Charlie Kirk calls Obama the 2020 ‘kingmaker’ after promoting Warren

100 thoughts on “Charlie Kirk calls Obama the 2020 ‘kingmaker’ after promoting Warren


  2. This seems all very accurate, they are focusing on what is the most clear path to win. She is a woman, and pushes the global agenda, therefore she is the best choice. Biden is likely in on allllll of it….it’s alll a show cuz even if Warren gets in the DNC still runs the show. They don’t care which mind control puppet takes office as Kong’s as it not TRUMP.

  3. Most of us voted for obama because we wanted to see the first black president. WHO KNEW¿¿

    But now we are witnessing the first GOOD PRESIDENT….obama would be a legend if he suddenly supported president Trump

    Instead hes supporting someone more fake than himself.

  4. Warren is crowned as number one Dem candidate? Lol! Recently, Warren froze, was speechless, and looked intimidated and frightened by some critcism by someone in the crowd. She just stood there, which seemed like an eternity, until some other woman came to the stage and took charge from that point on. Warren for President? Are you kidding? Trump is going to tear her to shreds.

  5. I don't know why you have idiots like Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens on your show. Obama hasn't been promoting Warren to wealthy donors, this has been debunked. He just told them if she wins the primary they should back her because defeating Trump is the most important thing. Right now Wealthy donors and companies are scared of a Warren or Sanders Presidency because it would mean they will massively increase taxes on them to support their socialist programs. This is why people are turning to OANN

  6. Berry, Biden, and Warren are all Deep State operatives. They all need to be arrested, tried for treason and hung if convicted….

  7. Clinton and now Obama are backing Warren…whatever the reason is we don't know but it has to fit into a plan because she would make a horrible president.

  8. Ole Token Joe still doesn't get it … When Obama said jump Joe , Joe Jumped , When Obama said Jog Joe , Joe Jogged… When Obama said Joe now that we got that prosecutor off your back , go fire him , because he could keep searching and find out what Hillary , Soros and the Office of the President have been doing over there….

    And when Joe said but what if the President of Ukraine says he doesn't want to fire his prosecutor what do I do ? Obama said withhold the funding and tell them to call me … And now Obama is showing the love to Joe by not requiring him to be the next President….. Show the LOVE to your Token White Boy Obama… The trouble with Obama is he will break his neck to go show support to a Black Democrat along with his friend Oprah at the drop of a hat….The Obama's always have a lot to say about everything except Smollett … Not a word about how that sucked that Smollett would use race as a tool ….

  9. The worst and most failed president in American history doesn't carry much sway in this day and age!!! Liz Warren seems like a very nice person, but she supports the worst and most corrupt leaders around the world and wants their failed policies to come here to America. No thanks!!! Can you just imagine the leaders responsible for millions of dead people across the globe coming full force into our great nation with their politics? That is the very picture of EVIL!!!

  10. So Joe Biden sold his office, as VP, for Hunter's $83k month salary from Burisma (obvious). Obama recognizes Joe is a dirty crooked politician, so he (Obama) pushes Warren for Pres.

  11. Reportedly the Obamas have just purchased a multi-billion dollar mansion in Martha's Vineyard (I think that's where it is)…and he's wanting everyone to endorse Warren? LOL! She wants his mansion! As for "where's the love" (re Obama not supporting Biden)…love in politics? That will be the day.

  12. Obama well No surprise Warren will but Hillary by her side an then poor Warren will be put in a box so Hillary can do Obamas wishs.Will we ever be free of this dude?

  13. Obama: Warren is the
    Ideal candidate to be President of the United States of America.

    Me: 🤔


  14. Anyone Barry endorses is really bad for the country. He was the most corrupt and treasonous President ever .His legacy will always be known for the treason , corruption, and Anti-American sentiment that helped push this country into the toilet.

  15. If Warren is president than she would take the title of the worst president. It would be jumping out the skillet into the fire

  16. All of the Democratic candidates have been placed with the dark horse coming in . The impeachyment is for after we leave. ALL of these people who could see OBAMA for what he was are going to have some changes.

  17. Warren has NO chance against Trump…if he was smart he would’ve endorsed Andrew Yang, he’s the best out of all of them by far.

  18. Obama stumping for Pocahontas can only mean one thing….Joe Biden is gonna make her his V.P…Elizabeth Warren's role in this rigged Democratic primaries is to devide the Bernie Sanders supporters….Being made V.P. will be her reward….

  19. It’s obvious isn’t it?
    Obama wants Biden out the race hoping all this Biden corruption gets nipped in the bud before it has chance to uncover all Obama’s corruption

  20. Lmao Biden: uh, this is President Obama supporting me because no one listens to what Obama says.
    Uhhh, Obama really likes me, this is his way of saying Hunter & I aren't Corrupt:
    God Bless America

  21. Building her up in front of wealthy donors??? But I thought Warren had a problem with the wealthy. So I'm sure I have this straight – wealthy people will support Warren because she will raise their taxes? If she becomes President (God forbid), and she raises THEIR taxes and leaves us alone…and everyone gets FREE health care for FREE, maybe not a problem. Doubt it tho!!!

  22. Barry Obama threw America under the bus in support of Globalism, he stoked the hate towards America's police officers, and just seeing how corrupt Biden was as his VP— there's undoubtedly lots of corruption that can be uncovered during his 8-year reign.

  23. Da brotha needs to let go the spot light is on THE MAN! THE MAN THAT DID MORE IN A WEEK THEN OBAMA HAS DONE IN 8 YEARS! EPIC FAIL!!!

  24. Hobama will endorse whoever best obeys his behind-the-scenes orders, who offers the most to his child & drug trafficking etc, and whoever he views as being most likely to be able to beat Trump strategically – just so Hobama can stay in power as shadow govt ruler.

  25. His legacy is not his, is of the people and he made it his…He is delusional to think that we the people would have to serve him…He should have served the people…So what he calls his legacy is nothing but B.S. because did not served us at all…It served his party and those in power…The country was in deep debt and a strong economy and abundant job force was absent…

  26. Obama sought a king maker when he ran the first time and it worked, so now he's offering the same service to Wampum Warren. Nothing new.

  27. Warren is the equivalent of the crazy middle school art teacher who couldnt keep a class awake but yeah sure she would make a great president 🤦😂😂😂😂😂😂👎

  28. Oboma is a real piece of crap and should have already be in prison..but our friendly government they will never change him for nothing…!!!

  29. Obama is the worst President ever. Obama should be in jail and Warren is a liar. She has lied so many times she wouldn't know the truth if it slapped her in the face

  30. Obama is trying like hell to distance himself from Biden. Pres Trump has exposed Obama as the effing coward piece of garbage he was/is.

  31. Charlue Charlie ur not the sharpest tool in the shed to even think obummer has a place as anything other than a 👹🖤💩 thats needin flushin WORST PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICA.

  32. It doesn’t matter who he “endorses”. He is an abomination and his words mean nothing. That’s like saying I’m gonna vote for this person because one of the sins of Satan endorses them

  33. promoting individuals usually always goes wrong. ppl who turned away from Democrats to vote Trump won't be impressed by endorsing fake-Injun Warren… what has she actually done all her political career? .. she has lived a lie which she used to promote herself unfairly…

  34. Didn't obama endorse and promoted hillary ?? where is she now?? warren is 70 years old and already have some symptoms of Alzheimer, why not Tulsi Gabbard who is very young , anti war and anti corruption ??

  35. All the Democrats are for sale, Warren is just for sale more than anyone else. It has become obvious to the voters that Biden is senile and corrupt. They need someone else who has no backbone and will do anything they say.

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