Albinism Awareness Campaign – Diandra Forrest

Growing up I realised I had albinism when I was about nine years old. I have four siblings, one who has albinism, and I had neighborhood friends who asked my older brother if I was adopted. There were lots of
times where I felt different, out of place, not welcomed by a lot of people
because of the way I look: in school, even just on the train with my
mum, being a child, there would be parents, adults, who stared at us and laughed at us because we had albinism, and I didn’t understand. This is the grown person; why are they
pointing fingers at me and giggling. It made me and my younger brother have to grow up or mature faster to understand that people can be ignorant
when they don’t know things. We just had to be strong and know that we are all human just like
everyone else. It is not easy with having albinsim; there is still a lack of understanding of what albinism is. Even just in the modeling industry we are looked at as something that is maybe extraterrestrial, an odd beauty, not just you know like all regular beauty,
whatever that is. So for me that’s challenging because when I initially started modeling, I just
knew; I was like “I want be a model and I’m gonna be this beautiful model just like the rest of
the models, ‘out of this world’. Which can be fun and entertaining but I don’t think it should be a freak show, I just want to be a beautiful girl like anyone else. They don’t come as challenges to me because now I can say I’m confident in who I am, I know who I am as a person with
albinism, just as a woman, so that stuff doesn’t bother me anymore. I would like to change… one of the
things I would like to change is when people think that we are all related (giggles) It might be silly but it so ridiculous to me; just because you all may have the same skin color, hair color or whatever, we are all obviously not related. I think it’s important for all children with albinism to know that they are beautiful, they’re not any different than anyone else. And I think it is also important for parents to instilled that in their
children as well, to make them feel comfortable in all
situations and let the people around them know what albinism, just inform people on what it is and how it works and that is not anything odd or weird so that they can have an easier life. I always wanted to start something like this just because growing up I know that I
would love to have had someone who’s older around that had albinism and I could see how I was going to look when I grew up just to motivate me and that would
understand some of the things that I was going through and help me through them. For this group I would like for us maybe have some sort of Big
Brother/ Big Sister program to mentor younger children that have albinism, for us to help parents that have children
albinism understand more what it is and how it
can affect us physically, emotionally.

45 thoughts on “Albinism Awareness Campaign – Diandra Forrest

  1. You are beautiful, with love an respect I post this…my grannie son has sickle cell so there is many things he will not be able to do I'm glad God choice for a family was our we love and support him hugs and kisses mean everythings to us…I love him and I pray you have a blessed life

  2. I think its absolutely deplorable to know that these people are mistreated for there differences and in the black races especially we should really know better than that. to me it is UNFORGIVABLE to be part of a persecuted group and then turn around and persecute people for their differences. It's just shameful wicked disgusting and should be punished. There is a special place in hell for people that do that.

  3. yeh its really challenging and difficult to stand in front of photographer and make poses and get paid thousands of dollars. LOL

  4. Even though she albinoism and have an recessive gene, this woman is highly exotic to me,she's like a walkin "VIAGRA"sort a speak, cuz everywhere I'll take this woman……believe me, she would cause an a disturbance straight up and when I say straight up I mean (STRAIGHT UP)!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I'm albino and today my friends sister had her friend over and me Abe my brother were there and her sisters friend is like why are thos albino kids outside so much there ganna get either hit by a car cause they can't see it or there ganna get Canser and my friend said u don't call them albino and her sisters friend said they have Pail skin in white hair u call them albino and then she said to my friend u just have to exept there diffrent and my friend said no there not and I almost cried when my friend told me this

  6. Omg I wish my sister could meet her….no mater how many times I tell her she is beautiful, she has the WORSE self esteem. She acts tuff but it comes off as anger instead. People tell her she's really pretty for an albino, like what the heck does that even mean. It pisses me off. She has the most giving heart but stays in a shell because she wants to avoid the curious stairs from her different look.

  7. This is fascinating. Does they call themselves Black? This is why Blacks shouldn't call themselves Black, they should call themselves African Americans instead.

  8. I love all my albino sista’s and brotha’s ❤️❤️❤️ #happyalbinismAwarenessday

  9. this African American Woman with Albinism encapsulate traditional Afro-centric beauty in so many Facets and her voice is gentle + feminine yet and still a strong black woman

  10. i will pregnant Diandra forrest and pay her child supprt and stay home with the kids if she gave my blackass the chance

  11. in a day/age where Dark skin female bleach their skin,nappy hair perm/damn near burn scout,butt,lips and nose injections/surgeries,the most radical act as woman is defining and embracing your natural self…that;s courageous and inspiring

  12. my favorite remark is when she commented on grown adults picking at children and not understanding their immaturity. people are different are more smart than people who are mainstreamed and dominant phenotype. the people who are most arrogant and judgmental are the most ignorant and the most heartless and they are in no position to judge and to say. just listen, just be quiet, just try to be understanding and compassionate. its funny how so many of things are derived from education science knowledge deep scientific concepts and can be so distorted and taken out of hand in society. it is really real featurism, image-ism, its all real.

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