Authenticity and Marketing: Get More Coaching Clients

– Hey, what’s going on, guys, it’s Lucas. And in today’s video I wanna
talk about authenticity. And I excuse the background noise, and we’re in a really
crummy, weird alleyway, which probably looks really weird but we were just shooting
pictures of the motorcycle. But, I thought I’d rip out
the camera and shoot this ’cause this is a question
that gets asked a lot. And even though you can
intellectually understand the answer to this question, the application of it can prove to be a little bit more difficult than the actual understanding of it. It’s about authenticity. How do present your authentic self? How do you come off as authentic? It’s a buzzword that a
lot of people are talking, like be real, be yourself, share your whole story, be you. And I think what’s happening
a lot of the times, and I’ll illustrate this with a story, is when I first got into fitness, my very first mentor was like, “Hey, you’ve got to shave your beard. “If you’re gonna start
selling fitness services, “you better look the part.” So I bought Under Armour tight, like those little weird shirts
that I would never wear, sweatpants, and all the designer stuff, and I had a photo shoot. And I remember thinking the
whole time, this is so not me. Why am I actually doing this? And the clientele I attracted
from that photo shoot are from the image or
from the stuff I put out, was not the type of clients
I wanted to work with. Then one day I got upset and I just said, I’m gonna share my entire
story, I’m gonna share me. I’m gonna grow my beard back
out, ’cause that’s what I like. I’m gonna speak a little
more aggressively, ’cause that’s the way I like to speak. People mistake my passion for anger, but it’s really that anger
is generally passion. I literally believe in
people and I care for people, and I want the best for people, and I know can do more and be more and sometimes I’ll yell because of it. I started attracting the
type of clientele I wanted, nobody thought less of me because I maybe swore once or twice, or five times, or 10 times. And even the business
and the marketing space, and the space I’m in now, I’ve had a lot of people tell me, hey, you should dress the
part, you should look the part. And although I’ve been
swayed in the past to do it, I’m not ashamed of my story, there’s pictures of me posing on my BMW and trying to be cool. Nowadays, I’m like, this
is me, this is what I do, this is my motorcycle,
this is what I enjoy to do. Here’s the ticket I got
yesterday because I speed a lot. Here’s is everything, take it or leave it, and I generally attract the
people I like to work with because, and I’m gonna end it with this. Because if you don’t
share your authentic self, if you make something up for your content, and then you get on a call
or you start with a client. And let’s say in your
content you’re not swearing, you’re trying to be really professional, you’re speaking in a weird way, and then that type of clientele
watches your video and says, you know what, I wanna
work with this guy or girl. And then they start working with you and within a week, you’re being yourself, there’s gonna be incongruency there and they’re gonna start questioning and they’re not gonna listen to you, it’s not gonna be a good relationship, and it’s not gonna be a
long-term relationship. So, be you, share your story. If you enjoy certain
weird things, share them, no one’s gonna judge you for them. Share you, like your complete self, everything you’ve got,
share it, don’t hold back. If you think you’re
weird, you probably are, but people like it, they
literally are attracted to that. So, I’m gonna end it there. Be your authentic self, and that’s it. I’m gonna go rip, try not to get a ticket. I got a ticket a few days
ago, which kinda sucks. (intense music) ♪ Feel the freedom ♪ ♪ Feel the freedom ♪

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