Billy Mack – Death of a Salesman Interview

My name’s Billy Mack and I’m playing Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman well he’s a man in turmoil he’s reaching the end of his career he’s looking back he’s got nothing to show for it he’s got nothing
to hand on to his family he’s lived a lie most of his life was once a successful salesman
but has dwindled and failed and keeps thinking if he had just had the right opportunities
the right breaks he could have been something different it’s an emotional rollercoaster
y’know because you you can see where he’s trying to come from y’know and you just
think stop it stop it stop it but unfortunately he doesn’t know how it’s of its time but
it’s so relevant today for anybody who’s got children who’s got aspirations and when
they’re looking back it’s it could be set in a modern day environment I’m very
much focused in on this little world that I can reflect and see and this guy’s just
helping me with his lines to to tell that story the story of the wee man if you like
who’s trying to make it for himself and for his family and it’s just not working

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