CEO John Legere Announces T-Mobile Test Drive®

Hey everyone, I’m back! And the Un-Carrier is about to take
on another pain point. Wireless is one of the only industries in the world
that makes you buy before you try. And the carriers have been forcing
customers to buy blind forever. It’s so incredibly stupid. I mean think about it. You use your phone every single day
and yet if you want to switch networks, you got to go to a store, get a new phone, move all your photos and apps and passwords over, waste an entire Saturday and then, and only then, can you find out if the network works for you. It’s totally broken. But you already know that. 84% of people say they want to try
a network before switching. That’s almost everyone! But the carriers continue to hide
behind their maps and promises. I mean if they really believe all that why don’t they just let customers try before they buy? At T-Mobile, we have nothing to hide. We want you to see how good our network is
and how well it works for you. We want you to see how our newest most powerful signal goes farther than ever before. We’ve always been about transparency. In 2014, our fifth Un-Carrier move was test drive. We gave people a free iPhone
for a week to try our network. It was a great idea, but it wasn’t nearly
as good as what I’m unveiling today. Test drive was our first try and honestly, it was a little clunky for people to carry around two phones. But one thing about being the Un-Carrier, we don’t stop listening to customers and we don’t stop innovating. So we learned from that and
we’ve made test drive even better. Today, I’m here to amp that Un-Carrier move. I’m launching a new and improved Test Drive® and giving everyone a chance to try our bigger better network. Absolutely free. No obligations, no deposits, no hassles. And this time, you can test drive using your existing smartphone. That’s right. Keep your smartphone.
Keep your number and your apps, and try out T-Mobile. How do we do this? With this thing. It’s a simple hot spot that connects
the T-Mobile’s LTE network. You connect your phone. Any smartphone. Any carrier. Verizon. AT&T. Sprint. Comcast. Charter. Or whatever they’re calling themselves this week. And just like that, you can test T-Mobile’s network for free on your existing phone. It couldn’t be easier. Back in 2014, we encourage everyone
to cheat on their carrier with test drive. We still believe in open wireless relationships. We make cheating on your carrier easy. Just sign up online and
we’ll send you a hot spot like this. So you can try the network for 30 days or up to 30GB, whichever comes first. When you’re done, return it,
give it to a friend, or just recycle it. It really is that simple. And we’ve made it so simple because
we think everyone really should play the field. And because we want you to see how
awesome our network has become. Because we have been hard at work
building a network that is second to none. But don’t believe me, believe the numbers. Here are just a few of them from the last three years. 25,000 new towers and cell sites added. 1 million square miles of new LTE coverage added. 21 million more people covered. Nearly 30 billion dollars invested to build out the network & buy new airwaves that reach farther than ever before. Data traffic has more than tripled in the last three years. And LTE download speeds have gotten 60% faster in that time. And to pull all that off, we added more than
3000 full-time engineers onto our existing team. Whoo, and that’s all before we supercharge everything with Sprint if our merger is approved. And that’s why only the Un-Carrier has the guts to put it all out there to let everyone in America try us. Because we have nothing to hide. It’s time for the wireless industry to get out of the dark ages and stop forcing customers to buy blind. It’s time to end this broken arrogant practice. So I’m calling on the carriers to copy us, again. Don’t worry. As usual, we’ll go first and show you how it’s done. Because we are the Un-Carrier and #WeWon’tStop.

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  1. I switched to T-Mobile almost a year ago and I love it, I can’t say anything bad about my experience because the service has been amazing never letting me down and with a great customer service and T-Mobile Tuesdays you get allot for being a customer. I love you T-Mobile

  2. Been a T-Mobile customer since 2010 and I love it. And lately, my service has been TREMENDOUSLY reliable and connections have been fantastic. And I love T-Mobile Tuesday (especially when they partner with Dunkin’ Doughnuts 👌🏾)

  3. We see a few questions keep popping up, so here are some answers:

    1) After the 30 days or 30 GB trial ends, you won't get signed up for anything. It's all free, no strings attached!
    2) You can do whatever you want with the test drive after the trial. You are not required to drop it off at any T-Mobile store, although you have the option to do that. Or hand it off to a friend. Hell, put it under that wobbly table leg.
    3) Who can get a test drive? Non-T-Mobile customers that have not participated in the trial within the last 6 months (trial limited to one device per household).
    4) You want to see how it works? Check out this unboxing with Des:

    And for the ones loving John Legere's clothing, we have an entire online shop with SO much great T-Mobile merch:

  4. Tmobile has a serious congestion issue where I live and indoor signal almost non existent. I live in the 5th largest msa in the country

