Banner Security Class Update Process

Log into Banner and navigate to GWABSRQ Use the radio buttons at the top of the form to view all requests, or those with a specific status or within a certain time frame. To add a new request, click into a new record in the Account field, and either search for or just enter the user’s account name.   Next you will enter the security class. If you search for security classes, the list you see will include only the classes that your role allows you to request for your college.   If you enter a security class for a user that is already assigned to their account, an error message will display at the bottom of the form. Once you enter the Account name, security class, Add or Remove, and Save, the “Email Pending Requests” button will become active. You can click the “Email Pending Requests” button after each record you add, or wait and click it only after entering all of the updates. This time I’ll add an additional record and add a comment. Note that I have to click the “Add” radio button before I can enter a comment in the corresponding line below. I save my request, and now I’m ready to Email my Pending Requests.   Once requests are acted on, both the requester and the person whose access is being changed   will receive emails with information about the activity on the request. Separate emails are sent for each individual user’s account. The emails include any notifications related to the change request. In the GWABSRQ form, once requests have been acted on, the approval status and date information will display for each request. Requests that were not approved will be blank. Any comments associated with a request that was not approved will display in the associated line in the lower section of the form. If a request has not yet been acted upon by an approver, then that record can be updated in the form. However, once action has been taken by an approver on a submitted request,   if you need to make a change, you must submit a new request. This preserves the audit trail of security changes.   Questions about the security change process? Please email: [email protected]  

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