Announcing Android Q Beta 2

78 thoughts on “Announcing Android Q Beta 2

  1. I feel like all these Android updates are so small… before they used to be huge and people would actually immediately notice them.

  2. well im a user that uses Android Q as my daily driver youve done a good job with android q and data saftey well done
    but you have some minor bugs and im constantley reporting them

  3. A note to the presenter, I found that while watching your presentation your hand gestures distracted from the message that you were delivering. I love all the great features that you're telling us about but I would ask that you try to be a little more natural in your hand gesturing.

  4. No na bar anymore in the final build please it's ugly and takes too much screen real state for it being useless

  5. Random MAC address will bring troubles to the Moscow Subway Wi-Fi Network since it uses MAC for identifying paid access for separate device. It is already a problem since my MAC changes after any Android update on my Mi A1.

  6. Create a replay text box in the part of notifications. We don't need to go every time inside the app for a one second replay or an overlay on my screen enable

  7. Implement iphone like gestures if you can u make use of that giant waste of space.
    Idk whats the purpose of 19:9 or 18:9 screen ratio then…

  8. Nice job with this version of Android but:

    1. Will be desktop mode avaible over Wi-Fi, not only docks and Usb-c to HDMI reductions?

    2. Will there be option to turn off navigation bar? So we can have full screen gestures? (like MIUI)

    3. Will there be an option for regular users to install security bulletins on their own without unlocking bootloader after the seller abandon device from all updates after minimum 2 years?

    4. Are you going finally add internal audio recording support?

    5. Will there be opening apps in safe mode which will not give app any access to the phone, just the system will scan after installation all permissions and hidden permissions and than show to user all of them? (Like scanning the code of app without letting app access anything on phone) (something like anti-malware, trojan, etc special OS security)

    Thank you for your answer or reading this atleast.

  9. Hey..This was very informative video ..Can you check the inbuilt screen recorder and if it records internal audio ?

  10. Yea yea yea, all that's great but WHEN WILL I GET CALL SCREENING FEATURE on my pixel device? (Device set to english outside the US)

  11. Notification bubble best.
    Please remove navigation bar. Please make it like iPhone or miui gesture.
    Or atleast, give option to hide navigation bar and keep the home button only. No need back button. I always accidentally touch back button and need to reload again when browsing.

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