Best Place for Video Marketing / Which Platform Should I Upload to??

hey guys welcome back to my channel my
name is Catherine Perry and I give you tips and tricks on how to build your brand
and bring your business into motion in today’s video you’re gonna learn
where is the best place for video marketing there are so many platforms
out there that it gets so confusing and sometimes it’s a little overwhelming but
in today’s video I’m gonna share with you where you should post your videos
you will first have to sit down and figure out which platforms you want to
stick with you need to know what your audience is who your audience is and
where they’re gonna be for example for me I want to work with businesses and
yes some people outside businesses because I do wedding videos but majority
is I want to help businesses grow through video so where do I go well I’m
gonna share with you my my platforms that I use but that you need to figure
out which platforms that you should use and once you know which platform that
you want to be on that’s where you should be posting your videos video as
I’ve said in the past is a great way to connect with your audience so why not
post a video and share who you are and what your business bet there are a lot
of platforms out there but I’m gonna give you a few just to share with you
the main ones and then if there’s anything inside that then obviously you
would be on that so there are seven platforms that I think that are really
big right now and that could be a platform that you could be going on so I
want to share them with you so just that you know what they are the first one is
YouTube the second one is Facebook the third one is Twitter the fourth one is
Instagram the fifth one is LinkedIn the sixth one is snapchat and the seventh
one is tik-tok and those are no order at all I just off the top of my head those
are the ones that I know that are pretty popular right now so knowing those
platforms are out there which one do you think is the platform that you should be
on now I would suggest to you to at least pick three so that you can be
spreading your your business edit a little bit you’re not just stuck to one
so at least pick three so that you can work with those
so the first the first tip that I give to you is fish sit down and figure out
which platform is the best for you and we just went over that I’ve given you a
list you need to figure it out you need to sit down through your ideal client is
– business – business so I’m gonna focus on maybe staying with LinkedIn or are
going on youtube or on Facebook now I actually am on Instagram Facebook
Linkedin Instagram and Twitter but not necessarily am I on all of those all the
time I like to stick with LinkedIn for business stuff I’m getting more into
that and the video on there is the organic reach is amazing so I like to go
on LinkedIn because I’m business-to-business and there’s a lot
of professionals on their Facebook I like to do a little like journaling
almost of my own and then Instagram I love posting insta stories and Instagram
posts it’s just something I enjoy a lot and that’s super popular platform the
second thing that I suggest to you is specific contents for specific platforms
now this is very a self-explanatory you need to have specific content you can’t
you could reuse and post your YouTube video to LinkedIn but they’re totally
different world so you need to know that first so if you post it on YouTube you
can’t really necessarily post the same video on LinkedIn but you could possibly
post it on Facebook so you need to think about obviously which platforms if you
don’t want to be on YouTube then go to Facebook it’s just you need to sit down
and figure out which one you’re going to be on so Facebook is great for lives if
you want to get into video Facebook is a great way to start for with lives it’s
also you can post videos on there they like to have videos that are longer than
3 minutes but I’ve it’s shorter than 3 minutes that’s totally fine it’s just a
preference that Facebook has but you know what
posting short videos on there is not bad an example of this is nos daily he posts
like a one-minute video every day for a year or something like that
and he got a huge amount of people following him so not necessarily is less
than 3 minutes of bad thing but they do prefer more than four
three minutes YouTube is longer so they liked from five to ten minutes that’s
their sweet spot and they focus on watch time so the more watch time you have on
a video the better the bore it’s gonna get out there and more you’ll be on the
rise so more people can see it so that’s specifically for YouTube so you can
already see the difference between Facebook and YouTube when it comes to
video Instagram is another platform and you have instant stories you have posts
and you have a GTV within that so that’s a lot of stuff within one platform so
you would honestly just choose one because I find it’s a little
overwhelming if you can do all three go for it but I say choose one and just go
with it I like to use instant stories now you
can use in stories behind the scenes you can also do pre make videos and just
upload them to insta stories which is kind of cool so I’ve seen some people in
the past do that there’s also posting on to instagram
itself so they allow up to one minute for a post but if you want to upload it
and put it into a chi TV you can go as long as you want
pretty much I’ve seen some five to ten minute videos on IG TV so that’s another
great option LinkedIn is becoming the fast spot for
videos as I said just previously Lincoln’s organic Reach is amazing right
now and it’s kind of the Facebook 2013 Facebook kind of era they’re just so
much reach on your posts so the great thing about it LinkedIn is this very
professional and people want to know stuff quick so they don’t necessarily
want 5-10 minute videos they want anywhere from 30 seconds to maybe three
minutes tops on a video and the videos are more specific the more business
either more professionals and want to know details but having improve their
business so that’s why I like to stick on LinkedIn
also in LinkedIn I will note this that their captions is huge because people
say are sometimes maybe in a busy spot they don’t want the sound to be loud
they like captions they like to read it even on any platform the captions is
huge so if you are going to do a video on LinkedIn it’d be preferable if you
did captions with it but not necessary so number three is micro content now
I’ve talked about this in the past my previous videos but micro content is a
great way to utilize what you’ve got it’s a great way to utilize content that
you have if you don’t have time to make content specifically for each platform
maybe take snippets of the YouTube video that you just posted garyvee like I said
in the past he’s a great advocate for this he takes content micro content from
his long videos on YouTube and post them on other platforms now these snippets
are specific and he wants to get a point across he always has a tidbit that he
wants to share so that’s a great way to utilize what you’ve got if you don’t
have the time just take it from the YouTube video or the content that you
have doing this micro content it helps keep you active on other platforms you
don’t want to be posting one week and then the next week nothing and the week
after doc nothing and then oh I have five videos right so this is a great way
to keep active weekly on your other platforms it comes down to which
platform is the best platform to post videos it’s up to you because honestly
each platform is unique you can’t just specifically say this one it’s going to
be the best that is it for today I hope you enjoyed the video don’t forget to
Like and subscribe if you like the video and as always guys don’t forget to you
create adventure and live to inspire have a good one you

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  1. Insightful Catherine and I love how you broke down the importance of video marketing as a whole and how to choose based around who your ideal client is.
    I’m mainly YT but I dabble in LinkedIn and Facebook for lives which I usually use to point my audience to YT ✨

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