Bode Miller and wife Morgan announce the names of their identical twin boys

Bode Miller and wife Morgan delivered twins
in November and have just revealed the names of their twin babies.
“For the most part, it’s official because they have stockings with their names on,”
Morgan told Natalie Morales from the couple’s holiday getaway in Big Sky, Montana. “We
still go back and forth, but we have decided on Asher and Aksel.” Added Bode, “They’re great names, they’re
definitely a fit.” Though they share the same face, Morgan explained
that her twin sons have already started exhibiting very different personalities. “They’re very different. Asher is much
more needy. He loves the attention,” she said. “He loves being snuggled, whereas
Aksel is much more like, ‘I’m OK if you’re OK, and even if you’re not OK, I’m still
OK.’ So he’s just much more mellow.” The couple also share sons Easton Vaughn Rek,
14 months, and Edward Nash Skan, 4½, while Bode is also dad to son Samuel Nathaniel,
born in 2013, and daughter Neesyn Dace, born in 2008. Bode and Morgan’s daughter, Emeline
Grier, died after a tragic drowning accident in June 2018 at 19 months old. To celebrate the birth and naming of the twins,
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