Astro C40 TR – Announce Video | PS4


100 thoughts on “Astro C40 TR – Announce Video | PS4

  1. I don't like this trash 😭 remote controller sooner or later u will hear it breaks or is non responsive. I will buy Playstation controllers only

  2. excellent product sony is so cool its helps me in tekken 7 to easily trigger upper/forward button and never miss

  3. Man, every new trailer just confuses me even more. I just wish Death Stranding were out so I could make sense of it.

  4. Why the option to change stick positions? Only ex Xboxers would need that when converting to PlayStation.
    I can understand the logic, but the real Sony fans wouldn't want that!🤣
    I've always hated the feel of Xbox controllers personally, they just feel wrong!

  5. not for sale ? on official store nothing, on amazon nothing, just on ebay UK is like 2 more expensive controller lol ??

  6. О боже нет геймпад от xbox остановитесь вы не знаете что творите

  7. Rien à.foutre de la.manette faite des jeux qui valent la peine il sort un bon jeux tout les 2 ans eh chaque année sa chance de consoles ! Rien à foutre !!👎👎👎

  8. あれ?これって弟者さんのボダラン3のコントローラーじゃないすか?違ってたらすいません

  9. When y'all finally get a date, bring her back home to your mother's basement and have this thing on the coffee table and you're sure to get laid….

  10. Stop releasing Xbox controls on the PlayStation, if someone buys the Sony console, it's because they like what it offers, those controls that you release are someone else's shame.

  11. Новый DualShock очень современный, интересный и ревалиционный. Но, как я считаю, новый DualShock очень похож на джойстик от Microsoft, тоесть на Xbox. Xbox джойстики очень не удобно сидят в руке, а джойстик от ps4 очень удобный, мелкий и приятный. Было бы неплохо, если бы к новой ps5 подходил джойстик от ps4, поскольку есть такие люди, которые привыкли к мелким джойстикам.я понимаю что большинство людей трудилось над ним, но вы могли бы и лучше. Столько функций, они просто не нужны. Если вы не можете изменить дизайн джойстика от ps5, то сделайте хотя бы так, что бы ps5 поддерживала DualShock 4.

  12. The new DualShock is very modern, interesting and revaluation. But, in my opinion, the new DualShock is very similar to the joystick from Microsoft, i.e. on the Xbox. Xbox joysticks are very uncomfortable in the hand, and the ps4 joystick is very convenient, small and pleasant. It would be nice if the joystick from ps4 approached the new ps5, because there are people who are used to small joysticks. I understand that most people worked on it, but you could do better. So many functions, they are simply not needed. If you can’t change the design of the joystick from ps5, then at least make ps5 support DualShock 4.

  13. Its a controller what more can it do besides control my characters
    Ps4: uuuuh
    Also the new ipods they are headphones what is so different
    Ps4: get the fbi he's onto us

  14. That looks similar to Xbox controller, I like the Xbox controller grip to be honest compare to my PlayStation controller..

  15. мне кажется плейстейшон шевцова разорить хотят, выпуская на данный момент уже два кастомика за полгода

  16. Please, don’t say „PlayStation“ with an japanese accent at the end..
    please, don’t say „PlayStation“ with an japanese accent at the end..

    Oh.. men.. she did it again.. -.-*

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