An Exciting Announcement!

Welcome back to my channel
my dear elegant ladies! This video is a special one because if you are a loyal follower
or if you religiously watch all m videos on my youtube channel,
you know I have been hinting about a certain announcement happening in August. Now those who are following me on Instagram and especially those who are watching my
Instagram stories have received a little bit more information.
I actually do recommend that you follow me on Instagram and especially watch my
stories because that’s the place where you really get to know me, where you get
to see more of my personal life because here on YouTube are more about education
and teaching you about high society and elegance and how to be a lady in general. And for those of you who are brand new to my channel, my name is Anna Bey and
I run an online finishing school called School of Affluence. If you’re interested
in doing a transformation with your lifestyle, join Now, what is this exciting announcement that I have been talking about all
summer but I have not revealed it up until now? This video is finally my
revelation video and I’m so excited to share this with you because
unfortunately, I had to keep it a secret for various reasons. We were not allowed
to speak about where we were, so this was to protect ourselves and protect all the
individuals that was there. So most of you probably know that I am here to
teach you how to become a better version of yourself, how to do a transformation,
how to invest in you and really live up to your fullest potential possible. Now I am a person, I don’t like to not walk my talk. Number one, everything that I teach
I have experienced myself, I have done this journey of transformation myself.
So you know the things that I share with you are actually things that I have
tested, things that I’ve learned, things that I’ve researched, analyzed,
even though I have been leveling up for so many years myself and also
accomplished all my lifestyle goals that I have set for myself.
I do not stop investing in myself and especially because I do want to be a role model for
what it is that I teach. I don’t want to be a teacher who doesn’t walk her talk.
So for me, it’s really important that I am always on my best game, even with you
and especially with what I teach. So what I do is that I always stay researching
high-society, elegance, etiquette, networking, dating all the fields where I teach,
I research everything. I have great sources for information.
I do the walk myself, I have done it in the past and I’m still doing it but I also invest in education.
And even for me, it’s been so important to invest in myself, especially
so that I can help you ladies further. So this leads me up to reveal what it is
that I’ve been doing all summer long, well, almost. Ladies, for six weeks this summer, I went to a Swiss finishing school and it was
quite an incredible experience. Now some of you might wonder what is the
finishing school and the why Swiss? Now, finishing schools used to be very common
in the past but unfortunately a lot of them have closed down.
And there were very big in countries like the UK but especially Switzerland where a lot of
the elites finishing schools were stationed. So what a traditional
finishing school offers a woman is of course, a transformation to become
more ladylike, to teach her etiquette, to teach her how to run a household and basically
prepare her for life as a wife. This might sound a little bit old-fashioned
and maybe that’s why a lot of finishing schools have closed down because there
wasn’t really a need for them anymore, especially after feminism really took a
big stance in our society. But as you know, I have an online finishing school.
But my school has a bit of a twist to it because I focus on teaching women
high society skills together with of course, transformation
like they do in a traditional finishing school and I add a lot of touches to it that has to do
with networking, dating, behavior and so on. Whilst traditional finishing schools,
they teach you more the role of being the woman of the house basically.
But for me, it was very important to go to a traditional
finishing school to understand what it’s really about and of course,
so I can learn more and enrich my education. But what’s even bigger news is that I have now a Diploma in International Etiquette and Protocol. Meaning, I’m certified and I’m now able to teach you on etiquette and many
of the topics that I learned at the finishing school. This will, of course, affect all of you positively.
Because in the past, I didn’t really want to speak
too much about etiquette because I’m the type of person, I don’t like to teach
things that I’m not a hundred percent certain about. And etiquette is something that
