Big Chungus eats the universe

[Nailing Board] That will hold him alright. (No it won’t) [Runs away] [slam] Here comes the great……. Big Chungus. [Sticks Carrot in mouth] [Chews] Grows and grows and grows… This is getting intense! [Carrot grows out of the ground] [more chewing] [even more rumbling] [still more chewing] [more loud rumbling] [ear rape audio combined with rumbling] Biggest Chungus

100 thoughts on “Big Chungus eats the universe

  1. Omg this sucks so bad this animations so fucking up This little chungs is bitch you wanna fuck up Bitch YOU SHUT OF A BITCH SHIT YOU AS HOLE HAHAHAHAHAH FUCK UP ASHOKE

  2. big chungus uno reverse

    Naruto Runners and Kyle's has left the chat

    Thanks:dang it…

    Area 51: survives raid

    Memes Deletes

    Donald Trump:Am I a joke to you?

  3. Big chungus mom: you’ll grow out of carrots soon. You’re getting to big
    Big chungus: eats tree
    Big chungus mom: THATS NOT WHAT I MEANT
    Big chungus: eats mom

    Also that one tree that wasn’t eaten lmao

  4. Teacher:
    who knows how the big bang happened?
    I know!
    teacher: ok
    big chungus went into the future and farted after he ate the" universe"

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