Big Announcement from Dhruv Rathee | YouTube Earnings Revealed

Greetings, friends We have now crossed more than One Lakh subscribers on this YouTube channel. This is a big achievement. And for this, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for showing support. I believe that the time has come for this YouTube channel to gain new heights, Take it to a whole new level I would like to make a big Announcement in this video in that regard. but before that I would like to answer a small question that maybe comes crosses your mind as well How much money do I earn from YouTube? Come lets see So friends, here when I talk about money, it’s just the money that is earned through Google Ad sense. Like I have told you all before There is no political party, no media house, no corporate company, giving me money There is not even an individual from outside of my family who has given me money to make my videos, till today. Except from some distant relatives, who sometimes come and gift me money on my birthdays. So to the people who are not aware of how YouTube revenue works, I can explain, There are ads that play before a video on YouTube the advertisers pay money to YouTube for hosting those ads A portion of that money, about 55% is given by YouTube to the creators who make the videos. Now the exact amount of payment, further depends on a lot of things. Firstly, it depends on the number of views that the video has got, then, it depends on the title of the video along with the content in it that is being shown. So with every video the revenue is different. Thus it cannot be predicted beforehand as to how much money can be gained from a particular video. But, I can still give you an approximate range to understand An estimate to basically tell you how X number of views earns you X amounts of money. This amount is for every “Ten Thousand” views Approximately one earns somewhere between $1-2 dollars per view, generally for each video. This is what I have experienced. I have seen so many different rates online, but I have seen this throughout my history with YouTube that the rates have been the same. Here, I would like to show you guys something, say for example, in this month, I have approximately got 1 million views, and the total earnings from this month is somewhere about $145 dollars. Now this also fluctuates a lot Here is an example to show you just that, this is a video that got 123,000 views but this video only earned me $8 So it fluctuates a lot, and thus, it cannot be said for sure as to how much money one will get from a particular video. So Friends, till this moment I had taken my YouTube channel as a hobby. I had not taken it very seriously. All the videos I have made I made them because I was passionate about making it, and I was somewhat irregular while making those videos There were often such topics on which I wanted to make videos, but, I could not manage to find enough time for it. But now, I think, since we are about “One Lakh People” on this YouTube channel. I see a lot of potential here. And I wish to make it even bigger. I want to make it like a regular “News Show” And for this, I need all the support I can get from you guys. Because of this I am launching this PATREON service. To all the people who don’t know about it. is a crowdfunding, as well as a social media website, on which you can basically help fund and support all your favorite creators. You can contribute small-small amounts of money in exchange for which, you will get the opportunity of unlocking exclusive rewards. And together we will be able to achieve a certain goal. Now, If you are wondering as to why I have chosen only Patreon and not something like PayTm or say any other random website in that matter, which provides links for donation, there are many reasons behind it. The first and the foremost reason is that: is not just a crowd funding website but it is in itself a social media website as well. I wish to use it to discuss with you on your ideas and suggestions. A lot of you people send me good ideas and suggestions every now and then. But what happens is that, there are too many messages that I receive through Facebook, whats app and Twitter every day. Each day I get 100-200 of them. Hence, it becomes very hard for me to filter them out. More than half of the messages are like “Hi”, “Hello” “Good morning sir!” ,”Thank you Bhai!” 😀 I mean, I do appreciate all these messages. I appreciate each and every good message I come across. I don’t appreciate them, who call me anti-national. but often, I miss out on the good suggestions. It really becomes very difficult at times to filter them out. So what will happen on Patreon is that, the people who will join it by giving 100-150 Rupees. Only they will be allowed to comment on the discussions. Hence there will be only genuine discussions happening on this forum related to work. There will be no jokes over here and unnecessary trolling. Thus, we will be able to hold discussion about most pressing issues and new methods in an efficient manner. Practices that will help us improve our country. And also help Improve the citizens of our country. And then we will implement these practices. The second reason behind using patreon is that: All the donations that happen on Patreon are transparent. You can check it out on my page anytime you want, 24×7 the number of people donating on my patreon page. The third reason is that every time you donate, your donations are encrypted and secure. Because, It is a very well established website. Also, every time you donate, you will receive a response. You also get a reward in return for your donations. It’s not as if you are putting your money through PayTm and then completely forgot about where the money went. You are entitled to rewards based on the amount of money that you are donating. Now, I would like to tell you all about the various tiers of this Reward system. i.e What you will get in return for donating a certain amount of money. I have chosen these myself. The first reward category is that of a Blue Patron. A patron is someone who contributes to the creation of something. Like, You will be the Patron and I will be the creator. So, Blue Patron is the basic category which opens up access to everything. You will be able to see all the exclusive posts on You will get access to watching select videos that I will put on Patreon. You will also get to see exclusive photos and