ANNOUNCING THE WINNERS 🏆 2019 Do Good With Your Camera Photo Contest winners!

26 thoughts on “ANNOUNCING THE WINNERS 🏆 2019 Do Good With Your Camera Photo Contest winners!

  1. Welcome to the 2019 Do Good With Your Camera photo contest award announcement video!!! What a spectacular first year for a photo contest. This video does not reflect our joy and gratitude at how well it went since one of us was sick and the other exhausted, haha. But rest assured, we were thrilled with how it went and will do it again in 2020! Please follow us on Instagram for announcements for next year and for more Do Good submission stories:

    A few of our sponsors are generously offering discounts as consolation prizes for all who did not win anything:

    Get $200 Instant Savings on each of four Tamron G2 lenses. Choose from four award-winning SP Super Performance zoom lenses that will take you sunrise to sunset and into the night skies at our beautiful national parks. Capture majestic landscapes and wildlife with the Tamron 15-30mm F/2.8 G2, 24-70mm F/2.8 G2, 70-200mm F/2.8 G2, and 150-600mm G2. Each lens features Tamron’s VC image stabilization, moisture resistant construction and fluorine coating. Hurry! Valid 7-Days only from Dec 16-22!

    Uniqball is offering a Uniqball Panning arm for free with a ballhead purchase. Use "DO GOOD 2019” at checkout: 10% any strap. Use the code "DoGoodWithYourCamera" 5% off discount code: "DENAE&ANDREW"

    Viltrox 50$ off! Connect with Viltrox Amazon staff before purchasing the lens. (US/UK:[email protected] Europe: [email protected]

  2. Congrats to all the winners! And thank both of you for the inspiration behind the contest. Can't wait to try again next year. For now I'll enjoy my consolation promo codes. Everyone gets a trophy, kids!

  3. Service is its own reward but it is rewarding to have your service recognized and it brings attention to the project you are helping… which is a bonus win.

  4. Doing good is a bug, once caught, stays caught. If you motivated people to start, you know they will continue so good job. Nice video, and next year assemble a small audience or do it live so we can applaud or both. Everyone who participated deserves it.

  5. Just wondering, I don’t think you made a thanksgiving video where you send people to other channels. Last year I followed a couple channels you recommended and I really like them. I was looking forward to seeing more recommendations from you this year, maybe do it for a Christmas video?

  6. I started this video hoping to hear I win the XT100, but quickly I found out what's more enjoyable are the winning photos, thank you Denae & Andrew, this is absolutely amazing.

  7. A hearty thanks to you two for a lot of hard work to highlight the excellent service endeavors of others. And merry Christmas to your family, too.

  8. I joined but did not win though I don’t feel too bad because I know by joining this contest, me and the other participants have imparted goodness to other people and they benefited – through that we are all winners already!
    Congrats to the contest winners!

    Thanks Denae and Andrew!

  9. i want to Thank YOU, both.. for setting this up..
    i mean…you didn’t ‘have to’ do it.. But you DID !

    And all of
    it’s not only the ones who did good, the ones who had Good done to them,.. it’s also all of us, over on this side of the screen…the community…the World. It was and IS, ..a privilege.
    So .. again.. Thank you Denae. Thank you Andrew!

    Happy holidays, to you, and to ALL!..

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