you really need to know the right and correct things because there’s a lot of misconceptions about etiquette out there. And now, I can really create more content
about these topics for you but it will also benefit future
students of mine who will join my school in the future. Now, I’m not going to talk
too much about my experience at this finishing school because I’m a person
who believe in discretion and that’s actually something I’m going to do a
separate video about. Because when you are surrounded in high society
and especially with very, how can I say, high profile people, affluent people,
you need to lead with discretion ladies, it’s very important.
But I’m going to do a separate video on this topic. And the reason why I don’t want to talk too much about my experience at this finishing school is because of the privacy aspect of it.
The school itself which I’m not mentioning by name, because they’re a very private school,
they’re very careful so I want to respect the privacy and I don’t want
to talk too much. And at the same time, I mean, I have so many anecdotes about the school and my experience there. And also you know, as a respect for the students there, I’m going to keep most of it for my own memories.
But I can tell you one thing is for sure, that my experience was very positive.
I met some incredible people there, a lot of lovely people, I must say.
We were only girls so it was proper like boarding school style and that was actually a bit
of a challenge for me because I am, you know, I’m a woman who is 33 years old now
and it was difficult to go back to having rules and it was difficult living
somewhere else away from home. Well, I have a business to run and my home life
and studying Monday to Friday from 8:30 in the morning until 7:30 in the
evening with almost no breaks, so that was pretty intense like it was quite
challenging. I’m not going to lie, I did not expect that it was going to be so difficult but it was actually quite difficult. I think probably what was the
most difficult for me was not having my routine because I’m a person who must
have my routine, my morning routine, my evening routine and especially,
my training routine. And I was not able to train over there because of the intense schedule that we had and because the school was located on this beautiful hill.
Well, I’m not going to complain about the fantastic views and surroundings
that we had that really got me spoiled. But unfortunately, when you live on a hill,
that means that just going out for a power walk or a jog is
not that easy because you live on a hill and it’s so steep, you can barely
walk up and down in the middle of summer when it’s boiling hot and you know,
it’s steep and very tiring. So training was out of the question and
that was very hard for me, I need my balance. If you watch my Instagram stories,
you know exactly what I’m talking about. But once I left the school, I really
understood that I really appreciated everything that I learned there,
all the teachers that I had were amazing and I hope to meet them again. And also,
I just left having a different perspective to things. There was a lot of things I already knew
but it’s always good to be validated in the knowledge that you have.
But of course, I did get a lot of new perspectives too and I felt quite
enriched leaving there. Now, some of the things that we learned was,
of course, etiquette. We had a lot of etiquette lessons,
we learned a lot about protocol, about how to receive important people,
we learned about cultural differences, cultural etiquette. We learned how to be a great hostess so
we had many table decoration classes, many floral art classes. We had lessons like enology where we learned about wine. So there was a lot of interesting things that
I learned and a lot of things will of course, be passed on to all of you ladies
who are following me, who are my students. I’m so excited to have this experience
with me because I know how much it’s going to benefit you all. Not everybody may afford going
to a Swiss finishing school because it is a very expensive experience. But for me as an educator, it’s very important to invest in this
because I believe to walk my talk and to always be on top of my game,
regardless if I’m here educating you or from somebody who is in the beginning
of her levelling journey. So think about the importance of education
and investing in yourself and that’s actually where I want to leave you. I hope you have enjoyed this video and please do watch the rest of my content here because I have loads of interesting videos for you about high society and how to be
a better version of yourself. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to subscribe!

