Bayer Shares Plummet As Lawsuits Over Monsanto’s Cancer Causing Roundup Have Doubled

It seems to have gone from bad to worse for
Bayer pharmaceutical ever since acquiring US seeds company Monsanto for $63 billion
last year. And now Bayer says that the number of cases
alleging that the company’s herbicide weed killers, including Roundup, have caused cancer,
have more than doubled over the past three years. In July, the company reported that 18,400
cases and that number ballooned to 42,700 cases by October 11th. Yeah, well already three US juries have ruled
against Bayer in cases brought by Americans claiming that Roundup caused their cancer. Shares in Bayer have plummeted by 30% since
the acquisition was completed in the summer of 2018 last year. So joining us now to go in depth, is host
of America’s lawyer, America’s lawyer himself, Mike Papantonio, Mike, thanks for being here. Good to be here. So let’s, yeah, let’s start with this claim
that Bayer is making that there is extensive scientific research, they say, showing that
the glyphosate based herbicides are safe and they say do not cause cancer. But again, three juries have already ruled
that they do. So how does Bayer overcome that? Well, they can’t. I mean, the truth is, it’s being clear now
that what the science they’re relying on is science that they paid for. They went out and found biostitutes that would
sign off on what it, whatever it is. They would actually write the article. It’s called ghost writing. They would write the article, they would take
it to a scientist or a doctor that wanted a little, make a little extra money on the
side, little extra money, half a million or $1 million simply to put their name on the
bottom of the document. It was all a lie. The clinical data was phonied up. The clinical conclusion was phonied up. But that didn’t stop, it didn’t stop scientists
that wanted to make this little extra money signing off on it, saying it. Because of that, there’s 42,000 lawsuits right
now and many, many people have been injured by Roundup and that number, I got to tell
you, it just keeps increasing. It’s going to continue increasing. Look, can you imagine being the people at
Bayer corporation who made the decision to buy Monsanto knowing that this liability case
was way, way beyond anything that was being publicized. It’s laziness. It’s corporate laziness. It’s a CEO and the advisor to the CEO at Bayer
who didn’t have enough sense to look behind the science and what they had coming at them
was, was these silk stocking wall street lawyers that were telling them, oh yeah, this is a
good merger. This is a good buy for you. So they purchased this for $62 million. They, obviously ignored the fact that the
claim, just right now, if this case were to settle today before these numbers increase,
they’re already looking at 15 to $16 billion just to make this go away. In another two months, another three months,
that number of 42,000 cases will be up to 70,000 and so the CEO for that person, first
of all, not to be fired and have all of the, all of the folks that advise them not to be
fired, cleaned out and said, you idiots bought a problem that’s going to cost us 15 to $17
billion. Knowing, knowing clearly that the science
showed a clear relationship between this product and cancer. So I mean you go tell me you’re more familiar
with the business world than I am. That what I’m familiar with is that we, the
way this was sold to them is they had these silk stocking lawyers that were charging two
thousand, three thousand dollars an hour telling them, oh yeah, this is fine. We’re okay. And then they get hit the first time, then
they get hit the second time, then they get hit the third time and I’m going to hit them
again at the first of the year. And the science is clear. They can try to dress it up any way they want. This is a losing proposition for Bayer and
Monsanto. They better get out of this case now. From a business standpoint, they better move
on right now. And it’s interesting that you mentioned the
thoughts of Bayer’s CEO because they’ve been making the point right now, that this huge
jump in lawsuits is because the surge in anti Roundup advertising on the plant, plaintiff’s
side now estimating that over $50 million on TV advertising alone has been spent in
the third quarter of this year. You know, how much of this actually has to
do with advertising and it’s actually people who have problems here? Think of how ridiculous that argument is. Okay. They’re complaining because people are advertising
and now all of a sudden people that say, yeah, I saw the advertisement and oh by the way,
I have non Hodgkin’s lymphoma and oh, by the way, I’ve been around Roundup for three years
at a really steady pace. I’ve been exposed to it. I’ve had it on my skin. I’ve breathed it in. Look for, for somebody to make the argument,
the only reason we have this problem is because advertising, that same idiot who makes that
statement should say, shouldn’t we have looked at this Bayer before we spent $62 billion
buying this useless company that’s been lying to the world for two decades. Now, Mike, real quick, before we go. That phonied up the science. I wanna stop you for a second because I have
one more question. We’re almost out of time. I want to get to this real quick. Bayer, they’re, they’re trying to engage in
mediation at this point, right? Trying to work something out. But it sounds like what they’re trying to
do, and I want to get your, your take on this as a lawyer is, is essentially get a settlement
which would cover potential future claims and then cap liability. About 30 seconds here, what do you think are
the chances of them actually getting that? Yeah, well, okay, look. Yeah. Okay. Here it is. The negotiator working on this case for the
plaintiffs is a dear friend of mine. He’s one of the best negotiators in the country. His name is Perry Weitz. If they don’t take a lead from Perry Weitz,
they’re going to be in trial for the rest of the life of that company. I can promise you. They have their one shot. The only person negotiating right now is Perry
Weitz. People like me who do this seriously for a
living, we have faith in Perry Weitz. If they don’t get it now, they’re going to
be 70,000 cases into this and it’s going to cost them far more than $17 billion. Mike Papantonio, host of America’s lawyer,
appreciate your time. Thank you.

