Click to Message Feature for SMS Coupon & Promotion Sharing

Hello, everyone. Derek Johnson with I’m super excited today because we just launched
a really cool feature that I think is gonna be awesome for restaurants, retail, anybody
that is sending mass text messages with a coupon or a promotion. So, this new feature allows your current subscribers
to share the promotions you’re sending to them via text message to their friends. So this means if you send out a mass text
message, let’s say to a million people, and those million people want to forward it each
to one of their friends, then you’re expanding the reach of a mass text message promotion
that you’re sending. So let me show you how this works. So first off, I’ve created a message in Tatango. It’s a basic message. It’s coming from Acme Retailers. You can see in the coupon code is SAVE20. So, what I’m gonna do is I’m going to create
one of these share links, which essentially allows a existing subscriber to click on the
link and then share this promotion via text message with friends that are not on the list. Essentially, you’re expanding the reach of
your promotion. So let me show you how this works. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna copy and
paste the actual promotion, then I’m gonna go to our new click-to-message feature. I’m gonna leave this field blank because I
want when they click on this to fill in their own friends’ information, their contact info. I don’t know it so I’m gonna leave it blank. And then here I’m going to type the message
that your current subscriber will get and then they’ll send to their friends. So this will be something along the lines
of, you know, “Hey friends, check out what I just got.” And, again, you can change this to be, you
know, whatever you want so it doesn’t need to exactly match, you know, the coupon that
they have received. So this is something like, “Hey friends, check
out what I just got,” and then “Acme Retail.” I’d even seen some people do something like
this. So it, kind of, looks like the subscriber
is forwarding it to their friends because you want to make it look as authentic as possible. And then link description down here, this
is something for just you to see, and I’m just going to say, “Acme Retail” and click
Save Changes and that’s all. Now you’ve created a link with our click-to-message
feature that allows people to click on that link, and then it creates a new text message
that then they can fill out who they want that text message to go to. So I’m gonna copy this link by just clicking
there, and then what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put that link into the mass text message. So I’m going to say, you know, “Share with
friends. Click here.” I’m gonna copy… Sorry, paste that link in here, and just say
“Thanks.” Okay. So here’s the message on the right hand side,
a little preview. I’m going to send this to my phone which I’ve
mirrored to this computer. So I’m gonna send this. So let’s bring up the phone. I have the phone in my hand. So I’ve received the mass text message. Now, this is only to myself, but you can think
this could be going to 100,000, you know, a million people all at once. Then they would click on the text message,
they go, “Oh, great. This is, you know, a great, you know, coupon
code. You know what? My friends would actually like this coupon
code.” So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna click Share
with Friends. What it does is creates a little webpage and
then kicks you right back to the SMS app. And as you can see here, the message is already
pre-filled in that I’m gonna share with my friends. So I’m gonna share with friends that aren’t
on the list that didn’t get the message. So let’s say I’m gonna send it to my friend
Jessica, Nathan, and Katherine. So this is a great example. Sending this message to just one subscriber,
it works. You get 99% open rates, 90% of text message
open within 3 minutes. But now if you send to one subscriber and
they send it to three of their friends, now you’ve sent technically, four promotions when
really, you’ve only actually paid for one text message. So it actually even reduces the cost per subscriber
that receives your promotion. So then all I would have to do here is click
Send, and I’m not gonna send this because this is a test and they would be very confused
and I like having these friends. But if I click Send, this text message will
go to all three of these friends, and then they will look at this promotion go, “Oh,
this is a great promotion. I’d love to use this,” and they can bring
it into the store. Now, in this promotion, you could put links,
you can put a phone number, you can put coupon codes. In this example, I’ve kept it really, really
simple as you can see. So anyway, that’s our new click-to-message
feature that’s available on Tatango. If you have any questions, let us know. We’re always available here at Tatango. Again, my name is Derek Johnson, and I’m with Thanks, everyone.

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  2. Is there a character limit on the message to the friends? I assume not? Also, does that 20% off graphic cause the test to be a MMS vs SMS and therefore additional charges would apply?

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