Bloomberg campaign cuts ties with company that used prison labor to make campaign calls

100 thoughts on “Bloomberg campaign cuts ties with company that used prison labor to make campaign calls

  1. Most of America does now and whether they know or not it's wrong. This idea that if you don't know what's wrong and it's happening it's okay, it is really a bad one.

  2. Please play one reason the majority of America for-profit prisons to be closed. We shouldn't have any privatization in our government profit off of people. Ever. People over profits please

  3. I knew some of them phone calls from bill collectors or scam calls that say their bill collectors all the robocalls all the scammers I knew they were from prison you can tell by the way they talk they are prisoners that's why they act so evil

  4. All bs. All socialists love slave labor.
    That's why they want to disarm the Citizens. They want the Citizens disarmed so they can control every aspect of their lives.
    In other words turn them into slaves.

  5. Yeah, he's giving prisoners jobs. For $0.86 an hour while the correctional facility pockets a full minimum wage for their labor. Is it any wonder the U.S. has the highest rate of incarceration and recidivism in the world? Corporations need the slave labor.

  6. Why stop? Sounds like a perfect match. I know that I already associate criminality with Democrats. Double down commies.

  7. This guy is the type to only fix his horrible wrongdoings once he is called out on it. A real leader would have known this and ended it, but that stuff doesn’t make the news so we don’t know who they are. I don’t want a reactionary president, must be proactive.

  8. Really Bloomberg bought himself into an election again. This isn't N.Y.C. it's the U.S.A. save your money for banning soft drinks or fruit cups in plastic. Whatever. Retire the country is doing good. Stop hating. 🗽🗽🗽

  9. He's Already Bought Virginia.
    His money needs to be stopped.

    I am SO SORRY for the citizens of Virginia.
    They are ground zero right now.
    Fight on for your Sacred Rights or they will be taken from you.

  10. Slave labor… I guess it was bound to be exposed sooner or later.
    And a Democrat using slave labor in the US… LOL… perfect.

  11. Bloomberg is a Dolt. Democrats have been speaking out against Billionaires for years….it's all the "progressive left" can talk about. He's not gonna be their candidate.

  12. We the people of United States decline 2 give up our second amendment rights stop trying to take our gun you're not going to I promise you

  13. Why doesn't he have them over for dinner and drinks when their released!! I HATE Oldier than DIRT rich SCUMBAGS that think they own the world. Hmm…if I was Bloomberg I would be looking over my shoulder for the next few years. I would imagine some of these guys might wanna paycheck from this scumbag!!

  14. I don't trust any of the left liberals…They are after money, power and attention to themselves…They are not honest

  15. Bloomberg the multi Billionaire who stands head and shoulders above mere billionaires builds his empire on the sweat of chained up prisoners … Now his concealed evil has been exposed to the light of day … may the stench seeping out of his dead heart be remembered with every frozen smile.

  16. He is right…This is about not who is shameless or who isThis is about who is willing to respect the sovereignty of people…Wjho follows the real constitution..We are seeing less and less of our privacy being respected…There are cameras everywhere even in some televisions sets they have cameras and in the iphones too…You should cover your lap tops and iphones and tv's…Who is serving whom…? Are the people being served like they should be or does the corrupt left expect us to serve them? The corrupt left should come to realize they need to start following the real constitution, not the one they are following which is a fake one put in place but deep state…and start thinking quickly because we the people can see them and their ill intentions clearly…

  17. Bloomturd is done, but not because of this. This is a symptom of a very inept person. As a typical Democrat, he failed to do his research (at best, maybe he did know), then feigned disgust when he got caught. Best case, he's an idiot, worst case, he's a lying crook. Neither is good, or fit for office.

  18. Disgusting! But what the hell! Crooks worked for the Clinton's and Obama! What else is new? And besides, the Clinton's and Obama are crooks themselves and still walking free. Bloomberg using prisoners is like a captive audience. It is slave labor.

  19. But yet Trump could hire a so called staff to rip students off at a Criminal ran college forced to shut down. A federal judge closed down a fake non profit charity company giving Trump a court order to pay back 2 million dollars go figure. I am not for Mike but I could see this as a honest mistake if a contractor did not reveal who they hire on their backgrounds and it is Mike's fault for not checking the contractor further. But I can't say Trump had no knowledge of the stealing of students finances in Trump University nor can I say that Trump did not have knowledge of his fake non profit charity as both was proven. Trump signed off on the prison reform bill saying people deserve a second chance, well where is the chance here or was this another lie?

    What about giving those LEGAL CITIZENS WHO ARE FORMER CRIMINALS Trump signed into law on this prison reform bills allowing them to work and get freedom again but yet Trump managers hires ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to work his golf resorts. A person can't say Trump did not know about that with all the golf Trump plays at his own businesses. So hmm 🤔.

  20. In Bloomberg add he doesn't even have enough balls to say Merry Christmas. So you can bet he doesn't have enough balls to stand up for us the people of America

  21. …and, hopefully for them, the Bloomberg Campaign will cut ties to the anti-freedom, anti-gun, self-righteous tyrant they are promoting…leave Bloomberg in the mansion and leave the country alone….

  22. How many more years must people even atempt to believe his media of its ok to lie to stay in power and open boaders expation curses and leading those to media rather tjen addresing the gov like sn alley gard buah some how for got this is the untied states not the untied kingdom or canada when doing infastucture and there frion insurents from other countrys and defacesment of such a light of a contitution

  23. Bloomberg could have used all that money to fund schools, charities, research, anything. But he uses it to make some stupid commercials and gives it to prisoners. Ha! What a hack!!’

  24. Prisoners don't need contact with public! They are in prison to separate them… from public! They don't need access to arrange for drugs, etc

  25. It’s not outrage over nothing like the report makes it seem, presión labor are paid cents, it is space labour. Private prisons profit off this.

  26. Maybe Bloomberg will be in prison one day and he can have a career in telemarketing as well.
    Jeff Epstein's world will be large and ensnare many billionaires in bizarre, global plots.

  27. The democrat party pushes unbelievably bad presidential candidates and excludes Tulsi, the one authentic candidate who rejects divisive identity politics

  28. Bloomberg has spent $84+ Million and is at 1% so I don't believe he's going to get the DemonRats nomination !
    I want to see low energy Joe try to debate President Trump !

  29. Wow.., is this a new spin tactic on Departments of Corrections to collude or influencing elections ? A very clever & sleazy strategy since most of prisoners or inmates civil rights gave been removed .

  30. You dont get 64 billion by being fair to people, it amazes me just how deluded people are like Bloomberg who has already spent over 100 million on his bid to become President, all he is going to do is make a fool of himself

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