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Hello guys! My name is Fredrik I am the Executive Producer of Tom Clancy’s The Division. Since E3 we have been carefully listening to what has been said on the internet. We’ve been reading your posts, your comments following your discussions I can’t stress enough how important it has been for us to feel your support, interest and commitment to the game. Your opinions matter to us the positive energy you bring back to the team will help us create the best game possible. One of the most frequently discussed topics has been that of releasing The Division on PC. With that in mind, I’m very pleased to announce that the game will be available on PC. Massive Entertainment has its roots in PC development with titles like Ground Control, World in Conflict you can be certain that we will provide you with a first rate PC experience. Once again Thank you so much for your support It means everything to us!

100 thoughts on “Announcement regarding Tom Clancy’s The Division on PC

  1. thank you ubisoft for releasing this on pc – i'll buy it and play it as soon as i buy it – my most anticipated game of the year by far

  2. You say "play anywhere" but you have not bothered to include the Wii U. You have Splinter Cell on Wii U, and claim you are one of the companies who will support the Wii U platform. So please, do as you say and launch this game on the Wii U.

  3. Pc is a master race. Without pc there wouldn't even be consoles or any other platform. Everything is developed on pc, so pc is a master of all, slave consoles. Rockstar should follow ubisoft steps, but then again, rockstar took ms and sony money to keep gta v off consoles for quite a while, probably half a year~

  4. A) I'm glad it's coming to PC. Thanks Massive.
    B) It rages me that the PC community had to actually beg before this was announced.
    C) While I'm optimistic, and read somewhere that The Devision for PC won't be just a console port, I will hold my buy until release to get confirmed that a proper PC version is the case.
    D) Hoping to soon save what's left from NY along with everyone else!

  5. When I first heard about this game I had no clue this was even a worry. I am a pc gamer only I do not own a console I am so gald to hear that you guys have changed your mines. I would have signed the petiton on if I knew there was one. So excited for this game thank you for bringing it to pc

  6. Excelente juego si siguen trabajando asi sera un juego pero excelente deciado y jugando por el 80 o asta 90% de los jóvenes en el mundo 

    saludos desde Venezuela esperando el lanzamiento de este excelente juego 

  7. i can't believe what im seeing right now fuck yes i love you upisoft ur the best and FUCK EA SO MUCH!!!! PC THE MASTER RACE

  8. pc is superior in every way so I don't know why developers skip that platform…. love all your games ubisoft, you have made some of the best gaming series of all times and I hope you will never do the dick move of skipping the master platform.
    With love from Iceland!

  9. i'm really disappointed by the fact that PC ver. of this game was a second thought based on user polls, forum discussion and shit, which compels me to think that ubisoft's pedestal for PC platform is really looking grim in the near future, hell i purchased the worl'd most powerful GPU and second most powerful i7 processor, i never expected such a step from ubisoft with what ubisoft had mentioned before for AC series that PC is our base for gaming, how can we even consider on even thinking of ruling it out.

    nevertheless nothing makes my day brighter than coming to know that tom clancy's the division shall be out on PC platform too…….. lol, i might die out of desperation, can't wait…….. just do not push it for 2015 as rumors say, my excitement might die right there..!

  10. I'm glad PC gamers won't be able to miss out on this, but I still wonder if they also did this because nothing but PC fanboys were flipping their shits and just spamming them with messages to make a PC version and Ubisoft did it just to shut them up. Whatever it is though, no matter what platform, I'm sure everyone will have a wonderful time, and it's good PC gamers will get to join in the fun as well.

  11. Honestly i think Ubisoft is the best Gaming Company (whatever u call it) there is right now! Their games are making history! :3 <3 Im a fan of Ubisoft now!

  12. Blah, blah, blah. Let's start taking bets how much this game will be delayed. One year? Two years? As much as Future Soldier? It's probably going to happen before the next Rainbow Six, which is probably never going to happen. Who cares for pulling the trigger? Let's JUST DANCE!

  13. PC? Seriously? Now that next gen hit the shelves, I am supposed to be excited about PC? What's your next announcement, Android and iOS? Wii? Tell me that it is going to rock and roll on the PS4! Tell me that it is going to release soon! At least this year for crying out loud!

  14. PC should be almost guaranteed to get these games now that the consoles are so similar and there is mantle to bring the 2 closer. Some internal decisions were probably holding it back

  15. Юбисофт , я вас обожаю черт побери!!! 😀 (Ubisoft I adore you Dammit!!) :))))
    IT COOL NEWS!! congratulations to all PC gamers!!

  16. This is why i continue to purchase games from massive entertainment and ubisoft!. They don't screw the PC playerbase like so many lousy scumbag developers these days.

    I will purchase this game i have already got all the wargame titles obviously except the newest one getting it soon. I think the thing to remember here is this game is probably going to be the best PC game of all time at least for me personally i have not seen anything like this on the PC platform.

