Chocolate Royal – Trianon

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100 thoughts on “Chocolate Royal – Trianon

  1. Hello! today I made your chocolate royal. It is indeed very tasty and it came out amazing and my family loves it so much. Thanks so much for the recipe:). but it melts when I put it in room temperature should I always keep it refrigerated?

  2. Good job .. u are the best chef in the whole of the world.. just continue u re always on the top

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  4. One question : Can i use Agar agar instead of gelatin? Will it work if i use agar agar?
    Help me out

  5. Just saw your video ma'am… recently started cooking channel from India with lot of dreams ….you all are seniors just loved the way video was edited ……wishing more and more success ahead thank you….

  6. I made this!! It literally tastes expensive😂 was sooo good! Everyone loved it and were shocked when told its homemade

  7. I really love your videos and i find them very inspiring! The only downside is that this isn't the real mousse – it's just chocolate flavoured whipped cream. I would like to see the real mousse in your cakes, that would make them even better 😊

  8. If you use corn flakes instead of the pailleté feuilletine, does it take away from the taste or is it the same?

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  11. Hey, I wantef to ask you one question. We're gonna eat this cake in 2 days, I've already made it and I don't know what to do, if i put a glaze tomorrow should I still freeze the cake or can I keep it in the fridge, is it still gonna be ok?

  12. You truly are an artist!. I am so glad I somehow got to you channel. I hope you have a bakery of your own, you have incredible talent.💕

  13. I cannot find anything new to say…i always fall short of words to tell you how much i love you and your recipes…my resolution to give up on chocolates every year is broken by you…the magic of your baking is such and to top it up all- chocolate cakes😋🍫❤love always!🤗
    I wish there was a way to relish that cake then and there😜( the chocolate that you pour over the cake at last)😍😋

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  16. Bonjour ma belle merci pour le partage c'est toujours un plaisir de regarder tes vidéos. Pour la gélatine en poudre tu utilise de l'agar agar?

  17. this channel used to make 5min recipe video, now youtuber just have to prolong each n every vid to10+ min just to earn more $. i'd just stick to tasty.

  18. This recipe is a-w-e-s-o-m-e! I gave it a try on my dad's birthday and all my family loved it! They didn't want to believe it was homemade! Delicious 💚 Your recipes are so unique!!

  19. I have made this cake 3 days ago It was sooooo creamy, rich and delicious everybody loved it. I think it can serve even 20 people because was so rich. I had to cut it into small servings so that everyone can finish theirs. Thank you for the recipe

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