Announcing CSD SVF’s 5th Business Partner

We started when we
were 14 years old. We were young. I had just moved
from South Africa, and met him and we
experimented using cameras like the webcams
on our computers. Then we began
working professionally after we graduated
high school, making longer films and
progressing from there. We’ve worked for a
total of, uh, Bradley…? Oh, uh…we’ve worked
together for maybe more than 18 years,
I think, altogether. Yeah. Right. Storytelling connects
us to humanity. People who watch a story
can feel a connection, and say,
“Yes! That’s it! That’s what I want
to experience!” It’s really important for
us, the Deaf community, to show what it’s
like from our perspective, because filmmaking
really does makes an impact. It creates changes, and
it makes a difference. I want to…how I frame a shot,
or how I use lighting – I want to make people cry, or by how I frame or capture the
emotions unfolding before us. Of course the actors
are important too, but it’s also how the camera
becomes part of the scene, working to blend things and convey that feeling
to the audience so they can experience
that same emotion. Changing perspectives
must happen through emotion. That’s what must happen. It’s human nature,
and without that, changes in emotional
perspectives will not happen. With Bus Door Films, we can
encounter new challenges and maximize new technology. We want to raise the
bar, and inspire others. We also have the goal of
bringing in more people to work with us so we
can grow collectively. I know we two can’t do all the
work on our own in the future. We both have the
necessary talent, which is important, but
what’s really more important is to work with other people…
-Exactly! …and we really enjoy seeing the people who come work with
us grow in their own skills. That creates a
greater pool of talent, and we can keep
growing and growing. I want us to push our
quality level even higher, and show people that
we can be as qualified as industry standards,
like Netflix or HBO Now, the kind of quality you
see in Hollywood films. It’s our goal to get
there, not just us two, but everyone collectively. I want us all to
make things happen. Many businesses start up
with support from investors, but unfortunately, many
investors have a wary perspective of Deaf people
and don’t want to invest in us. However, CSD SVF
believes in Deaf people, and knows that Deaf people
can do it without a doubt, and will invest
in us. It’s great. This business isn’t
only about filming, creating advertisements,
and so on. It’s also about what goes
on behind the scenes: paperwork, legal matters,
making sure we’re protected and that the individuals
we hire are protected. So it’s really nice to
have the SVF invest in us, providing us with
training and support, helping us make sure
we’re on the right path. Really, we at Bus Door Films are sincerely looking forward to
work with the Deaf community. We’re looking forward to
all the things coming up, to breaking down more barriers,
and to continue moving up. Yeah. Thank you
for believing in us. I don’t feel it’s work. I feel like it’s
our playground. True! This is truly
our playground. Yes, exactly. And we’re making
things happen. Yeah.

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