Angie Johnson talks about performing “The Star-Spangled Banner” overseas

I’m not really that great at a lot of
things. I’ve kinda got one talent, one gift, and that’s
music. And I’m so blessed to be able to
share that with people. When I think of my brothers and sisters in arms going
overseas and spending a year away from their family, or two years sometimes, literally fighting for freedom,
fighting for their lives some getting injured and coming home with,
you know, traumatic brain injuries and PTSD I think the very, very least I can do
with the one talent that I have is share it with them. So I feel an obligation, a sense
of service to wanting to go overseas repeatedly and
do these morale shows. I’ve been over eight times and I’m
not done I plan on going as many times as I
possibly can and as far forward as I can. And luckily, because I am a troop myself, I can go far forward to the little FOBs where there
are only 200 or 100 people and they never get
entertainment. And they never get a moment to just shut it
off you know, being a troop, just shut that off
and be a human being for a couple hours and if I can, if I can do that for people then I feel like it’s the least that I can do.
I think my passion for “The Star-Spangled Banner” comes from
my service. I feel every time when I sing that
song that I’m not singing it for me, I’m not
singing it for the music, I’m singing it for the people and the nation and everything that that song signifies. Which is why I don’t really do a lot to
it. I always tell people I think that song sings itself. It was written in such a way that it is
inspiring, I don’t have to put Angie into it to make it more
inspiring. So I just sing it straight and I feel like people appreciate that
because they can sing along, they don’t have to
worry about are they gonna do this weird note here,
you know, and they feel they can sing along and they can be one
in the moment with that song.

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