Amazon PPC Automatic Campaigns | Why You MUST Run This Campaign!

Amazon PPC automatic campaigns. Should you be running this campaign or is
it a waste of money? What is going on everyone? Welcome back to the inside of my computer. This is my dummy account for Amazon Seller
Central. And today, I am going to show you and break
it down for you why you must be running an Amazon automatic PPC campaign. For all of you newer sellers out there, you
are going to fully understand why I say you should be running an automatic campaign because
this is a very powerful campaign to really find out what keywords your customers are
searching on when they are shopping for your product. For everyone who is new to my channel, my
name is Tamara Tee. I teach Amazon FBA sellers how to successfully
launch their Amazon FBA products by only using PPC. Because PPC is 110% within Amazon’s terms
of services and you are not cheating your way through the system to get your keywords
on to page 1. If you guys want to learn more about PPC and
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me. Okay, let’s get started. So today we are going to be using my favourite
product, the beach ball. Now, you’re probably wondering why I am on I am on here because I want to show you an
example of how automatic PPC works. I am going to break it down for you. If I type in “beach ball” and let’s say this
is my beach ball. Let’s say this 6 pack right here is my listing. Now, you see all of these keywords in my title,
in my bullet points, and of course, in my product description. By the way you guys, this is a very horrible
listing but I am using this example so I can explain to you about the keywords and how
they work in automatic PPC campaigns. Basically, all of these keywords that you
have in your listing, so in my case, my listing, Amazon is in full control of picking out any
of these keywords in any type of combination to advertise to their customers. This product listing here has “inflatable
beach balls” and if I am a customer, I might be typing in “beach ball that is inflatable”. Or “beach balls inflatable.” If I type this in, as a customer, you have
a chance of your advertising ad showing up for that keyword because this keywords “beach
balls inflatable” is in your product listing. That’s what happens in an automatic campaign. It’s all up to Amazon which keywords they
want to pick out from your product listing and showcase to their customers and hoping
that you have an amazing product listing with amazing images and price, hoping that your
customer will of course buy from you. This is why it is so important to have an
optimized product listing. Again, this is not a good optimized product
listing but I am just using this again to explain to you the concept. You want an optimized product listing because
you want the best keywords in the right keyword phrases to show up when people are searching
your product on Amazon, right? If it is in the right keyword phrases then
the better your automatic campaign will run. It will also help with running your manual
campaigns as well but in today’s video, we are only talking about automatic campaigns. If you are interested in learning a little
bit more about product listing optimization so you can run your PPC campaigns properly,
then make sure you check out this video I did previously with Bradley from Helium 10
and he will give you some really good knowledge on how you can create amazing product listing
for your products. Alright, so if I am a customer and I typed
in “beach balls inflatable” right here, I hit this search icon and my product has that
keyword in my listing somewhere, then it’s very possible that my ad will show up right
here. Or right here. Or maybe even down here, wherever it is, if
I am a customer. That is an automatic campaign and how Amazon
decides how to advertise your product through that specific campaign. Amazon is in full control of which keywords
to pick out from your product listing and putting it in front of customers’ eyeballs;
therefore, typically, an automatic campaign will have a much lower ACoS. When your ACoS, by the way, if you guys are
new, ACoS stands for Advertising Cost of Sales. You want to keep your ACoS preferably below
your profit margin percent. And you guys, you have to know your profit
margin percent. It’s absolutely crazy to me when people do
a coaching call with me and they don’t know their profit margin. You cannot run PPC if you don’t know your
profit margin you guys. It’s time to do some math. So the whole reason behind running an automatic
PPC campaign is so you can see every keyword that your customers are typing in here. That’s why I made a dummy report for you guys. This is my dummy advertising report. You guys, you have to be downloading your
advertising reports to see what the customers are searching right here. This is the customer search term and these
are all the keywords that they are putting into the Amazon search bar. And if they click on your ad, these are the
keywords that they typed in initially. You may see some ASINs here and that is because
they found your product through your competitors’ listing. If I go back to Amazon and I go back to, let’s
say this person’s product listing right here, they found your product right here, Sponsored
Products Related to this Item. They found your product here and they clicked
on it. They clicked on this and that is why you see
the ASIN right here. I teach all of my students to optimize their
campaigns every day. Now for some of you guys, you may think that
is a lot but you only have to spend 5 or 10 minutes on it a day because when you download
