Britney Spears LIVE Announcement

100 thoughts on “Britney Spears LIVE Announcement

  1. I think she was going to say something herself but you never know maybe it wasn’t safe for her or something. Idk kinda giving the benefit of the doubt

  2. I really hope the ppl who showed up for this didn’t pay for it, cuz if they did Britney’s team should be arrested for robbery

  3. Everybody be saying how it was such a waste of time.. but who’s actually watched it😂😂😂😂 I just skipped pretty much all of it and read the comments

  4. When you aren't popular anymore so you go to great lengths to do nothing but make yourself known for that nothing.

  5. Basically MGM resort paid a lot of money for Ellen to make this promotion. The big announcement is that they start doing Britney shows from next year in LV.

  6. Only thing I can think about is that scene from oceans 8 where she’s speaking German. “This is a horribly organized event. No signage? No?”

  7. They need to fire that handler that talked to her to entire time, he got my camera time then her, also her bald security guy is hawt.

  8. I am so lucky that I skipped the whole thing.. I have no problem watching a long video but this aint it chief, the whole megasuperstar thing they tried to give was poorly executed… this type of thing would've worked if she was Micheal Jackson or if this was 2001 but superstars are different now. This was almost cocky and rude and not humble but if you look on her instagram, she seems different. Dissapointed

  9. So what happen to the announcement that she was going to announce but never announced the announcement what a waste of my time

  10. Okay,I think Britney is a queen.But,what was the announcement? I don’t get how hey set a live stream up so they can make her get off a stage,sign autographs and get in a car. That was nothing. I thought she would quit music because she hasn’t released an album or she was pregnant again. But,nope. All of that just for a Ellen live stream with a lot of music lights and a waste of time.

  11. Oh how non ritualistic, I love all the purple, great show, you handler well, I mean handled it well, she showed good FORM on a SCALE on her own level, it was as if she was being controlled by remote, perfection.


  12. So much negativity by so many people, Britney you are an amazing person beautiful inside and out, please do not let anything negative ever get you down and please remember this is your life live it how you want all the rest will fall into place. God bless you

  13. A Britney cancelou tudo 😭😭😭To muito triste, mas sei que foi por uma boa causa, uma enorme causa, que eu faria o mesmo se eu tivesse no lugar dela ❤😭

  14. Despite all the unneeded hoopla…due to her ailing father’s health, Britney's "Domination" Vegas residency has been canceled.

  15. So was the “announcement” [insert dr. Evil air quotes meme] supposed to be whatever those projected billboards on the buildings were? I couldn’t even read it

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