Blogging Tips – How to create clickable images and banners

Hello and welcome to this video. My name is
Benjamin and please forgive me form y bad english but english is not my main language
i am from Austria but i think you will understand what i have to say. Okay lets start. In this
video i will show you how to create this clickable banners for your blog on your wordpress blog
like this one the side. If i click on this banner it links me to a landingpage and i
show you now how to create this very easy. First you have to login in your wordpress
blog and than go to posts. Please forgive me my wordpress is in german but i think in
english it calls posts and than click create, create a new post. Than you have to click
here to insert media or insert picture. You can grab images from your Mediathek it calls
in german or from your computer its not a big thing i take this one. Insert and now
thats your image. Than click to the image visable or text. you can see the html code.
Every image has an html code and its generated for you and its ready. All you have to do
is go back to visable than click on this image. and than go to insert link. When you click
you can insert every link you want. You can send your customer everywhere you want. You
can click here let me think a little bit. Okay i think i link this to youtube. http
okay. And when i click here i can look to my post and when i click the image now it
sends me to youtube. Perfect, thats it and you can grab the html code. Back to the post.
When you click here on text thats the new html code. All you have to do is grab this
code with copy and paste. Than go to widgets and
all you have to do is grab okay where is one
moment okay here grab it and drop it back here than insert this here click this little
arrow and here you can insert your html code. paste save. Now lets look lets take a look
thats the new banner and when i click on this banner it links me to youtube. Yeah thats
it and if you like the video please subscribe to my channel click like and leave me a comment
and yes i hope i see you on the next video. Bye. Okay me friend please wait a minute.
I am just curious. Would it be okay for you to learn how to generate 28 leads a day for
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4 thoughts on “Blogging Tips – How to create clickable images and banners

  1. Thanks, Ben

    I learned a lot from just this one video. Absolutely awesome! 

    Thanks again!!!!

    Robert Cottom

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