this report once every 24 hours, there may be some real obvious keywords that just don’t
belong. If you are selling a girl’s beach ball and
someone types in “boys beach balls”, you may want to put this keyword “boys beach balls”
into your negative right away so you can stop spending money on this keyword. You don’t want this to show up anymore for
your product listing on Amazon, right? That’s why you want to put keywords that are
irrelevant in the negative right away so you stop wasting money on it. The faster you do this, the quicker you do
the optimization, the more better results you get. Soon you will get a list of customers search
terms that are very relevant to your product. After eliminating keywords that do not make
sense. But you guys have to, have to remember as
well to download your advertising report once a week, once every 14 days. I would do it once a week and then dating
back to all the way in the beginning when you first started running your campaign. I believe Amazon only keeps 2 months worth
of PPC data. You know when you download this report in
Seller Central, you can only date back to a specific date. I believe it’s only 2 to 3 months. That’s why you want to continuously download
these reports and date all the way back. You want to do that as well aside from the
daily optimization because that’s when the clicks start adding up. If you start to look at these ad reports once
a day, you might only see 1 or 2 clicks per keyword. But if you look at this report once every
few weeks, once a week or once a month and you date back to when you started this campaign,
then that’s when all the clicks would add up. Also, as mentioned, please excuse this information
right here, the start date and the end date. Like I said, this is just dummy data and I
am using it to explain to you guys the importance of running an automatic PPC campaign. Now there are tons of moving parts to Amazon
PPC campaigns and I am not going to cover everything in this video or else I could go
on for hours and hours and hours. But I just want to tell you that you should
be running an automatic campaign because eventually, it has the lowest ACoS. Since Amazon is in control of your keywords
and choosing which ones they want to choose to advertise to their customers. If you have an ACoS, like I said, below your
profit margin, this is already really good for your automatic PPC campaign. Your automatic campaigns should not go above
your profit margin. I just don’t see how that even happens. If that happens, it may happen a few times
in the beginning, but if you see this continuously and your ACoS for your automatic campaign
is above 100%, you need to get yourself some help because there’s something very wrong
going on inside of your campaign. Your goal for running an automatic PPC campaign
is to one, collect organic keyword data, two, use the converted keywords and move it into
a broad and phrase campaign to further research winning keywords to catch longer tail keywords. If you have a bunch of longer tail keywords
that are unknown and lower in search volume, that can help boost your main keywords as
well. What I mean by that is you will organically
rank for your main keywords if you have a ton of sales velocity from the longer tail
keywords. Longer tail keywords are typically lower in
ACoS as well so that really helps. You can also start running your automatic
campaigns since day 1 when your inventory checks into the warehouse. You can run an automatic campaign when you
have zero reviews. This is absolutely fine. However, if you want to run an exact match
manual campaign, I do suggest at least 5 reviews. The reason why it doesn’t matter if you have
reviews or not for an automatic campaign is again, your automatic campaign is used to
collect keywords. You’re not really relying heavily on it to
rank or to make a majority of sales. It’s mainly used to collect organic keywords
that your customers are searching on Amazon. Running an automatic PPC campaign is the only
campaign you can run forever after you have done a successful Amazon PPC product launch. And the reason for that is because your automatic
PPC campaign will have the lowest ACoS across all of your campaigns if done right. And you can always find longer tail keywords
through it. Many of my FBA Winners students spend zero
dollars on PPC because they already have ranked thousands of keywords on to page 1 by only
running PPC campaigns. That is where you want yourself to be long
term. Alright guys, if you have any questions for
me, please drop me a comment in the comment section below. Give this video a big thumbs up. I hope this video has helped you today. Subscribe to my channel. And of course, I’ll see you guys in the next

19 thoughts on “Amazon PPC Automatic Campaigns | Why You MUST Run This Campaign!

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  5. If there are no sales from auto campaign(no running manual campaign), does it mean the listing is not optimized, price not competitive, product is saturated, product image problem?

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    I would like to ask you something..I've launched my product one month ago..and I still try go, after I did 2 weeks an auto campaign, then the search terms which made sales..more than 2, I transferred them into exact/phrase/broad..also put them into negative exact and phrase back in auto.. now there are 3 days from that optimisation..and there are just organic sales.. a small number of impressions on the new campaigns.. Should I still wait?..or there is something wrong in my way of doing the PPC optimisation..?

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