behind the scene photographs. You will also be able to participate in every discussion, every weekly discussion. And obviously you will be able to chat directly with me. Send and share with me things that you think are important. It will ensure that your message reaches me without getting lost in the thousands of messages that come in. The price is very basic. I have kept a bare minimum amount for this. So that more people are able to join it. The amount is in “Dollars” because is a website made in U.S.A. but it is not of a concern, because Patreon accepts money from all types of currency and converts it automatically. The next category of reward is a Bronze Patron. at $5. Which will enable you to vote for your favorite topics to be made into a video. I will give out a list of topics before I make any video and Bronze Patrons will get to choose from the topics. So, the Patrons will be able to vote on these specific topics based on their importance to make that video first. Then there is the category of Silver Patron. Where you will get the opportunity of sharing with the world your thoughts and opinions, through my Facebook page. After this comes the Gold Patron. Where you will be able to participate on monthly google hangout discussions. You will be able to take part in video chat. Which will happen every month. Which will again, enable us to hold forth communications swiftly. The Gold patron will also have the opportunity to have their name mentioned as a gold patron in the end credits of the video. After this comes The Diamond Patron as well as the Platinum Patron. You can read in detail about it on After this there is the option of a Sponserer at $75. In this tab, I would want to take your product, service, organization or any other personal issue and make a video on it or share it like an ad in my video. Now, there are a lot of conditions that apply to it. First of all, I would not share or advocate anything that goes against my own set of principles. And the next is that, I would prefer small scale companies from among you. Those of you who are entrepreneurs, who have a newly launched company. I would like to advertise such ventures so that there is a boost to entrepreneurship. Thus the price has been set not too high, neither too low. Its kept at $75. And obviously It not that I would let anyone have any ad they want endorsed by me. Like some “Baba” who may say, hey look there is this new song that I just released. So, please can you upload it on your YouTube channel and share it as an ad. So that I get promotions.. It’s not like that! Until and unless I agree, It would not happen. So, its better that if in case, you wish to sponsor me, you could personally write to me and ask me beforehand. Now lets come to the GOALS. If It can achieve $100 per month then I will make a regular “weekly news” service where I will talk about all the news that has been purposefully toned down and muted by the media. there is an abundance of such news. Like in this week only, A whistle-blower related to VYAPAM scam. The father of the whistle-blower was hit and run over by a car. Most of the reporting agencies have not shown it on media. I will also talk about important news that is trending but would only mention them as headlines as fast as I can. So that more news is covered and articulated. To enable you to have a weekly report, a summary of the most important news. Only about the News That Matters. The next goal I have set forth is at a target of $400. If this is achieved, then I will launch a distinct and unique initiative. Which I have named ANONYMOUS GROUND REPORTERS INITIATIVE. What will happen here is that, We are One Lakh people from different parts of the world who are also spread across different parts of the country. I think that there is a great potential in each and every one of us. To pick up our cameras and make videos about local issues that are happening around you. So one way you will all be working as reporters. All of us together, One lakh people from different different places. Whenever there is an issue or an incident what does the news channels usually do? They send their reporters to the place of incident. But, what is different about us is that someone of us will be living in close vicinity to the place of incident. Someone who can pick up their camera and report on the ground situation, by making a video. They can choose to show their face on camera or otherwise choose to hide it, the point is that this will enable us to report on the ground situation. I would like to give you an example to help you better understand. There is an Aarey Forest in Mumbai. Which is on the verge of being finished off by a builder-political mafia. In such a scenarios what will happen is that, In case if I need to make a video on it then I will ask you people, and those of you who live close to Aarey forest in Mumbai They will go into that forest And then make a video examining the ground reality of the situation. Which will reveal how much forest land has been deforested, illegally occupied and destroyed by the builder mafia. Then I will use that video clip in my video to report on the ground situation of that place. This will help create general awareness among people about local issues. And at the same time, if the person who is in the field reporting on that issue, If they want to keep themselves anonymous, to stay safe from the mafia builders then they can readily do so. They can chose to not reveal their identity. I will instead take on that liability, use my face and use that video to spread the news to the rest of the world. Friends, If you are unable to understand anything then you can ask me in the comments below. In fact if there is any kind of question, anything that comes to your mind that you wish to say, you can write it down in the comments below. Similar to how when I crossed 50,000 subscribers, I had done a Q&A session. A questions and Answer session I wish to do the same on having crossed 100,000 subscribers. So type in your questions and queries in the comments below. Also, In the description below I am leaving the link to my Patreon Page Where you can go and read in detail about the various reward categories and conditions. and also offer your contributions. So lets begin our work Friends, to make our country more conscious and aware. Will see you in the next video. Thank You!

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