Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary Official Trailer

Sanctuary is under attack! All civilians evacuate the city immediately. Hello old friend. It has been a while, hasn’t it? I bet you’re wondering what became of our Vault Hunters. After the death of Handsome Jack and the fall of Hyperion, the Crimson Raiders set their sights beyond the stars. Of course, sometimes when you’re busy looking forward… …you forget to watch your back. Time to change the world Oh crap! This isn’t over yet. Just tell me where to point this son of a bitch No!

100 thoughts on “Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary Official Trailer

  1. So that shit is a fungus-like virus that is mixed with Last Of Us and Resident Evil and SAS 4(since in that game the robots get infected too)

  2. The DLC won't appear on my game. I have a digital ps4 copy of it. And I don't have a ps plus. But I was able to download the DLC. But it didn't appear, so I thought I had to update the game. And I did update it, and its still not there.

    So, does anyone having similar things happen to them? Or just me?

  3. The dlc is glitched for Xbox. No in game audio (voices, mic sounds, character intro) except gunfire and Cutscene.

    Pls fix.

  4. Brick doing 'organic farming' using organs has to be the most awesome parody Borderlands development team could ever come up with. Dr Zed would be pleased.

  5. My game is Sleeping Now and my character is resting too(Finished all DLC's)…. and Then suddenly New update!? TIME TO LIGHT UP THE FUSE!!! >:3 My Baby need to wake up New ADVENTURE!

  6. tmw you realize you missed a MatPat video from a long time ago
    and Jack was honestly a good guy and Lilith is the bad guy >_>

  7. Guys, a lot of your original fans still play on last gen because either they went from xbox 360 to ps4/vice versa and didn’t want to lose years of progress and badass rank all for nothing starting over or they never bought a new console for whatever reason. Either way you guys need too release this for last gen because if not no one is going to buy borderlands 2 for Xbox 360 or PS3 ever again knowing they are getting the inferior version. It will bring down your last gen sales substantially and it will kill the last gen online community. Hopefully you guys will see this or someone else can get something of the sort to them somehow, either way we need to preserve borderlands 2 for last gen because it was the classic that started it all. Please don’t kill it off. Sincerely your fans

  8. So how the fuck is melee character supposed to win against the final boss if the melee character can’t melee it 🤔

  9. Is it just me or do Lilith sounds like the English voice actor for Erza from fairytale and the beginning of the video

    P.s fairytale is an good anime for those who don’t know highly recommended

  10. What will happen the 8 July ? If we got the DLC before, will we need the pay for it next ? Will it disappear ? Or we keep it forever ?

  11. Good luck everyone, it is LITERALLY impossible to play it solo so dont try it. Im level 52, emptying clips upon clips to the “infected” just to take a smidge of their health down LOL like 1/8. RIDICULOUS

  12. You guys just created the best DLC ever. The Electric Chair is PURE op. This is why I fkn love you. Oh and btw: SALT THE WOUND.

  13. Gear Box why do you only put the DLC for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. I'm Sad 😭😭😭😭😭. Why Gear Box Why Please answer me Pls Pls Pls

  14. Jo, I have Borderlands 2 for 360 on my xbone, does that mean I cannot play it on that version and have to own the hjc one?

  15. Why does it cost money, it is just to setup the third game yes. If I dont purchase it will I even want the third game?

  16. You guys should have mentioned in the trailer that it´s only free for a limited time. Didn´t know it was free only for limited time, just assumed it´s free forever/part of Handsome Collection, you know, the thing that is supposed to contain !ALL! content related to BL1, BL2 and Pre-Sequel?. Oh well, guess I´ll wait for a sale, from what I have seen, it´s really not worth 15 bucks.

  17. I went to download this today and it is no longer free, I wasn’t able to get on my Xbox to download it and missed my shot to get it, well time to look at a let’s play

  18. So, I'm here, having just now learned this exists and that I missed the get-it-for-free window. And you know what? I DON'T FUCKING CARE!


  19. I'm stuck on level 72 even though I've beaten the Raid on Digistruct Peak twice already. If I buy this DLC, will I finally go up a few more levels?

  20. Holy shit, I only just finished borderlands 2. I thought this was old DLC. Anyway, I just got it, so I am playing that and ignoring the other expansions. Mostly because I want to catch up with the story.

  21. 15 dolares!!!! Me parece demasiado por el corto contenido que de debería ser gratis al menos para los que hemos co prado todos los dlc o el handsome colection

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