Avengers 5 Hulk Announcement Breakdown – 5 New Marvel Movies Explained

I’m legally required by talk show rules
to ask you if we will see the Hulk again I do know that I did give Kevin Feige
the blockbuster award at the Hollywood Film Awards the other day mmm – a
smattering of applause and and he did say “hey do you think there’s any more
story left here” and I said I could probably come up with a few story lines
and he said “well maybe you should come in and we’ll have a talk”
you heard it here. the epic forces of darkness and light that have come in to
play again that’s the hero game. welcome back
everyone it’s Charlie so this is going to be my New Avengers 5 hope video there’s
also a bunch of new Marvel movies during Marvel phase 5 they just announced that
I’ll breakdown and there’s a bunch of deleted scenes of the Hulk from The
Avengers infinity saga box said we’re still doing that giveaway for that – all
you have to do to enter is be a subscriber and leave the Marvel phase 4
movie that you’re most excited about on the video I’ll start with the Hulk stuff
that Mark Ruffalo is talking about then talk about the Marvel phase 5 movies
then talk about the new deleted scenes that they just released of the Hulk just
going down the list top 5 style number 5 Mark Ruffalo has a couple Hulk
storylines he’s pitching Kevin Feige because as he said Kevin Feige really
wants the Hulk to come back during Marvel phase 4 Marvel phase 5 the funny
thing about that is that as most of you have probably realized Mark Ruffalo
still has a contract with Marvel and Kevin Feige can force him to come back
he doesn’t need to ask his permission to bring Mark Ruffalo back he can just say
we’re using you in this movie show up or we’ll sue you issues the Kevin Feige is
nice like that and he wants to get the actors input for their characters
especially when it’s going to be the ninth or tenth times that Mark Ruffalo has
portrayed that character in an MCU project when you include all the
post-credits scenes that he’s appeared in if you’ve been following the MCU
actors since avengers end game came out talking about the futures of their
characters at least the ones that are still technically alive Mark Ruffalo has
already said what his vision for future hulk is in the MCU in since they’ve
gotten so good with motion capture technology he can actually keep playing
that character for forever if he wants to but the big thing that he said he
wanted to do next was to be more of a professor Hulk mentor to the newer
younger characters coming up literal and metaphorical professor Hulk so he’s
talking about the Young Avengers but that’s not all of it so number four
young Avengers Hulk since Marvel announced that they were
working on eventually doing a young avengers project i’ve done a couple
videos about it everyone’s just been wondering which characters they put on
that team because of all those new disney plus series that they announced
we already have most of the original Young Avengers comic book roster there’s
cape bishop hawkeye debuting Cassie Lang from Avengers and game is stature Kamala
Khan Ms Marvel not debuting for a while but she’ll be around pretty soon
the adult version of Monica Rambeau who debuting during the one division series
remember she was a little girl during the Captain Marvel movie they recast her
as an adult for the Scarlet Witch envisioned TV show it if rumors are to
be believed Wiccan and speed who were supposedly going to be introduced in
some form during the wand division series as the children of Scarlet Witch
maybe Tom Hollands spider-man maybe Cherie because both of them are
still super young and then of course the she-hulk character Jennifer Walters that
stay buing a little bit later during Marvel phase 5 but looking at the
schedule here they can’t actually do an actual Young Avengers project until they
introduce all these characters which going by everything that they’ve
announced so far wouldn’t be till at least around 2022 or 2023 even if they
don’t have room in their theatrical release schedule for a Young Avengers
movie a six hour Young Avengers movie broken into six episodes on Disney Plus
would be just as good same amount of money you just get way more story with
those characters young Avengers versus came to conquer would be amazing
within that though Mark Ruffalo as he’s saying would just play a sort of mentor
role to them it also probably smashing some things during a final big battle
you don’t put the Hulk in a movie as the Hulk without letting him smash some
stuff but number three the other big project that the Hulk will be part of
during Marvel phase four much sooner would be the she-hulk series if you
don’t know what her origin story is basic explainer Jennifer Walters starts
as a lawyer who also just happens to be Bruce banners cousin she’s prosecuting a
bunch of criminals they shoot her before she can uncover what they’re doing but
Bruce Banner just happens to be in the area and because they have the same
blood type she’s quickly going out he transfuse ‘as his gamma-irradiated blood
into her to save her life it totally works she’s saved she wakes
up in a hospital bed but she’s surrounded by the criminals that
previously tried to end her disguised as doctors trying to finish her off
because her body’s now been infused with the Hulk’s gamma she transforms into the
savage she-hulk for the first time instantly healing all of her wounds
smashing through all the thugs beating a confession out of them leading to a
successful conviction where she gets them thrown in jail and she wins her
case the big difference between where she starts out and where Bruce Banner
