Charleston Banners – ( See Vinyl Banners Close Up

Since we’re here and you’re there, it’s
a bit difficult for you to see exactly what our vinyl banner signs really look like, up
close. And unfortunately, looking at pictures on a website just isn’t the same as seeing
the sign material in person. So in this video, I’m going to show you exactly what our Vinyl
banner sign materials look like up close, including some rather interesting options
you’ve never seen before. Plus, I’m going to reveal a key value point that can give
all your new signs a distinct, visual advantage at no extra cost. So let’s get right to
it, shall we? As you can see, our vinyl vinyl banner material is almost completely smooth
and is available in both high gloss and matte finishes. Now when we turn this 1-sided vinyl
banner over, you can actually see the thread pattern woven into the material. This nylon
threading makes the material twice as strong so it can withstand windy conditions outdoors.
These traditional, heavy duty vinyl banners are commonly used for Temporary Signs, Grand
Openings, Sales, Festivals, Concerts, Art Shows, Sporting Events, Store Promotions,
Fund Raisers and Bike Races just to name a few. But that’s only half of the story!
The other half is about our newest vinyl banner material which is in a completely different
class. This new premium class of vinyl banners features an ultra smooth finish which has
a refined, high-end, corporate look. While traditional vinyl banners still have their
role to play in outdoor advertising, these vinyl banners are preferred by our clients
who want to impress crowds indoors at trade shows, museums, showroom lobbies, upscale
retail stores, conferences, churches and corporate events. Now right here, you can see how the
standard glossy vinyl banner looks side-by-side to the ultra smooth vinyl banner material.
On the one hand, the colors printed on the glossy material tend to appear slightly more
vibrant. However, the ultra-smooth vinyl banner material is a popular alternative for our
clients who prefer a more refined, sophisticated look over traditional vinyl vinyl banners.
And get this, with digital imaging, full color Vinyl banners are now just as easy for us
to make as 1 color vinyl banners so there is absolutely no difference in price no matter
how many colors you want. In fact, you can even add logos and photos to your vinyl banners
at no extra charge. Your vinyl banners will look sharp and distinctive when printed with
color graphics, lettering, and logos. So instead of a sign that looks generic, you can give
all your new vinyl banners a distinct, visual advantage by adding color! So just to recap,
you’ve now seen exactly what our vinyl banners really look like up close. How the nylon threading
gives vinyl banners added tear and wind resistance. We also showed you our newest Ultra-Smooth
vinyl banner material and how it compares side-by-side to traditional vinyl banners.
And you also learned that you can now get extra colors printed on your vinyl banner
at no extra charge! In the next video, we are going to quickly cover two critically
important aspects of acrylic. First, I’ll show you the complete range of sizes that
are readily available. Plus, you’ll see how to access our newest vinyl banner mounting
guide complete with all the installation and finishing accessories you need to professionally
display your new vinyl banner. I’m Beth, thanks for watching!

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