This is my first time in KaoHsiung, I have no idea what to get I have no idea where to go But I knew I wanted to try some good Street food, and when I asked my local friends where Ishould go. This is the place they pointed me to “duck meat chen” the name of the shop means duck meat so of course That’s what they serve here every part of the duck this shop has been around for over 65 years And I didn’t know this but there a lot of shops around Taiwan all these serve is duck meat and here They’re one of the best. I mean just look at it I came here at 7:30 this place closes at 8:00, and it’s still packed and what’s really popular Here is the duck over rice and just looking at it. I see a lot of duck meats I see fatty pork it kind of looks like the braised pork over rice except for it has duck in here also I got a plate which is just a cut-up plate of duck meat I got a shoot with a bunch of random inners in there. I’m telling you guys I am so excited because I love duck and just take a look at this little pieces of melting pork belly slices of pretty lean duck meat and the fat and grease from that duck and the bacons already seeping into the rice lookit look at the Bottom of this rice, that’s all flavor right there, let me just take a spoonful I’m not even bothering on my chopstick some poor rice duck meat Welcome to KaoHsiung to me if you don’t like melty fat, if you don’t like a lot of flavor You’re not gonna like this and we can really never be friends go rice look at this. It’s just Soaked in this fat, and this is a combo fat right here pork fat in duck fat The meat is lean is nice and sure I feel like that’s why they had the bacon in here the big thing is lending their Duck some fatties keeping a warm. This is so fatty I need to add a little bit of spice on to this to kind of balance it out This rice is ridiculous, it does taste like the braised pork over rice I had a gene phone in Taipei, but that just tastes a lot heavier It’s just a lot fattier because all it is is just bacon and melty pork back here doesn’t work bad You get that duck fat to give it a little more flavor I think that’s a nice shoe of the meat itself, and I see that they don’t really put any fatty meat in here It’s all pretty lean duck. That’s really just a plate companion to the bacon. I don’t try to paste on this plate this plate I feel like it’s really just about the natural flavor of the duck because even though it’s not seasoned as you chew it the Fat releases into your him now look at all that nice duck fat just stored inside Every more solve this meats, but they do give you a dipping sauce and they give you a little ginger But let’s take the ginger take some beans take it for a little swim in the dipping sauce That’s all about the duck the sauce is nice little sweet little Fermented the ginger gets rid of any of the gaminess of the duck I need another bite here This place the duck is the star this might be the most simple stretch down on adulterate a most natural plate of duck I’ve ever need sit. I feel like that’s what this place does its just highlight that duck. Oh actually ham Sorry, my soup is getting cold. This is duck energy soup. I think there’s liver and intestine geezers oh I Think I’m sure on some of the stomach lining Not unpleasant, that’s the reason they have all that ginger in here the jigger really takes away the gaminess of the duck Oh, that’s nice. I love good again. The soup is not overly salty It’s not seasoned much at all But oh my goodness is this nice you like your duck roast it with tons of seed me on the skin Where you like Peking duck or if you like your duck sitting in a bed of sauce this is definitely not the place with you But if you want some good quality needs made in cheek dishes that doesn’t cover up at all It’s natural delicious fatty flavor And this is where you need to be I’m gonna go back to my rice a little bit I mean, this is so good. I don’t think I can ever look at Donald or Dappy the same way again Sorry take a spoonful of duck for little chili, and I’m just gonna ask some inners onset liver little stomach Oh That livers nice this is definitely my favorite I mean anything with bacon just could highlight it right. This is so good I’m getting a second Bowl this although the night is still young this is only my first stop So I’m gonna knock this down now. I’m gonna knock down another one I’m gonna finish my big bowl of duck inner soup and we’re gonna go get more food I feel like for the next stop, I’ve got to head up a night market and of all the night market here in Kaohsiung, Ruifeng night market is supposed to be worth of let’s go Saturday night in this night market is packed. There are a ton of food stalls here, and I’m still starving so whatever looks good I’m just gonna start eating First food item of the night I was walking by I thought this was a corndog But it’s just a massive chicken wing and I’m thinking did this chicken just work out or something. How come its bicep is so huge? But actually the chicken wasn’t working out it just has a lot of rice stuffed in here look at this It looks like a corndog or chicken on steroids or something and I don’t even know how to even begin eating this Erm Guess I’m gonna just take a bite, this is this is a cumin flavor massive chicken bicep a Lot of rice wrap the chicken meat itself is not that much actually I don’t really think there’s any chicken meat in here I think it’s mainly just chicken skin, but the rest of it is just rice not just rice, It is coconut rice really interesting flavor very coconutty very cumin e Surprisingly not very chickeny. I mean there’s children in here, but it’s really about the rice There’s some red stuff inside the rice. I think it’s sausages if you manage to mean one of these you can you can go home because you’re gonna be stuffed you’re gonna be as stuffed as this chicken wing not my favorite thing of the night the chicken and the rice is really dry I do like the spices on the outside very cumin even spicy Wow that’s chicken I Really need some moisture after eating that this is really popular Taiwanese night market drink is called frog’s laying eggs Yep, some frog eggs in here Frog eggs I really taste like tapioca balls But and the difference between these pearls and the ones you’ll find in bubble milk tea is that these pearls are made with brown sugar and sweet potato starch, it’s not made with tapioca and that gives it a In general I feel I