  17. It's funny when most of u pc fags found out this game wasn't coming to pc, u all got really pissed and cursed out ubisoft then started saying that they r greedy money grabbers but all of the sudden when ubisoft says that they r releasing this game on pc bcuz u pc elitists BEGGED for it, all of a sudden they r the best gaming company ever.

  18. If it's going to be available on PC, why does the official site only have the PS4 and Xbox one symbols on the bottom of the main page? Add the well known "PC" symbol, too… I just saw the gameplay trailer for this game and it would be horrible for me, as a PC gamer, to not be able to play such an awesome game…

  19. This is SO awesome. I know it pissed off a lot of people, but the dude on top that made the decision for PC release based on community input? Cheers.

  20. cool, but wont bye if uplay is involved, just put it on steam WITHOUT the stupid uplay add on crap, two DRMs on one game is ridiculous and greedy, you already have the consoles to feed you money, just let steam take this one PLEASE 

  21. I'm glad this is coming to PC, maximize sales to support the game further! 😀 Hope it's crossplatforms. 😀

  22. Was glad to hear this was coming to PC but can you please add controller support for the PC version too; I enjoy having the choice of how to play the game

  23. UBI!!! THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!!! I have been bummed out since the release of the latest Rainbow Six: Patriots kinda disapeared. This will keep me tied over until you bring R6 back 😉

  24. I'm just saying that PC takes future games better then consoles dose. pc gets more supported then PS4, Xbox One,

  25. Thanks, Finally UBISOFT. But please delete UPLAY from the game, I hate it.

    I want this game so badly. Hope the MP rocks, or I will be pretty sad.

  26. This is dangerous, the moment this questions comes into the picture  "whether we are releasing this game on PC". It will likely be a console port. You know what they say, "if it smells like a console port, if it looks like a console port. Then it is a console port." This game can be sooo beautiful. The studio should just have the mindset of making a game for PC starting day 1, and just put a framerate + graphics quality cap on inferior consoles

  27. One suggestion I have for the game play is to get rid of the HP system. You can implement something really similar to war thunder ground force. Let's say a player is wearing an armor, then depending on the muzzle velocity, bullet type, bullet weights, there's probability of penetrating the armor. but the damage done to the internal organ also depends on bullets. For example, if I load armor piecing bullets and I hit a player wearing heavy armor, sure the bullet will probably penetrate but it will just pass through the player without doing much damage to internal organs if not a direct hit. On the other hand, if I fire a hollow point, then I have a low chance of penetrating but if it does, it will frag inside and cause damage to organs. Something to think about

  28. I'm a PC gamer, and the idea that games like these are not meant for PC at the first stages of development just makes me mad. PC market is huge, I do not understand why PC sometimes is put aside and only consoles, which means more work to actually optimize it for a good game experience, take priority for sales. Yes, there are more ppl who play console games, but if you think about it, games are always been shown on PC platforms first to display the full potential of it.
    It's good that Ubisoft finally announced this amazing game for PC, but the initial though of it not been on it's just sad. Go PC!

  29. oh thank JESUS. I got really scared when i looked at my game informer and the little section that tells you what platforms the game will be on said "Playsation 4, Xbox One". im glad they made this change because this would have been the second game this year that most definitely should be released on pc but wouldn't. The other one being destiny

  30. It's a very good thing to listen to your community and I don't care if it will be on PC because I play on the ps4 but there is a very high chance that when the game will be out a lot if PC elitism will happen and I'm not saying that all of PC gamers are like this because I know not all of them are like this I have many many PC gamers friends and some of them play also on consoles so please make the graphical differences equal so there not going to be a fight between consoles and PC 🙂

  31. Um, idk about this. I mean yeah it would be decent for another platform to experience a game, but why would they sign a petition to get this game when for the most part most PC ports of Ubisoft games don't turn out so well? I still remember what happened with Watch Dogs on PC. So after all of those, why would people still want a game from Ubisoft when it may just end up being a bad port like most of the other Ubisoft published games. Like I said, not saying they shouldn't get it, but didn't Jim Sterling of the Escapist also point this out?

  32. oh-mi-god i can't belive that you actually wanted to do a exclusive on that; now what ? you want me to thank you that i can buy it now on pc are you shitting me ? cant wait to see the alienware alpha pissing on sony and microsoft consoles.. one platform for all the poor and rich bastards

    Include a complete mouse driven menu unique to the PC version, not a cheaply modified console menu. I don't want to operate the menu with an Xbox controller. I never use Xbox controllers on PC. Include complete advanced graphics settings options. I'll be watching for TotalBiscuit's seal of approval.

  34. Whats that not making money anymore on consoles ?
    Just what we need another crappy ported shooter on pc
    Tought we seen that "Tom Clancy" name enough but no we need 100000 more games with that tag.

  35. Hoping that the ones bashing PC Gamers realize that these games are developed on what….? PC'S! Whoa guys who knew that!

  36. No offense, but this is why ubisoft is and will be one of the top companies out there. great it happened, didnt know this was voted

  37. Our opinions matter to you? So where is the LINUX version of the game? LINUX is also PC my dear friends! 😉

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