Campaign Manager reporting integration

DoubleClick Campaign Manager lets you manage
and serve display ads across websites and mobile. It also provides performance metrics related
to your ad campaigns. When you integrate DCM with Google Analytics
360, you can analyze how DCM impressions and clicks drive traffic, assist conversions,
and impact metrics like bounce rate and time on site. You can also compare your DCM display advertising
performance with other channels such as paid and organic search, and email campaigns. DoubleClick Floodlight metrics will also be
available alongside your Analytics ecommerce and goal conversion data. Let’s say the Google Merchandise Store’s
DCM program wants to drive users to the “Wearables” product category, which is tracked with a
DoubleClick Floodlight counter. Oftentimes, display advertising can be seen
as a more upper-funnel marketing activity. To evaluate the full funnel and understand
the value of their DCM ad spend, the Store can use the Google Analytics Assisted Conversions
report. We’ll select April 2017 for the date range. Then we’ll include only the Floodlight conversion
for “Wearables.” You can see a total of 1575 Assisted Conversions
for “Wearables.” Here, you can compare the performance of your
Display channel versus other channels in driving conversions. You can also look more specifically at how
Display contributed to conversions. Display ads assisted 362 conversions, out
of the 1575 conversions assisted by any channel. This is 23% of total “Assisted Conversions.” In contrast, display ads accounted for only
0.34% of total “Last Click or Direct” conversions Notice that the ratio of “Assisted to Last
Click or Direct Conversions” is relatively high compared to other channels, at 12.48. This high ratio tells you at-a-glance that
without considering assisted conversions, you’d have significantly undervalued display
advertising. We’ll explore these reports later in more

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