get this a little softer a little more mushy definitely refreshing Just like you know regular frog eggs. Don’t ask me how I know that This look interesting peppers snails Do I love snails not really but I don’t know sometimes you see something covered in pepper He’s gotta eat it and just oh my goodness. Oh there it is there it goes that is steamy huh look at this Wow smells really peppery That’s not bad I don’t really taste the pepper though, and it’s kind of fishy This really caught my eye, it looked like really colorful marbles, but this is actually it’s like a food jello ball And there’s different types of food inside see some watermelon pineapple Dragon fruit this is beautiful right yeah, the world definitely looks prettier through one of these. Hope they taste as good as they look That’s pretty good, how’s watermelon? I’m gonna be less of a barbarian use my little plastic fork It’s really interesting the jello is not too. Starchy. It’s actually pretty watery and it’s kind of refreshing I It breaks apart in your mouth. there’s consistency to it not chewy. Once you chew it, it kind of scattered, but really juicy and nice You guys see this yes, did you guys see how this was done? She basically transforms shrimp a little octopus and like and like some crab into a fossil This is now an edible like seafood Fossil, it’s a craziest thing you can still see the the octopus. You can see the shrimp. You can see the little crab I don’t know how this will taste, but at least this interesting as heck It seems like a cracker I got seafood cracker and I want to get a piece of the octopus, so I’m just gonna like Break that off a little bit all right. We’re we’re making our way in It’s like a work of art. I’m kind of destroying it. I feel a little bad so the octopus Breaks apart just like it’s just like the rest of this cracker I taste like seafood flavor. I don’t necessarily taste the octopus anymore at the very least the texture is totally gone It’s all crispy so here’s a piece of the octopus ahead This seems like a really nice seafood cracker, and I’m gonna be such a crab right here The crab and the octopus it kind of tastes similar it just changed a little seafood II like a really fresh seafood cracker which basically That’s what does this, but what I really like about this is you get the sheet right you see all the seafood imprints I just think this really interesting actually you know I might do I’m gonna get another one of these and hang on my wall and the next time somebody comes over and asked me what it is I’ll tell them is a prehistoric fossil, which this kind of looks like that, and I’m just gonna bring up a piece of eat it I Like takoyaki, I never seen a takoyaki the size of a snowball before it’s got some crazy stuff in there shrimp You got some squid mushrooms tomatoes. I think piece of squash also aa piece of broccoli something I made his way in there, and I’m not really into broccoli, but I really want to have a softball sized. Takoyaki That’s steaming oh, there’s also corn in here That’s pretty good Takoyaki Letici big crunchy on the outside. He’s got really good flavor. Ah charge shrimp Only thing I’m not big into is this broccoli. I’m gonna put aside also what I like doing it. Just pretend I’m eating a big squid tasting softball Roasted pig knuckles ever seen is that night market before It’s good meaty gelatinous, I just wish the skin was a little more crispy This cooked off I don’t know what sauce they put on this in beginning, it’s a little sweet They serve it to you with some raw onions Three 100% need the onion the onion helps cut down on that fat, because this is all fat I don’t even know if I could eat this small box of knuckles this just might be a little too much fat for me I Had duck today. I had a lot of meat today. This is so hard to get down that Pig knuckle was so fatty I needed to grab a drink. This is a really popular Taiwanese night market drink. This is high up milk I need something I feel like my whole head is transyl just like a big round gelatinous ball oh That’s really helpful. I kind of wish I got a drink that looked a little more refreshing because this does have milk in there But at this point, I just needed something And this is delicious This is really interesting it’s a Peking Duck wrap so you got the white going on the outside? This is like the Chinese white, bun You got it this little fried dough crisp some vegetables onions cucumbers shredded duck and what I’m thinking is Sweet flower sauce on the inside I Can’t taste the duck. Where is the duck? Yeah, the duck is missing yeah? I’m gonna look for the duck. I’ll be right back that wasn’t a duck I Can taste the fried dough and tasted the cucumber. I’m not tasting the duck. I swear I saw her put dozen here This is really weird this should called this a Chinese veggie Bun wrapped with up with a crispy dough inside and a little bit of duck instead of you know a duck wrap This guy is making mochi guys really good like couple spoons a minute mochi I Couldn’t do this one. I got bolder It’s pretty so jiggly and good at dancing and stuff looking to move. I don’t know about you That’s hot that looks hot to me. It’s wow it is. Gentle. It’s like the blob except where it’s a matcha blob It’s really no good way to do this sorry Nice shuttle matcha flavor little gooey a little sticky It’s not as chewy as I thought it would be but it’s not bad for 30 cents all right guys I think that’s it. I’m gonna call mercy for tonight. Oh, thank you. Thank you This was was a lot of fun. I think that my favorite things that you tonight was the duck obviously and surprisingly I really loved that giant size. Takoyaki the fossil record was good and definitely every single drink I’ve had which has been a lot And I definitely see the differences between night markets here in southern Taiwan and the ones in Taipei so really glad I came here Fantastic food day, and I gotta go back to the hotel rest up because tomorrow tomorrow is really exciting I don’t want to give away too much, but There’s some food involved as always all the places I went to is listed in my description box below I don’t think I have any individual stall numbers where I got all the food But guys just do what I did show up at the night market and eat whatever looks good alright. I gotta go Thank you so much for watching though until we eat again. I’ll see you later

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