Building confidence at DePaul | DePaul Global Pathway Program

I chose DePaul because I wanted to study business. So I saw the top universities here in Chicago,
and I saw that DePaul is located in the city, so that is very good for a businessperson,
because all of the businesses are here in downtown, so it’s going to help me more
in the future, so I can network more with future companies that I can work with. I wanted to study abroad, and I wanted to
go to Europe, so my dad and my mum were like “You already know English, why don’t you
try and go to the US?” and I came here just for one year to see how it goes, how is the
life, and to look for a university, obviously. And in that year, I realised that ‘Oh my
god, yeah, I belong here.” It’s the best. You always feel comfortable here and DePaul
helped me as well, to feel more comfortable, and to help me to become a little bit a part
of the city. I love the International Office. For me, they help me a lot with any issues
I have. I love as well that the courses are very flexible,
your curriculum. You can choose, obviously you have your business
course, so your business classes or your major class, but as well it’s required that you
take different classes, like art classes, religious classes. The university always tried to make a lot
of events for the students. Always help them in anything they want to
do. I think it’s been an awesome experience,
from an international perspective. I
changed a lot, in myself. You grow as a person, and coming from a different
culture, a different culture, you grow and that’s good because it will help you for
the future as well. I was a very closed person. I wasn’t very outgoing or talking a lot
with different types of people, and here it kindly forced me to push that and be more
open to different stuff and different cultures, and different people as well.

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