Capitec Bank’s Budgetanator – Digital Marketing Case Study

Capitec Bank believes “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. We created an innovative and dynamic application to help make budgeting easy and provide the bank with the opportunity to develop niche communities around personal finance. We presented the Budgetanator; a simple and secure Facebook application which was targeted at a broad range of the bank’s existing and potential clients. Specific archetypes and reasons for using the app were utilised in order to profile users. The Bugetanator tracks a user’s salary, their spending habits, provides monthly recons and allows them to relate the state of their budgets with the bank’s Facebook community. Monthly recons afforded users a better view of were there money is going, how much they are saving and how in control they are in terms of their daily money management. Users can also anonymously compare their budgets with other users with similar profiles. This is where the real value lies. Through this info, they can see how other users in their demographic are spending and thus improve their own budgeting skills. Since launch in January 2011, the Bugetanator has had approximately 1,430 average monthly users with 119 active daily users. Thanks to this dynamic app, a total 616 budgets have been complete reconned and compared. quirk think.create.engage.optimise

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