

  13. 02:46 hahah the best part CD entering and looking the camera like "who are you talking with?? and then "so you finally sold out"

  14. He's such a good talker, i could listen to him talk about anything all day. That's an exaggeration, maybe 1 or 2 hours a day.

  15. Goes to:

    Finds timer:
    0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds

    Yeah I knew it would be too good to be true.

    The timer is a bad idea, you can't create passion on the clock and you are all about passion.
    But if you do decide to pick up again, use UTC time please ^^

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