100 thoughts on “An Exciting Announcement!

  1. Anna could you please do a video on how to incorporate etiquette into the way we use internet, social media, etc please ? Thank you xx

  2. The idea of Finishing School is intriguing. I am 2 weeks shy of 42, but I love learning all of this. Here’s why: When I was in 6th grade (US system of school), my mother found some antique books from 1904 (I think) that were basically How To Be A Proper Woman. I was so into My Fair Lady and American Girl (Pleasant Company)’S Samantha doll.
    I had a lot of progress that summer. My handwriting improved and my confidence was bolstered. Only to have it knocked out from under me in 7th grade.
    I have always wondered how I would have handled my life differently if I had been encouraged and nurtured in my path to womanhood.
    Now as a mom of twin girls who are also 7th graders, I want to give them this foundation. So thank you, Anna, for this.

  3. They way you set the table in front of you proves you attended a finishing school. You made that water look really expensive. 😀👏

  4. So very proud of you. School is never out for the professional. I can remember having a similar opportunity as a very young lady. It was a prerequisite if one wanted to attend tea dances at the US Naval Academy, or maintain oneself at hunt club balls etc. You must have so enjoyed this once in a lifetime event.

  5. Just look at the First Lady of the USA, Melania Trump. Who'd she learn all her tips and tricks from? All the bags, shoes, gowns, caviar, oysters and champagne – just find yourself a man like she has. Close your eyes and click your heels, work hard, speak well and don't over eat.

  6. Just found your channel. A great deal of what you teach is common sense, but there are people, myself included, who could do with some improving as far as etiquette, dressing well and presenting your best self. Happy I found you. Great channel!!!

  7. I think whether as a wife, or woman, or man, we all have to run our household and place tables and entertain guests and so on even if we aren't super-rich. I think doing these activities with grace and elegance makes them more pleasant, as opposed to annoying chores. When everything is presentable and beautiful, it really uplifts our moods and enriches our lives. I too wish finishing schools didn't go out of fashion.

  8. It is a great skill you acquired and supported by Diploma! Now a super rich American woman can hire you to be her home governess …

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    To say the right things.Linda, Toronto,Canada

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  13. Congratulations. I appreciate you being genuine. I like the balance of feminism and old fashioned values. It’s not good to be poor and miserable, but it’s also not good to be so privileged that entitlement is a person’s core values. Depends on the social situations and in the context of things, there’s a time to be assertive, and there’s a time to be humble. I love being a woman!

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  15. I enjoyed hearing about your Swiss finishing school experience. I just did something similar. I'm a musician and it was an intensive, week-long residential workshop on medieval music (my specialty). I so relate to your feelings that it was exciting, challenging, a beautiful but isolated location (mine too!), but occasionally a bit overwhelming in terms of long long hours of study & practice! Yay – we both survived!!

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  19. Finishing schools are wonderful. I attended Lucy Clayton in London and it has served me very well in both my private and professional lives. My aunt also attended Lucy Clayton in the late 1950’s and became a successful model with them.

  20. Anna has great advise ladies. She inspires me to find my inner lady again and bring her out to the surface to play, have fun, be considerate, interesting and in a ironic way, deep. Nothing is deeper than being your best you for this world to be a better place. You can help thoes less fortunate and maybe fall in love in the meantime. Volunteer, join charties, go to events, look for causes you care about. Send a message with your posture and smile. Go ladies and live your best life.

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    Congratulations on your diploma. I would have loved to have attended when I was younger.

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    Sending you much love and well wishes for success in all your endeavors. 💕

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  28. When I was younger, my mom always wanted me and my sisters to go to finishing schools however they were not that many in Baghdad. So she appointed a private tutor. It helped even with our postures, i was able to wear high heels since the age of 11.

  29. Wow, I’ve never really commented but I’ve been attracted to all your videos, I’m addicted and I feel like I’m learning so much, I feel like I’ve wasted my whole life, don’t get me wrong I love my life but now I wish I would have found you years ago, but Atleast now i can teach my daughter some very respectable things I’ve learned from you, congratulations on your new accomplishment can’t wait to hear more, your seriously goals as a beautiful women inside & out!

  30. I’m an older lady who understand the need for etiquette. I tried to teach my grand daughters important etiquette and of course I was just an older lady trying to teach them out dated information in their eyes. I see how the new generation of women are now like the men of yesterday. Many women want to keep the cute boys and the women end up in relationships where they are bread winner, mom, maid, and everything else while the guy is out with friends doing whatever he wants. I do hope girls learn from you and get back some of their power.

  31. This is really exciting news! I was going to asks you what your experience was or whether you had researched conversational skills. I have some old books that I bought at the thrift store, they are training books in proper conversation. Of course I haven't gotten around to reading them, i'm too focused on looking at cats on facebook. XD I'm very happy for you!

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  38. Hi , Ana. Congratulations! Well done!
    Love your channel. I’m happily married and have a successful career. But I have learned a lot from you in terms of elegance and self- presentation.
    Would you kindly do a video on women’s perfumes that are regarded and appropriate in high society . Thank you in advance!
    Best of luck❤️

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    Feminism, for me, means having the power to make our own choices, "old fashioned" or not!

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    But it is very different. We women needs to know some basic things to run a family/home.
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    I learnt so much from your videos. Thank you.

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