42 thoughts on “Bayer Shares Plummet As Lawsuits Over Monsanto’s Cancer Causing Roundup Have Doubled

  1. glyphosate is scientifically proven to cause cancer of the lymph nodes. There are hundreds of other dangerous pesticides though. Buy organic when possible. Guide to pesticides in produce. =

  2. Yes!! Lets hope Bayer shuts down Monsanto!! Fast and hard. They have lied, cheated and poisoned thousands. And it's killing the bees too.


  4. Here's hoping Bayer gets everything they deserve…bankruptcy and prison! They KNOWINGLY poisoned their customers-isn't that a crime? Fines aren't enough to deter this abhorrent corporate behavior…prison for the owners, board members, CEO's and all.

  5. The founder of Bayer was a nazi gas chamber chemist..!?!
    Tell me that I am wrong.!!!
    Basically shows Monsanto for their lack of integrity and trust, within the perpetuaty of mankind's wellbeing..!?!
    Evil soulless murdering demon's..!!!.
    Inner peace to you and yours.x

  6. My sister's husband is dying because of Monsanto and ROUND UP. These corporate murderers should be locked up for life and I could care less if Bayer goes under.

  7. Bayer is from my area in Germany. I‘m still baffled how those CEOs thought i would be a great idea to buy the most hated company in history 😀

  8. "These lawsuits are increasing because of anti-Roundup advertising!"
    Translation: "People are being informed of dangers and their legal rights! That's not fair!"

  9. Unbelievable Bayer went through with the merger. These cancer cases could keep coming for years and years. I'd sue the lawyers and CEO's who approved the purchase.

  10. As a German I feel ashamed that Bayer is from Germany. Even though it will have a big negative impact Bayer should be closed and every one involved in the decision of buying Monsanto has to be stripped of their citizenship and thrown into jail forever. Extreme sub Trump level stupidity mixed with pure evil has to be punished.

  11. My Uncle just got cancer and his sons asked the Doc what is likely to have been the cause. Doc without looking up says straight out- Roundup.
    My Dad died from serum dioxin complications with Agent Orange..thanks Monsanto. I offer Police a $1 pre fine for my next traffic offence.

    Monsanto paid Australian Govt $20 millionish pre compensation so we cant sue them. Come on school shooters, Boardroom time.

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  13. Yes, the ones responsible for the purchase of Monsanto are stupid. They weren't aware of the Marches on Monsanto? They weren't aware of the countries banning vegetables genetically modified to withstand Roundup? They are truly out of touch and stupid and deserve to go bankrupt like every other company that places profits before people.

  14. Good. The only thing companies like this understand is their bottom line. They'll only change when they lose a lot of money. Hit them in their pocketbooks long enough and they'll force change, whether they want to or not.

  15. Wow… Just as big pharma was bad enough with Bayer, they shoot themselves in the foot by acquiring Monsanto and their baggage. And I feel no pity for them.

  16. I’m retired from doing commercial pest control and lot of the products we used had a Bayer on the label. BTW since I retired I had brain surgery to remove a cyst, one of my coworkers suffers from moderate to severe psoriasis and another passed away last year from ALS.

  17. 🏨🤔Sick minded corporations makes profits off selling cancerous material's in household products, fabrics, foods and in most chemical household items.. Such as, under arm deodorants wft (#1cause of breast cancer) Lead candle wicks, and air fresheners (lung cancers) & will markets, advertise, and manufacture their products and anything else that makes more reaped and Sown capitalistic profits, & #Gains at the costs of leading the peoples straight forwards, and onto chemo therapy treatments.. 🍿😉👌Now no one else should ever wonders😳 why does HC industries and Politrixions, sticks together like sheit on a fly, co conspirators whom does not supports pre existing awareness or pre existing conditions.😷🥂☻👌lol💬


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