Hulk started out is that she’s not quite as powerful but she still has her mind
and she can still speak like professor Hulk speaks really she starts out more
as a female version of professor Hulk than a female version of regular
Hulk the mindless version of the Holt is way more powerful for the most part she
spends her time as a criminal attorney for instance if spider-man needed some
help and daredevil were not available another good attorney in the MCU that
they’re introducing would be Jennifer Walters she-hulk
Mark Ruffalo would just participate in that series to give her her origin story
and mentor her through the process of what it means to be a Hulk
then she Hulk would cross over into the movies but they haven’t said which
movies she’s going to be in aside for him say like a Young Avengers project
number two though the five new Marvel phase 5 movies that they just announced
everyone got really crazy about this a couple days ago you probably saw the
news so Marvel announced dates for five new
movies after Black Panther 2 this is what the new schedule looks like after
that look at all these untitled movies that’s a lot of dates we know what some
of them are though so February 2022 right before Black Panther 2 is most
likely going to be ant-man 3 they just said that they were starting work on it right
now Michael Douglas accidentally let us know that they were going to start filming
it in early 2021 which means they’d be done and ready to release it February
2022 but here’s where we get to the really good stuff this is exciting
July right after Black Panther 2 is rumoured that that will be Marvel’s
Fantastic Four which kind of winds up being a big black panther Easter Egg for
a classic black panther Fantastic Four so if you haven’t read those original
Fantastic Four comics the Black Panther character debuted for the first time in
Fantastic Four number 52 in 1966 so introducing Marvel’s Fantastic Four for
the first time in a black panther to post-credit scene would be a huge Easter
Egg for those original comics October that year also exciting is rumored to be
Deadpool 3 Marvel is definitely going to make Deadpool 3 Ryan Reynolds has been
teasing that for Marvel phase 5 it’s just unclear how they’re going to brand
it and how they’re going to release it will they use Fox because Marvel
technically doesn’t release rated R films in Deadpool 3 is confirmed to be
rated R but number 1 all the 2023 Marvel movie is that next year so right now
based on when they said they’re starting production on guardians 3 that February
2023 movie seems like it’s going to be guardians of the galaxy vol 3
Captain Marvel 2 was mentioned at Comic Con that will probably take the mayor
state right after that they’re both space based franchises in Captain
Marvel’s area of space that she police’s with the Korean the scrolls is right
next to where the guardians of the galaxy typically operate
so maybe Captain Marvel post-credit scene during guardians 3 we already know
that spider-man 3 was confirmed by Sony and Marvel for July this year and then
the November movie is probably going to wind up being Marvel’s new blade because
Kevin Feige announced at a Comic Con but didn’t give it a specific date other
than to say it would be Marvel phase 5 those will be all the movie titles but
the order of a couple of the later ones might swish just a little bit between
now and when those come out because that is a long ways off biggest surprise for
me is that we probably won’t see Avengers 5 until 2024 which I’m totally
fine with and of course the Hulk would come back for Avengers 5 but I’m mostly
looking forward to right now is the new Marvel version of Fantastic Four and
x-men what are those going to look like who are they going to recast as the major
characters once they do that then we can start thinking about what the new
Avengers roster is going to look like so moving on to those new deleted scenes
that they released of the Hulk from infinity war in Avengers endgame there’s
the alternate ending where he bursts out of the Hulkbuster and there’s another
one with him in Black Widow finding him as Professor Hulk on the battlefield
where she almost passes out from surprise the Hulkbuster scene as cool as
it sounds is so unfinished in its current form that it looks like ps2
graphics but it’s still cool to think about what that might have been had they
finished it and put it in the actual movie The Black Widow Hulk alternate
ending is just another really nice moment with the two of them something
that you didn’t really get at the end of Avengers endgame when she sacrificed
herself for all of you that were upset that they didn’t include any scenes to
back up what he was saying to Captain America I tried to bring her back but
the stones wouldn’t let me you have to imagine that he also went into the soul
world just like Iron Man and Thanos did when they snapped the gauntlets if there
was anyone that he would have seen and spoken to in that soul world it would
have been Black Widow there’s a bunch more bonus features like this and
deleted scenes on the Avengers infinity saga box set so there any that I think
will make for an interesting video I will totally make videos about them some
of them are really cool but some of them just don’t work and you totally
understand why they got deleted I will keep that infinity saga box set giveaway
open until they drop the Black Widow Trailer in a couple weeks. everybody click here for that New Avengers What If trailer video
and click here for my brand-new Rick and Morty season 4 episode 2 video thank you so much for watching everybody stay awesome I’ll see you guys tonight!

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