  5. T-MOBILE made everything possible which is IMPOSSIBLE WITH OTHER CARRIERS. Me and my family had Verizon for 12 years. Until 2014, Verizon screwed up my bills for one year. It took them a month for them to investigate my case and admittedly that they made a mistake. BUT they refused to refund nor give me credit back. Yes , you heard me right, they refused to. At that time. T-Mobile was running a "TEST DRIVE" promo. Honestly, me and my family were NOT happy with T-Mobile's network service at that time, BUT I KEPT IT ANYWAY.PLUS T-Mobile PAID ALL MY DEVICE BALANCE (over $1000) FROM VERIZON for switching to T-Mobile.
    They have the best customer service. Why, their customer service IS THE BEST. EVERY TIME I CALL, THERE IS A LIVE PERSON TO ANSWER ALL MY QUESTIONS. and NO WAITING TIME. After a year (from 2014) their network service gradually got better and better. THANK GOD, I KEPT my plan ( $150/month with seven lines). Before T-Mobile (in 2014), I was paying VERIZON $200/month, for two lines with data, plus two lines for just text messaging & call with NO DATA) .

  6. T-mobile has come a long way. Better than ever. But the one thing I would appreciate as a long time customer with 5 lines, is a promotion for phone upgrades for current long time customers. New customers get the awesome promos, what about us? These prices on these new phones are flippin ridiculous.

    Oh, And anyone out there who has ATT, come to the light. T-Mobile is WAY better. ATT is garbage.

  7. Behind this guy's goofy get up and unusual persona is a mind like a steel trap. He not only gets the classical "nuts and bolts" of how business is done, but he understands how to tailor those to fit the unique attributes of today's wary and jaded consumers.

  8. Still not sure. I am an AT&T client and use TMobile as a second number. I use AT&T because I travel to international destinations for business over 50% of the time..TM free roaming does not work for me. Any ideas?

  9. I remember the free IPhone and it was the 5S which was amazing and so happy he is doing it again now but wish it was a phone again not just the service

  10. Way to go John! I have had T-Mobile for almost a decade. My experience has exceeded my expectations again and again. Your leadership at T-Mobile is a great example of modern entrepreneurship!!

  11. I like T-Mobile. The bill is 75 bucks taxes and everything included with unlimited LTE. Plus an about 25 dollar a month for a flagship phone. It’s the best deal there is in wireless!

  12. Ive been with T Mobile for 13 years. The service coverage has gotten better. But I wish they offered more phones, my bill is $70 a month for unlimited everything so I can't complain.

  13. Hey john how is it going?, I have verizon but thinking about migrating to tmobile. I'll let you know when I see you around next time.

    Take care 👍

  14. Still waiting for my whole city to have even 3G network coverage. I drop calls like crazy just driving and will have no service inside Walmart

  15. Mine arrived today. Can’t wait to do an unboxing and try it out at some college football stadiums to transfer pics from my camera to my phone or tablet to upload

  16. That's awesome! 😀
    And yes, I agree that T-Mobile is a very powerful network in the area I live in. Although AT&T and Verizon are around and fairly powerful, too, I don't know and trust those companies as well as you guys.

  17. Honestly i wanna meet these people who don't wanna try the service before switching 😂you gotta know what you're getting into

  18. Trust me my next mobile carrier will be T-Mobile as soon as I am done with att, att is. It bad but I didn’t like their customer service, I know I shouldn’t get angry over one guy and switch the company but hey this is me, customer satisfaction and good customer service is important

  19. This is great thanks for listening to the people. Yes everyone wants to try first then buy. I couldn't imagine any differently. Good Job T-Mobile mines coming soon.

  20. I switched my family from Verizon to TMobile I was really nervous but we've enjoyed the service and I've enjoyed the lower bill

  21. T-mobile sucks, only 10% of the time my phone works, and still make me pay full price. They also admitted it’s there own fault. Stay away from them.

  22. I live in Seattle so I have a biased perspective but I do know that T-Mobile has the fastest data here. I love how there are no load times. Everything is instant.

  23. Want good service without having to give up your first born? T-mobile is your go to. Sure, I had Verizon and maybe had better services but almost $400 for 2 lines with a military discount? T mobile i have 2 lines, drive SYNC, paying off 2 phones with insurance and I pay $140.

  24. "whatever Comcast wants to call themselves." That's hilarious! What is that device that goes inside your car with hotspot called? From T-MOBILE?

  25. I switched to T mobile a year ago now and love the change. Screw Verizon, screw at&t, screw sprint and every other cellphone company!

  26. I have Verizon and it's good but I will switch to tmobile if they have LTE in my area now because I had them for a short period and call quality was amazing like idc too much about the other stuff but when I'm on the phone I want a clear phone call .

  27. I am not surprised that Verizon or the other carriers aren’t doing this. This is just one of the many reasons I 😍 T-Mobile.

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