Autism. Stop discrimination. World Autism Awareness Day campaign video

Our stories start in childhood. It’s when we discover the world, meet our first friends and go to school. And little by little, day by day, we make our way towards adulthood. As adults we pursue vocational training, or go to university, We choose a career, we find a job, move into our own home or maybe start a family. For people with autism, it’s often a very different story. Autism is a lifetime condition of the brain that affects a person’s ability to understand the world around them, communicate with others, and interact socially Autism is a spectrum disorder. Meaning that people with autism share common traits, but autism affects each person in a different way. Approximately 1% of people have autism. This means one in every hundred people. People with autism face discrimination in all aspects of life. They are denied access to education, equal employment opportunities, and the possibility of living in the community with everyone else. And sometimes they are even locked up in institutions. Over time it all adds up, leaving people with autism more and more excluded from the society they live in. Under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, people with autism have equal rights to enjoy life just like everybody else. These include rights to education, employment and support. Given access to adapted education and the appropriate support, people with autism can make use of their strengths and live up to their full potential. We can all do something to stop discrimination and start including people with autism. Promote awareness and acceptance of autism! Show your support and Get involved! Post a message in support of World Autism Awareness Day! Share it on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #AutismDay2015 Autism. Stop discrimination World Autism Awareness Day. 2 April

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